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October 30 2020 By dvirtue Arrogance, Abortion, and Death

Jesus and Paul were Jews for whom the Old Testament was binding. There too arrogance is not among its lists of most serious sins. The four sins that cry out to God for vengeance are shedding innocent blood (Gen. 4:10), Sodomite sexual sin (Gen. 18:20-21), oppression and slavery (Exod. 2:23), and injustice to the poor (Exod. 22:21-24).

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October 21 2020 By dvirtue DOCTRINE, DISCIPLINE, AND WORSHIP WALK TOGETHER: The Case of Bishop Love

When William Love first took this oath in 1991, he did so in good conscience.

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October 13 2020 By dvirtue When Going was necessary for Growing

1. There was the accelerating downgrading of the Church of England as a Biblical denomination. The July 2017 General Synod was a watershed with open disdain being shown towards orthodox beliefs and believers. This didn't mark any crossing of any 'line in the sand', but an unmasking of what has been there for some time with those pursuing a progressive agenda having become emboldened to be more openly aggressive.

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October 12 2020 By dvirtue Bishop William Love v. The Episcopal Church: an Exercise in Sophistry

First, the idea that a hearing body, not composed entirely of Bishop Love's peers (at least 2 of the 5 panel members were not bishops) could render judgment of a theological nature on someone of that status is abhorrent. Only a bishop who has been called to discipline a wayward priest or decide whether the parishes in his see must be closed because of declining attendance can judge whether a fellow bishop has violated the order and discipline under which all bodies, even churches operate.

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October 06 2020 By dvirtue Episcopal Panel: Bishop Guilty in Opposing Same-Sex Rites

In a letter to his diocese, Love writes that a separate hearing will be scheduled within the month to discuss the terms of discipline to be carried out.

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September 29 2020 By dvirtue Good and Bad Pluralism in America: A Critical Christian Response to David French

IF the early Christians had believed this, Christianity would have died out quickly. Unity with the Jews would have required shutting up about the Resurrection of Jesus. But as the Holy Spirit made clear through Peter, "We must obey God rather than men!" (For context, see Acts 5:27-29).

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September 28 2020 By dvirtue WHAT'S WRONG AND HOW TO FIX IT

In his book, Civilization and its Discontents, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) saw guilt as an indispensable building block for civilization, but he also saw it as civilization's chief discontent.

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September 26 2020 By dvirtue Thinking About Augustine

In 391, while in Hippo (where he was well known by reputation) he was ordained a priest. According to some stories, this was almost done against his will. Yet, within five years, he was made Bishop of Hippo. In his episcopate, we once again see a modern man. In addition to his pastoral duties within Hippo, he traveled to church councils in the region of North Africa – forty to fifty times over the course of the 35 years he served as bishop.

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September 24 2020 By dvirtue Ravi Zacharias And The Sexual Binge & Purge Cycle of Evangelical Men

Months later, after Thompson and Zacharias had signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) confining them to silence, Zacharias publicly released a statement to CT, painting Thompson as the predator."

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September 20 2020 By dvirtue Explaining Evangelicalism Today: An Interview with John Stackhouse

Stackhouse, who formerly taught at the University of Manitoba, is writing a book on evangelicalism--what it is, what it isn't, and how it is different from what we see in the U.S.--for Oxford University Press. Before it comes out next year, I asked him a few questions about the book and the state of evangelicalism today.

The book is due out next year.

What prompted you to want to write this book?/B>

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