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January 25 2020 By virtueonline CHURCHES & ABORTION

The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church opposes abortion. One source writes: "God loves each human life from the instant of his or her conception and entrusts this gift to the protection of a mother and father. Abortion ends the life of a child and offends God. It also deeply wounds the women and men involved."

Southern Baptist Convention

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Dr. Alex Allinson, a general practitioner, has recently asked Tynwald court, the legislature of the Isle of Man, to support a law change to allow "voluntary assisted dying," a euphemism intended to assuage critics.

Allinson said if the initial reception of his motion is favorable, he will introduce a private member's bill later in the year. He has asked for "an open debate" to "flesh out" political opinions.

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January 09 2020 By virtueonline Evangelical Protestants More Moral Than Catholics

This poll is similar to others conducted by Pew Research Center showing Catholics poll left of center on serious moral issues. A 2016 poll presented the following picture of Catholics:

65% believe employers must provide contraceptives for workers
54% say Christian bakers must make cakes for gay weddings
47% are for transgender bathrooms

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January 08 2020 By virtueonline Former Members of the LGBTQ Community Share How God Changed Their Lives

April Lockhart, of New Mexico, told attendees at the event that she wanted to change from her lesbian lifestyle.

"I had fully believed in this lie that gets perpetuated that people don't change, they can't change, and if you try to change them, it's detrimental to their health. And I just want to say that's a lie," she asserted.

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January 03 2020 By virtueonline Is US Orthodoxy Going Pro-Gay?

In reality, I believe we should also accept that, like most heterosexuals, most homosexuals will find lifelong abstinence to be impracticable. In such cases, it is my strong conviction that we should encourage homosexuals to find a lifelong partner. While I understand this offends the sensibility of many Orthodox Christians, I again point to how our Church has dealt with the sin of divorce and remarriage.

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December 30 2019 By virtueonline Two Painful Truths of America's Religious Culture War

First, the mainly progressive effort to restrict the free exercise of religion is plainly illiberal and contrary to the constitutional order.

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December 23 2019 By virtueonline The Trans Celebration of Lies and Delusion

If something is out of whack with reality, then it is not giving you truth. In religious and philosophical circles this is known as the correspondence theory of truth. Yes, there are other theories, but it is not for me to go into all those here. Let me instead just offer a few quotes on this, and then apply it to the world of trans delusion.

In his 2000 book Truth Decay Douglas Groothuis says this:

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Jesus tries to downplay his relationship with Orlando, who hints the pair are more than just friends. Orlando has paired up with Jesus for a 40-day desert trip -- linking him to the devil, who tempts Jesus in the wilderness.

"Jesus, who's hitting the big 3-0, brings a surprise guest to meet the family, but the party holds other surprises," states the Netflix blurb. In addition, there are hints that the conception of Jesus was not virginal and that Mary would betray Joseph.

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November 21 2019 By virtueonline Chick-Fil-A Surrenders To LGBT Bullies

"We made multiyear commitments to both organizations, and we fulfilled those obligations in 2018. Moving forward you will see that the Chick-fil-A Foundation will support the three specific initiatives of homelessness, hunger and education," the representative said in a statement to Business Insider.

Chick-fil-A had previously worked with the groups to fund specific programs -- such as summer camps -- that work directly with underprivileged children.

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November 21 2019 By virtueonline Southern LGBTQ health survey's alarming statistics raise serious question

The report states some disturbing findings:

"Respondents reported higher rates of living with HIV when compared to the general population; rates are significantly higher for respondents who are Black or African American, older, gay men, or transgender women of color."

"Respondents reported significantly high rates of poor mental health, with pronounced disparities for individuals who are bisexual+, transgender, 18-24 years old, or those with lower incomes."

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