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June 18 2021 By dvirtue Famed theologian points to 'demonic ideology' behind critical race theory, BLM movement -- but says a great awakening is on its way

In his latest book, "Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism's Looming Catastrophe," the theologian states that he believes topics such as CRT and anti-racism are flash points in an ongoing spiritual war across the world and specifically in the United States.

Baucham released the book -- currently the No. 1 best-seller in Amazon's Christian Personal Growth section -- in April.

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What is the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC)?

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June 15 2021 By dvirtue Bishop Michael Nazir Ali, a voice in the wilderness

The go-ahead Bishop for Urban Life and Faith (how long before we have a Bishop for Clubbing, Glue-sniffing and Fornication . . . perhaps there is one already?) says that Bishop Michael's approach 'shows no sensitivity to the need for good interfaith relations. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs are learning to respect one another's paths to God and to live in harmony. The demand for the evangelisation of people of other faiths contributes nothing to our communities.'

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June 14 2021 By dvirtue SYDNEY: Anglican church must rethink doctrine that has left a trail of devastated lives

At Moorewomen, the group for the wives of clergy in training at Moore Theological College, the same themes also recurred regularly -- never say no to his demands for sex, never expect him to miss a ministry opportunity to help care for a sick child, never complain, always be ready to give and give and give, as that was our contribution to the work of God's kingdom.

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June 11 2021 By dvirtue Welcome to the Sexual Counter Reformation -- AP

Pagan Paradise

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June 10 2021 By dvirtue AAC Report to Provincial Council, June 2021

As a Founding Partner of the ACNA, the AAC has from the inception of the ACNA supported its growth and development as a Province. In the past year, the AAC has provided the following:

Leadership Development

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June 09 2021 By dvirtue How I Came Back From The Land Of The Dead || Nicholas Okoh

In a moving testimony, Most Revd Okoh gave a chilling tales of how he came back from the throes of death.


"Praise ye the lord. For me I travelled to the land of the dead and the Lord brought me back.

"I want to use this opportunity to thank Almighty God who is the father of us all for the wonderful things He has done for me, that I did not retire unto death.

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June 05 2021 By dvirtue Christianity Sí, Denominations Non

Another prominent Southern Baptist, Owen Strachan, recently announced his move from Midwestern Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to a nondenominational Bible seminary. Several black Southern Baptist clergy and their congregations recently have quit the Southern Baptist Convention, including prominent writer and preacher Thabiti Anyabwile of DC's Anacostia River Church, which was planted by a prominent mostly white Southern Baptist congregation.

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May 29 2021 By dvirtue LET THE MARBLES WEEP

The process of discussing and writing the report afforded me the opportunity to reflect on my experience of ministry in America, England, and Wales, and five years in theological colleges. Most of my public engagement with the document has been in my capacity as chair of the commission. In this essay, I offer my personal observations about how we might revitalize the mission and ministry of a church that's increasingly stretched thin.

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May 28 2021 By dvirtue Bishop Slates Continue Trend Toward Women

TLC first took note of this phenomenon in 2018, when Correspondent G. Jeffrey MacDonald reported that through 2017, there had never been a bishop election where all of the candidates were women. In 2018, there were four such slates. After all the elections were held for the year, five women and five men had brand-new croziers. The 50 percent female cohort shattered the previous high-water mark of 20 percent female, way back in 1996.

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