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February 11 2021 By dvirtue Does the Church of England have a future?

As the one who led the Church's Millennium review into its human and financial resources, I know that its most precious assets are the people at the 'coal face'; the vast army of clergy and lay people who keep churches, church schools, food banks, advice centres and much else open for the use of countless communities. Dare I say it, every community in England would be poorer without them. Cutting clergy numbers should be the last thing contemplated.

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February 10 2021 By dvirtue Church of England: Responses to Jarel Robinson-Brown's tweet

"Your statement raises questions about the freedom of thought and speech of individual clergy, and fails to fully acknowledge the deliberate and hateful way that Jarel's tweet has been misconstrued and used to attack him in ways that are both racist and homophobic ... This is a serious safeguarding issue."

While I agree that Jarel is entitled to be safeguarded against abuse, this comment misses the point. How?

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February 09 2021 By dvirtue How evangelicals' fundraising by demonization fed Capitol violence

While evangelical participation in and support for the Jan. 6 event profoundly saddens me, I'm not shocked by it either. Big-name preachers, ministry celebrities and political figures have stoked fear, resentment and affront among my fellow believers for nearly half a century.

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February 08 2021 By dvirtue Eco-Church: just what we need to solve life's problems in Lambeth

Yes, you did read that correctly. An old church (see the painting, above) close to the heart of our government and on the doorstep of the ArchMuppet of Canterbury, is to be 're-opened' for 'worship' after being abandoned in the 1970s.

What exactly defines a 'fully dedicated "eco church"' remains to be seen. But I think I can imagine. 'Services will focus on the environment and climate change'. Well folks, I am sure that will pack 'em in on a Sunday evening.

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February 08 2021 By dvirtue IMPEACHMENT

Likewise, the divisions that have been building in the Christian community will also remain and, I fear, will deepen. I began my faith journey as an evangelical. For decades I was always willing to work beside evangelicals, even as I took another road as an Anglican. Today as I look at the majority of American evangelicals, I tend to regard them as separated brethren.

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February 04 2021 By dvirtue Hate speech? LGBT+ intolerance or 'good disagreement'?

[LLF] encourages those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender to sit and "see the Christ" in those who think that their very identity is "sinful" and that they should instead "transform" themselves so that they become single and celibate -- a teaching which has led many to contemplate taking their very lives! It is utterly ridiculous! Would one invite a survivor of the Holocaust to sit down and listen to the rantings of a Holocaust denier?

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February 02 2021 By dvirtue Living In Love And Faith: the roadmap to the extinction of the C of E

The over-arching problem with these 'resources' and the Living In Love And Faith book itself is that the authors -- backed up by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York -- clearly equate the Bible with a range of other concepts as if they are of equivalent value.

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January 30 2021 By dvirtue Thousands of pastors go into hiding amid China's rising persecution, attempts to eradicate Christianity

"Each person in China must have an ID card. It is impossible for a person to catch a flight or train, open a bank account, get a job, or rent an apartment without using their card. Each ID card contains a computer chip which is also used to track people's movements," the newsletter added.

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January 29 2021 By dvirtue Former Seminary President "Deeply Shocked" by Ravi Zacharias's Moral Relativism for Sinning Leaders

The seminary president was "deeply shocked that a man known for defending absolute truth could (when necessary) take a rather matter-of-fact stance as a relativist." In the email McFarland said, "I never invited him to speak at another of my conferences after this."

The McFarland email is below.

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This falls far short of the Thirty-nine Article's description of Scripture as 'God's Word written' (Article XX) and opens the door to mischievous hermeneutics.


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