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March 25 2020 By virtueonline ANCIENT FUTURE ANGLICANISM: An Essay in Anglican Renewal

The episcopal order being of Divine institution is therefore unchangeable. The Fathers teach unanimously that it is essential to the constitution of the Christian Church. St. Ignatius says, "My soul be for theirs who obey bishop, presbyters, deacons ... without these there is no Church. "The mark of the body of Christ" says St. Irenaeus, "is according to the succession of bishops to whom the apostles delivered the Church which is in every place;" and St.

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March 24 2020 By virtueonline Coronavirus: Doctors urge conversations about dying

Medics said the virus underlined the importance of these conversations.

New guidelines are being produced for palliative care for Covid-19 patients, the BBC understands.

Dr Iain Lawrie, president of The Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland, told the BBC that palliative care teams around the country were working together to create the guidance.

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March 23 2020 By virtueonline CORONAVIRUS: A Pastor's Reflection

--Pull back the curtains and discover the sun is still coming up. So far, the Coronavirus has not been able to put it out! Also, notice the signs of spring, flowering trees and blooming bulbs

--If you are able, go outside and start preparing the ground for a garden. It may be too early to put in some plants or to sow seed, but at least you can get started.

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March 21 2020 By virtueonline FINDING STRENGTH IN A TIME OF PANDEMIC

So where is the solid rock on which to stand? What can keep us going without undue panic and immobilizing anxiety?

The most important answer is simple: Easter morning.

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March 20 2020 By virtueonline Fearless and Responsible in a World Crisis

The eruption of the Coronavirus has caused panic, created havoc, and disrupted lives. Each new revelation produces fearful reactions rather than measured responses. In the face of such an unanticipated event our vulnerabilities rapidly become unmasked. We face the unalterable reality of the fragile nature of our human condition.

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March 17 2020 By virtueonline The Humbling of Civilization

As image bearers of the living God, even the most hardened secularists among us must deal with the most ultimate issues and questions--especially when faced by this kind of life and death challenge.

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March 14 2020 By virtueonline FREEDOM FROM FEAR

The leaders of the ACNA, along with medical professionals and government officials, have already advised wise caution. In addition to other practical advice, spiritual leaders tell us to pray, and medical leaders tell us to wash our hands. Together, they help stem the tide of both fear and sickness in very real ways.

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March 13 2020 By virtueonline REMEMBRANCE OF THE MARTYRS: Reflections from Uganda 2020

Ugandans generally are soft-spoken, mannerly and gracious, but when it comes to standing firm for the Gospel, they have not been shy. Shortly after Gene Robinson was made bishop in the USA in 1993, the Anglican Church of Uganda broke communion with the Episcopal Church and informed American missionaries that they should dissolve any ties with it.

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March 13 2020 By virtueonline INTRAMURAL ECUMENISM

I found it ironic that our local well-funded council of churches should be carried away with an ecstasy for interfaith work, until the interfaith council completely replaced the council of churches, while ignoring the dozens of storefront Evangelical and Pentecostal churches in our community with their mostly African-American and Latino congregations.

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March 06 2020 By virtueonline A trial that should shame all Anglicans

His voice rang with passion and hearts were melted as he continued: 'Because when love is the way, we actually treat each other, well... like we are actually family. When love is the way, we know that God is the source of us all, and we are brothers and sisters, children of God.' Even now I am weeping with emotion as I type these words today.

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