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ACC-14 Jamaica 2009
VirtueOnline posted the following stories from the 14th Meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council held in May 2009 Meeting in Kingston, Jamaica. David Virtue covered the event first hand including interiews with many of the Bishops.

  • Truth The Real Casualty at ACC-14 - by David Virtue
  • The Listening Process Defended, Probed - by David Virtue
  • Final resolution text adopted by ACC-14 delegates
  • A response to ACC-14 in Jamaica from Global South delegates
  • Anglicans Commit to Re-Evaluating How They Interpret Scripture
  • Future shape of Anglican Communion uncertain, says Archbishop
  • UGANDA: Orombi protests over Jamaican meet
  • ACC-14 Day 14 (Rules of the Game? There are none)
  • Ecumenical 'box of chocolates' laid out for council
  • ACC-14: Day Nine (It's the property stupid)Covenant Kicked Down The Road As ACC leaders Seek Not To Offend TEC by David Virtue
  • Viewpoints: ACC-14 a Bust... - by David Virtue
  • ACC-14: Day Seven (No Fourth Moratorium and No Covenant)
  • ACC-14: Day Six
  • 'Free-floating' body seeks formal relationship with council
  • Anglican Consultative Council Digest
  • ACC-14: Day 5 - Part 2 (Indaba Funded from Atlanta, GA)
  • ACC-14: Day 5 - Part 1 (The Fourth Moratorium)
  • Delegates Argue over Dropped Moratoria Litigation in Windsor Report - by David Virtue
  • Delegates Elect Central Africa Archbishop as new Chairman of ACC - by David Virtue
  • Ecumenical Affairs Director Blasts TEC Litigation - by David Virtue
  • Nominees to Replace NZ Primate John Paterson for Chair of ACC Revealed - by David Virtue
  • Egyptian Archbishop Questions Listening Process Affirming Homosexuality - by David Virtue
  • TEC Warned by Covenant Chairman Not to Pass Sexuality Resolutions - by David Virtue
  • Archbishopof Canterbury Makes Final Plea for Communion to Stay Together - by David Virtue
  • FROM MY EAR TO YOURS... - by David Virtue
  • Uganda Anglican Apb Blasts ACC for Refusing to Seat Ugandan Delegate - by David Virtue
  • West Indies Archbishop says Anglican Communion is close to breaking up - by David Virtue
  • ACC-14: Day Four
  • World economic crisis an opportunity to redirect priorities
  • The Covenant: an introduction by Archbishop Drexel Gomez
  • ACC-14: Day Two
  • ACC-14: Day One
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