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September 18 2019 By virtueonline Catholicism Made me Protestant

The causes of any conversion (or near conversion) are many and confused. Should I foreground psychological and social factors or my theological reasoning? Certain elements of my attraction to Catholicism were adolescent, like a sixties radical's attraction to Marx or a contemporary activist's to intersectionality: I aimed to preserve the core beliefs of my upbringing while fleeing their bourgeois expressions.

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September 17 2019 By virtueonline ON THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH: THE COLLAPSE IS HERE

Hey! I wrote that sentence in 2011!

Collapse, my friends. That's what's coming.

Hey! I wrote that in 2012!

In what is becoming a Groundhog-Day esque experience, the Episcopal Church has once

As Phil predicted: It's going to be cold, dark, and last the rest of your life. TEC has again released its membership numbers, and once again, it is VERY bad.

Some of the current cover-your-eyes numbers:

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September 17 2019 By virtueonline Marianne Williamson And Pete Buttigieg Are The New Proselytizers Of Politicized Religion

Pike's death was just as dramatic as his career. In September 1969, he wandered lost and confused in the Judean Desert, trying to replicate the footsteps of Jesus for a book he planned to write. Hewas ill-prepared for the trip, and there he died of thirst, heat stroke, and a 60-foot fall into a canyon.

Pike and the Episcopal Church as a Bridge to Nowhere

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September 14 2019 By virtueonline "It is quite nice to love bishops. Bishops like it. Actually, it makes the church grow better"- Archbishop Welby tells CSI and CNI Church leaders

We observed earlier that expectations of what the Archbishop might say or do are being swapped out for an anti-climax, as the visit to India was showing signs of moving towards a dull or disappointing ending or result. There were some perceptible changes as days went by. Welby was moving away from the jargon of climate change: but still he was seen as superfluous in addressing matters relating to the CSI and the Anglican Communion. Yet there are a number of observations to make.

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September 12 2019 By virtueonline Welby should stand up for Christians persecuted by India

Justin Welby is an unlikely virtue-signaller, sharing a bloodline with luminaries of the Raj such as Sir Charles Napier, who famously punned "I have sinned" after the conquest of Sind. While maintaining that his trip to India was pastoral, not political, the archbishop lauded India's tolerance of diverse faiths.

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September 09 2019 By virtueonline The Curse of Unbridled Success:

We Boomers were the first generation who kept thinking that everything was about us and that we could do whatever we wished--even into our 30's. The Great Generation were made tough and wise by weathering the Great Depression and World War II, but every generation since theirs has become increasingly spoiled and entitled.

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Augustine and Pelagius clashed about the fundamentals of human nature as Christianity exposes them. In their early arguments they were not initially very far apart but as time went by and they sparred and provoked each other into ever more definitive responses they came to represent two fundamentally opposite views about human nature.

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August 28 2019 By virtueonline SPRING, TX: Anglo-Catholic Bishop Unfolds Catholicity of Anglicanism

The former Wisconsin bishop and I have a long history together. When I was editor of small twin community weeklies in Chippewa County, Wisconsin, the Rt. Rev. William C. Wantland was the sitting ordinary in the Diocese of Eau Claire. After 25 years away I had returned to my home state and settled in the closest Episcopal church -- St. Luke's in Ladysmith, and Bishop Wantland became my bishop. I left Wisconsin as a Lutheran and returned as an Episcopalian.

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August 28 2019 By virtueonline If the Foundations are Destroyed What Can the Righteous Do?

The wicked strut about on every side
when vileness is exalted among the sons of men.

(Psalm 12:8)

Our culture has thrown off the moral restraints that have governed western nations for millennia (Proverbs 29:18). The wholesale murder of children in their mother's wombs and the genocide of the elderly has become the norm rather than the exception. Everyone seems to do what is right in their own eyes (Judges 21:25; Proverbs 21:2; Isaiah 5:21).

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Welby says he was struck by the "liberating potential of the blushing bubbly" after he read about Coca-Cola's latest pro-gay advertising campaign in Hungary.

"I was deeply moved by the gospel-like message of the company. Even its response to a boycott of its products by rightwing conservatives was loving," he writes, "and overcome by thirst for truth, I rushed to my refrigerator, opened a can of Coke and added it to my tot of rum."

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