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Spring 2013 - VOL Depends Upon Your Continued Support

April 2013

Dear VOL friend and loyal supporter,

A new archbishop sits on the throne of Canterbury -- the 105th to do so. He is an Evangelical who follows in the tradition of archbishops like George Carey and Donald Coggan.

Justin Portal Welby will oversee an unruly communion that is divided over faith and morals.

He is not a poet like his predecessor nor is he a theologian like Pope Benedict. He is a pragmatic businessman with a simple evangelical faith. He knows Jesus, loves him, and wants to spread the gospel far and wide.

Sadly, he will be hindered by a pan Anglican western revisionism that is anathema to the transcendent gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, more desirous of inclusivity, diversity, progressivism and pansexuality, with little interest in spreading the Good News about Jesus. They favor appeasement with other religions and promoting a social gospel bereft of a transcendent life-giving message.

Archbishop Welby believes the problems in the Anglican Communion can be resolved as they are primarily relational rather than doctrinal. Therein lies his Achilles heel.

The factions are all around him. There is FCA/GAFCON emanating from the Global South, born out of actions antithetical to the gospel by the liberal West. They believe Western Anglicanism is on a gadarene slide and has gone over the edge of the ecclesiastical precipice. Western liberals have "another gospel" antithetical to their African, Asian and Latin brethren. The question becomes: what will he do or say to heal the divisions.

In fairness, this is the world Archbishop Welby inherited. It is not a happy Anglican world. The last archbishop gave up after eight years. It remains to be seen how he will deal with a virulently un-evangelical West and a virile, growing evangelical Global South.

This is the universe VOL daily monitors for its readers around the world. VOL is the communion's leading Anglican Online News Service. Google Analytics and Alexa rankings says VOL is No. 1 in news-gathering and in the dissemination of Anglican news. Thousands come daily to VOL's website to read the news.

To keep the news coming we do need your support. No other Anglican news organization covers the ground like VOL. Please prayerfully consider a donation to keep us serving you with the best news team in the Communion.

This ministry depends solely on the providence of God and you our readers. VOL has no foundations or institutions that support us. We rely upon you our faithful readership to prayerfully support us.

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Warmly in Christ,

David Virtue

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