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November 01 2023 By dvirtue A Threatening Red Sky -- Signs of the Creeping Advance of a Totalitarian Impulse. (Part Two)

Totalitarian systems employ surveillance as a method of control. In the past, vast networks of informers and bureaucrats kept watch on the populace. Today we have much more sophisticated systems. Governments such as Communist China have already instituted their 'social credit system' using such systems. These systems co-opt privately controlled technology companies, especially those which collect our personal information, and those which design and monitor surveillance systems.

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October 31 2023 By dvirtue Bad Church Advice on Hamas

As we all know, Hamas, which has governed Gaza since 2006, on October 7 broke a relative peace by murdering over 1400 Israelis, which included decapitations, infanticide, and mass rape. The sprawling brutality was deliberate and celebratory. Hamas is a theocratic Islamist political movement that wants to eradicate Israel and establish a caliphate. It's never been interested in coexistence.

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October 30 2023 By dvirtue Why Antisemitism Rears Its Ugly Face. Again

It was so shocking to me that I had to find out the origins of these old canards. Where do they come from? Why, of all people, are the Jews in the crosshairs of these angry mobs? Why would anyone choose the Jews to hate? These are the questions I started with. And here are the answers I discovered.

10 Reasons, Not Excuses

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October 26 2023 By dvirtue Listen carefully for the echoes of anti-Semitism

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (of blessed memory) recognised the new face of anti-Semitism years ago. In a speech to the EU parliament in 2016 he said:

"Anti-Semitism means denying the right of Jews to exist collectively as Jews with the same rights as everyone else. It takes different forms in different ages. In the Middle Ages, Jews were hated because of their religion. In the 19th and early 20th century they were hated because of their race.

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October 18 2023 By dvirtue The reality of LLF for the average vicar

Consider for a moment the position of your average orthodox clergy who believes that the Bible teaches marriage can only be between a man and a woman, sex is something which should take place only within heterosexual marriage; that biological gender is fixed and immutable, and that we do not have the authority or power to bless something which God teachers directly against in scripture. In our present culture, these views are perceived as old-fashioned.

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October 17 2023 By dvirtue Ninety-five Theses to the Episcopal Church

1. Christian bishops, priests, deacons, and other ministers must not be permitted to deny that Jesus is truly God and truly man.
2. Christian ministers must not be permitted to deny that Jesus physically and bodily rose from the dead.
3. Christian ministers must not be permitted to deny that Jesus was born of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
4. Christian ministers must not be permitted to deny the Second Coming of Christ.

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October 17 2023 By dvirtue Christians Have a Duty to Hate the Evil of Hamas

At this writing, Hamas has killed more than 1,400 Israelis, injured 3,000, and is holding around 200 hostage. This attack has been called Israel's 9/11. It could equally be called its Dunkirk, the beginning of a war for survival whose outcome is uncertain.

For Christians watching these horrors from afar, it is imperative to condemn the evil perpetrated by Hamas--and to recognize that it must be resisted.

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October 14 2023 By dvirtue NOT FIT FOR OFFICE

Together the House of Bishops have embraced heresy by departing from the clear teaching of Scripture on matters of sexual conduct. As a result, they have betrayed their office. At their consecration service, each bishop was instructed to "be to the flock of Christ a shepherd, not a wolf; feed them, devour them not." However, by introducing, and not banishing "erroneous and strange doctrine", they have become wolves. Together they have demonstrated they are not fit for office.

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October 14 2023 By dvirtue WHEN WILL THE ACNA OVERTAKE TEC?

TEC Average Sunday Attendance

2000 857,000
2010 658,000
2019 518,000
2022 349,000

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October 04 2023 By dvirtue A Threatening Red Sky -- Signs of the Creeping Advance of a Totalitarian Impulse. (Part 1)

Several highly respected intellectuals, social commentators and historians have pointed to concerning signs of a growing movement among the global elite of western governments to restrict personal freedoms and facilitate more and more forms of control over their citizens. But how can this be compared to totalitarianism -- in most people's eyes, a vicious, cruel, and repressive system?

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