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June 19 2013 By virtueonline NASHOTAH, WI: ACNA approves new Anglican Diocese of Upper Midwest

The Anglican Church in North America College of Bishops will elect its first Bishop this coming Friday.

Recently the Episcopal Church announced the merger of the Diocese of Quincy with the Diocese of Chicago.


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January 25 2013 By virtueonline Table of Contents - mobile devices Read more
January 16 2012 By virtueonline Table of Contents - mobile devices Read more
July 01 2009 By virtueonline 'Telling it like it is'? Standpoint, Michael Nazir Ali and Rowan Williams

However, the Bishop's illuminating line of reasoning may be overshadowed by controversy because the article, entitled 'Only God Can Save Us From Ourselves' is splashed on the magazine cover as 'Michael Nazir-Ali: Why Rowan Williams is wrong' supported by a somewhat doctored quotation, claiming 'Rowan Williams and others...treat with contempt or actively oppose any attempts to uphold a normative view of the family'.

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May 28 2009 By virtueonline Mugabe's State Religion

Nearly three decades later, the octogenarian Mugabe still clings to power, though now compelled partly to share it with the opposition leader who likely defeated Mugabe's party in the last election. Like all aspiring totalitarians, Mugabe's regime resorted to creating church puppets as part of its continuing grasp for power.

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August 03 2008 By virtueonline LAMBETH: The Communion is Broken. Lambeth has Failed - Todd Wetzel

The Episcopal Church has run helter skelter through its ranks and left devastation – a rogue elephant that simply will not be reigned in. The problem is it’s a very wealthy rogue and the trail of money is everywhere. The Communion is in large measure dollar dependent.

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July 19 2008 By virtueonline SAN FRANCISCO: Episcopal Church under fire for parolee priest

The San Francisco-based Episcopal Diocese of California now faces questions of whether, in its haste to proclaim Tramel's story, it redeemed and promoted him too quickly.

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June 24 2008 By virtueonline JERUSALEM: Photos from Mout of Olives Read more
November 29 2007 By virtueonline Bishops without borders launched in Canada - Chris Sugden

Bishop Don Harvey, retired Bishop of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador who takes his retreats at Mirfield, led from the front. He resigned his orders in the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) on November 15, and one minute later was licensed as a Bishop in the Province of the Southern Cone.

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