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August 17 2022 By dvirtue WHAT IS 'PUBLIC THEOLOGY'?

Justice and decency

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August 11 2022 By dvirtue The problem with Justin Welby's environmentalism

Justin Welby, nominal head of the Anglican communion, is undoubtedly on board with environmentalism. He made this clear in a keynote speech on Sunday at the Lambeth Conference. Unfortunately, if you expected him to put the religious argument for environmentalism at the forefront of his speech, you would be disappointed. His approach was rather different. It was all a matter, he said, of an unjust society and the need to deal with it.

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August 10 2022 By dvirtue A Cure for the Lambeth Hangover?

In his speech he compared the views that deeply divide the church:

First, he spoke of the, "large majority of the Anglican Communion" for whom the "traditional understanding of marriage is something that is understood, accepted and without question, not only by Bishops but their entire Church, and the societies in which they live. For them to question this teaching is unthinkable..."

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August 09 2022 By dvirtue EUREKA! I GET IT!!

"Church" is described as a Christian denomination. That is a distinct religious body within Christianity that comprises all church congregations of the same kind that are identifiable by traits such as a common name, particular history, organizational setup, leadership, theological doctrine, worship style and its common founder.

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At the heart of this new Communion is humility, repentance from our sins, and a call to obedience to God's Word. Archbishop Tito Zavala of Chile reminded us of this in his homily on the power of sin from Psalm 51. He reminded us how sin "turns our minds and hearts to tolerate what is wrong," and how we can overcome it through the blood of Jesus Christ and repentance.

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August 05 2022 By dvirtue The Queen unable to host traditional Lambeth Conference Garden Party

Henry was a Duke of York, second in line to the throne. His brother Arthur was the Prince of Wales and his Princess of Wales was Catherine of Aragon. Princess Catherine was the daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel of Spain, who underwrote Christopher Columbus' voyages to the New World in 1492.

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August 05 2022 By dvirtue A POST-CANTERBURY ANGLICANISM?

Archbishop Welby, while personally supportive of Lambeth 1.10 has spoken of the Communion as a messy family having arguments like any other. Archbishop Justin Badi of South Sudan recalled that Jesus defined the Church family not like any other family but composed of those who do will of his Father (Matthew 12:49). He linked the Anglican Communion with taking Holy Communion together, thus explaining their inability to take communion with some of the bishops present.

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August 04 2022 By dvirtue WHAT THEN HAS HAPPENED TO LAMBETH RESOLUTION 1.10 (1998) AT LC2022?

Instead, the Archbishop "affirms the validity of the resolution." This no more than saying, "Yes, the 1998 Lambeth Conference did produce Resolution 1.10, and it really did say these things about the authority of Scripture and human sexuality. Yes, the resolution as we know it is valid." But what he did not say is that Lambeth 1.10 is authoritative, or that it should be followed by all Anglicans.

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The satirical campaign titled "Where's Welby?" is specifically directed at chastising Welby in front of 650 bishops from around the world who are attending the two-week decennial Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, which runs until Aug. 7.

"Where's Welby?" is also educating the British public on the genocide of abortion using satirical posters, which are being wheeled on bicycles through the streets of Canterbury.

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August 03 2022 By dvirtue This is a time of 'great need for the love of God' -- Queen's message to Lambeth Conference

The day will include the launch of The Communion Forest, a worldwide environmental programme to include tree planting, the creation of wetlands and coastal restoration projects by Anglican provinces, dioceses and churches across the world.

"It is with great pleasure that I send my warm greetings as you continue your meeting in the fifteenth Lambeth Conference.

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