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As Eye See It
January 02 2024 By dvirtue Did the King's speech bode well for his faithful subjects in 2024, a year that could be momentous?

Over here, Europe is becoming unglued by a failed multiculturalism. The calls for ethnic cleansing of the Jews by the hundreds of thousands of (mainly) Muslims and their allies from the Left who took to the streets after the murder of Israelis on 7 October 2023 bodes ill.

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January 02 2024 By dvirtue PHILLIPS BROOKS -- Liberal Episcopal Churchman

Gillis J. Harp, in his terrific biography of Brooks (Brahmin Prophet: Phillips Brooks and the Path of Liberal Protestantism), shows how he helped guide the Episcopal Church into the liberal Protestant way of all mainline denominations. He helped move the church away from the centrality of the cross to focus mostly on the Incarnation - away from salvation by Christ alone to moral improvement.

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December 30 2023 By dvirtue C. S. Lewis's "Christmas Sermon For Pagans"

Last year about this time, Lewis expert Crystal Kirgiss made it available on her blog. It is getting attention now because Kerry J. Byrne of Fox News wrote an article about it, focusing on how "it addresses, with almost startling prescience, many of the same culture-war issues simmering for years in the United States and exploding across the nation after the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks on Israel."

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December 30 2023 By dvirtue Persecution expected to rise in 2024

Morning Star News reports that the dead include church members and pastors, while hundreds of homes have been destroyed.

Release International's Nigeria partner confirmed the reports. They said, "We are deeply saddened by these incidents and condemn these killings and attacks on innocent Christians during their worship."

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December 29 2023 By dvirtue Booze, fighting, porn: Sydney Anglicans' first family and its prodigal son

His parents handled it with grace, Dave says. But that wasn't enough to lure him back to the fold -- not yet, anyway. More fighting, boozing and womanising lay ahead. The teen pregnancy was just the beginning of Dave Jensen's unholy adventures.

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December 26 2023 By dvirtue THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS

Scripture gives some ray of hope but how long can I rely on scraps of paper written 2,000 and more years ago? "My soul magnifies the Lord," says the expectant Mary on learning that she will be the theotokos, the God-bearer. Where was her safety net, her retirement account, her Medicare supplement? I may have all of these and more, but a lot of good they're doing me in the depths of despair.

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December 21 2023 By dvirtue ANGLICANISM AT A CROSSROADS

The problem is that the Cairo Covenant uses the language of sola scriptura without sufficient qualification. The term sola scriptura suggests that the Bible by itself can ensure orthodoxy without the guidance of the historic Church.

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December 20 2023 By dvirtue It's wrong! It's wrong!! It's wrong!!!

Vatican News is the Vatican's official Internet news portal which umbrellas Vatican Radio, L'Osservatore Romano -- daily newspaper -- and Vatican Media -- television station -- all under the oversight of the Dicastery for Communication.

The Catholic Church has just fallen down the same rabbit hole that the Church of England has by turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to sin in the name of pastoral accommodations.

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December 19 2023 By dvirtue Who would choose to be a Catholic at a time like this?

The problem is that this new philosophy and solipsistic religion is not Christianity. The old and well-worn jokey reply "Is the pope a Catholic?" has developed a dark shadow to it.

The Vatican has taken great care to cover its theological back by distancing the same-sex-blessing project from marriage. It intends to provide for itself a defence against the accusation that it is undermining marriage.

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We appreciate Kyai Haji Yahya Cholil Staquf General Chairman, Nahdlatul Ulama Central Board Founder & Chairman, G20 Religion Forum (R20) Jakarta, Indonesia Center for Shared Civilization Values, H.E Joko Widodo President Republic of Indonesia for the initiative to create a conducive environment for Interfaith Discourse and strengthening the relationship based on value and trust. We thank Dr. Timothy Shah and Holland Taylor of the Center for Shared Civilization Values.

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