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July 09 2021 By dvirtue AUSTRALIA: Gay married couple told to separate, be celibate to keep job in church

The congregation is rallying around the couple, with members launching an online petition calling for the clergy to reinstate them in their roles, be inclusive and reject discrimination. Some members have stopped taking communion, attending services and fundraising.

"This is an important issue for every Australian who has gay children or are gay themselves," Mr Sanders said.

"We are being discriminated against by the church for being who we were born to be."

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Various religious leaders gave reasons why it is imperative to have biblical approach to politics in Africa. They said if done so, even the usual chaos during elections would be minimized.

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July 09 2021 By dvirtue VTS reparations fund makes first cash payments to descendants of seminary’s Black laborers

“It’s just unbelievable,” the Rev. Linda Thomas, a Baptist pastor in Maryland, told Episcopal News Service. Her grandfather, John Samuel Thomas, worked at VTS as a general laborer and janitor in the first half of the 20th century, and she and her two sisters are among the first shareholders to receive reparations payments from VTS.

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July 07 2021 By dvirtue A Group Letter of Lament and Solidarity from ACNA women clergy to survivors of abuse in the Diocese of the Upper Midwest

As some of the woman clergy of the Anglican Church in North America, we wish to publicly express our support to you and other survivors of abuse as you share your difficult stories.

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July 05 2021 By dvirtue 'The Advent has changed': Andrew Pearson on why he left Advent Cathedral, dealing with the diocese, starting an Anglican church in Birmingham

The Advent had been through three years of negotiations with the Episcopal Diocese of Birmingham, which tried to get the cathedral to move in the same direction as the diocese.

That showdown came to a dramatic conclusion in May and June. For more than a decade, the Advent had allowed members to steer their giving away from the diocese and the national denomination by selecting "Advent Only" on their pledge cards.

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July 03 2021 By dvirtue Episcopal Official: Fulton Supreme Court Decision 'Disguising Homophobia'

In her address, Jennings also made reference to a recent decision by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to draft a teaching document that would likely discuss whether pro-abortion Catholic politicians should be allowed to receive Communion.

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July 02 2021 By dvirtue Church of Uganda wins case against rebel priest

The House of Bishops elected the Rev. Okunya to be the second Bishop of Kumi Diocese on 7th November 2019. The Constitution and Canons of the Church of Uganda stipulate the minimum age of 45 years for all candidates for Bishop. After the election, it was discovered that Reverend. Okunya's date of birth had been falsified and that he was not actually 45 years old at the time of the election. The House of Bishops, therefore, nullified the election.

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June 30 2021 By dvirtue Diocese of the Upper Midwest statement on abuse allegations

Let me first say that I and our diocesan leadership continue to be deeply grieved and disturbed that anyone within our diocesan community has been victimized. This is an extremely painful, traumatic experience. We long for our diocese to be a place of true safety for all.

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June 30 2021 By dvirtue Whayne Hougland to resign as bishop of Western, Eastern Michigan after suspension for infidelity

The Rt. Rev. Skip Adams, a retired bishop of Central New York, began serving the two dioceses as assisting bishop on Feb. 1, and the standing committees said they will ask Adams to remain in that role for at least the coming months as the dioceses determine their next steps. An already consecrated bishop can serve as an assisting bishop to fill a specific role as determined by a diocese's ecclesiastical authority.

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June 25 2021 By dvirtue Contra Expectations, Anglican Numbers Largely Hold Steady in 2020

The numbers were made available at the annual ACNA Provincial Council held at the Billy Graham Training Center in Asheville, North Carolina June 15-16.

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