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August 21 2021 By dvirtue FALSE RACE NARRATIVES

Among those voices is that of Voddie Baucham, a pastor in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) who now serves as dean of a seminary in Zambia. After Baucham signed a statement criticizing an emerging version of Critical Race Theory, his cellphone stopped ringing with invitations to speak at SBC events. Once a favorite black Christian voice, he was suddenly a pariah.

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Fourth, the War on Terror has also been politically defeated in the United States. The majority of Americans are now in favor of withdrawal from Afghanistan and against any more foreign wars.

Fifth, this is a turning point in world history. The greatest military power in the world has been defeated by the people of a small, desperately poor country. This will weaken the power of the American empire all over the world.

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August 16 2021 By dvirtue JONESTOWN

Initially welcomed in California, Jones began to establish churches round about the state, eventually moving the Temple's headquarters to San Francisco in the early 1970s. By this time, politics had become Jones' real focus. While he would still quote the Bible, it was almost always in aid of a political agenda. He was involved in state and city politics and he counted prominent politicians as his friends, often inviting them to speak at his church.

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August 10 2021 By dvirtue My Final Scheduled Sermon - Fr. Dale Matson

Our bishop decided to remove his diocese from the Episcopal Church and was promptly sued by two of the churches in the diocese. My church was one of those that sued the bishop and I had a talk with the rector about my concerns. He simply told me that I was not a good follower and consequently could not see me as a leader. He told me that if I couldn't obey him as my priest, he wouldn't support my being installed in Holy Orders.

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August 08 2021 By dvirtue Voddie Baucham, Owen Strachan urge Church to combat 'morally bankrupt,' 'woke' ideologies

Over the last decade, according to the theologian, the Church has become determined to "show the world that we're acceptable or palatable," that "we're not the fundamentalist mouth breathers you've heard about." Instead, progressive churches are trying to put forth the idea that "we're thoughtful, we have manners as a people, we want to just be friends with you -- and tell you about Jesus -- but basically, we're a lot like you."

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August 05 2021 By dvirtue A WORLDLY CHRISTIAN

After the second world war Bishop Neill led a large number of successful university missions in the UK, Europe and the United States. He completed a major survey of theological education in Africa which led to him being General Editor of the series "World Christian Books" which totalled a million copies in 60 titles and 40 languages.

Daughrity lists and summarises Neill's own major works, over 70 books, and myriad articles, all of which he wrote in longhand.

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July 30 2021 By dvirtue SOUTH AFRICA: Anglican ministers break ranks over church's anti-Israel stance

After receiving the letter from the four ministers, the chief rabbi invited them to meet him, which both parties said was very positive. "We wanted the chief rabbi and the Jewish community to know that there are many Anglicans who would find these policies offensive and a contradiction of our faith," said Atkinson. "We may be sanctioned, but we aren't afraid. Standing for the truth and against antisemitism is much more important."

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July 28 2021 By dvirtue The Prime Directive

Thus, unless we pursue this prime directive in our lives, nothing else that we seek, whether it is healing, deliverance, freedom, identity or purpose, will be satisfied. Nowhere else will we find the passion and the power for life. In no one else will we find meaning and fulfillment.

Many Leaders Bear Witness to This Truth

In his book, I Will Be Found by You, Francis Frangipane writes:

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"We're thankful for the camaraderie shared among the Christian endorsers and memorializing Chaplain Goetz in this way, speaks to the camaraderie all our Chaplains share" said Chaplain Mark Ingles, endorser for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and Treasurer for the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty.

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July 22 2021 By dvirtue Primates denounce British government's new policy on the "troubles" in Northern Ireland

'Failure to deal with Legacy has probably been the biggest political and societal failing since the signing of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement. The one principle which all involved have been agreed on is that a general amnesty would be a morally empty response. Regardless of the name it goes under, a general amnesty is what the Government of the United Kingdom is now planning to put in place.

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