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June 02 2020 By dvirtue THE HOPE OF A NEW HUMANITY

The American Anglican Council believes the greatest weapons we have in the fight against racism, hatred, and division are our God-given ears to listen as Jesus would to the cries of the oppressed; God-given voices to speak on their behalf and to speak Gospel-truth to power when needed; God-given actions to serve those in need of comfort, financial security, companionship, and solidarity; and God-given hearts to desire that all people know the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that they may come to true

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June 02 2020 By dvirtue A Letter to Fellow ACNA Clergy: On Anti-Racism and a More Diverse and Just Anglicanism

Currently, the American population is about 38% non-white. By many projections, over the next 20 years, it will be increasingly composed of ethnic minorities. Our province, however, is far from representative of this emerging reality.

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June 02 2020 By dvirtue Justice for ALL

Although billed as a peaceful but passionate protest it quickly morphed into little more than a thuggish brawl. Perhaps that had always been the intention. Fires were intentionally set, businesses destroyed, all under the guise of "no justice, no peace."

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June 01 2020 By dvirtue Former Archbishop of Canterbury Blasts Bishops over Cummings Controversy

In choosing to express their disapproval on Twitter and joining a storm of hatred and controversy, I believe the bishops have done themselves and the Church a disservice. Some attacked the integrity, morality, leadership and character of the PM in highly personal terms. I have never seen such partisan pronouncements by church leaders.

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Let's take a serious look at a typical case. It's a question on a subject RZ himself says he has considered carefully, so he can be expected to deliver a carefully considered answer. Alas, the following video, with over four million views, is a fine example of RZ's mystification-as-explanation, using "magic words" in place of actual analysis and argument.

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May 26 2020 By virtueonline Face Masks and the Face of GOD

Is it because they make it hard to breathe -- especially for someone like my wife who has bad allergies and near asthma? Yes, definitely.

Is it because I too, have allergies, and as a kid I had nightmares after seeing advertisements for the movie, "The Man in the Iron Mask", and this feels a lot like that to me? That is for sure.

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May 25 2020 By virtueonline Whose body? Legal issues and religious beliefs in England

Last week, on 20 May 2020, the law in England changed so that all adults in England are now considered to have consented to donate their organs after death unless they have opted out. Got that? I didn't see any news items on TV or radio about this. Perhaps I just missed it. After all, with Covid-19 dominating the news now for months, it could be argued that organ donation issues are not exactly top of the current agenda (unless you are awaiting a donor).

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May 24 2020 By virtueonline Texas Supreme Court Repudiates ECUSA's Sophistries

In sum, TEC's determinations as to which faction is the true diocese loyal to the church and which congregants are in good standing are ecclesiastical determinations to which the courts must defer. But applying neutral principles to the organizational documents, the question of property ownership is not entwined with or settled by those determinations. The Fort Worth Diocese's identity depends on what its documents say.

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May 21 2020 By virtueonline Os Guinness: US switching from biblical American Revolution values to secular French Revolution ones

"Through the invention of printing and the power of the Reformation, the 17th century was called the 'biblical century' and the great model was the Hebrew Republic from the book of Exodus," Guinness said.

While describing the American Revolution as "largely but sadly not fully biblical," Guinness said the French Revolution of 1789 was "expressly anti-biblical, anti-Christian, anti-religious, and anti-clerical."

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"It is not licit that you convince them of your faith; proselytism is the strongest poison against the ecumenical path," he chided. Then, with Jesuitical equivocation rivaled only by the Weird Sisters in Shakespeare's Macbeth, he added: "You must give testimony of your Christian life ... But without wanting to convince."

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