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Culture Wars
February 22 2024 By dvirtue George Barna: The US needs a 'spiritual awakening' to achieve 'unity'

The Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University released its fifth annual American Worldview Inventory on Monday. Based on interviews with 2,000 U.S. adults conducted in January, the survey examined the prevalence of 14 different worldviews among the population.

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February 21 2024 By dvirtue LIVING UNDER OCCUPATION

We Lost -- Move On The Pride flag declares the triumph of progressivism over the institutional church. The church has been conquered and is held by the invader and by those who share the conqueror's views. The members must be prepared to submit or remain silent for the sake of peace.

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February 16 2024 By dvirtue Screwtape Whispers 'He Gets Us' to Lure Us Away from Jesus

That impulse, to make up an ersatz church with a dummy Christ, is ever at our elbow, whispered by "angels of light" who tickle our ears with honeyed words. When the Church was still in its infancy, Saint Paul warned already of false gospels and antichrists. These we will always have with us. And at every point of the theological spectrum, from left to right.

The Mother of All Heresies

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February 11 2024 By dvirtue STDS IN THE USA

The CDC is calling for a "whole-of-nation" response to the syphilis phenomenon--a vague phrase, but one likely to be fleshed out with condoms and antibiotics rather than government funding for teaching about chastity and personal moral responsibility. For chastity and responsibility are concepts that assume a moral framework for sex, the very thing our culture has now spent many decades repudiating.

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Back in January, Keir "the wind watcher" Starmer finally got in on that act, committing the Labour Party to banning all forms of conversion therapy if Labour wins the general election, which will take place later this year.

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January 31 2024 By dvirtue TO BLESS OR NOT TO BLESS

As recently as last Friday, Pope Francis apparently tried to rein in certain interpretations of the document. He insisted that what he is doing is authorising the Roman Catholic Church to make a pastoral gesture directed at the individuals involved and not their union. Rather than approving the blessing of same-sex unions, Francis says the document should be seen as approving the blessing of the people involved in a same-sex union.

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January 13 2024 By dvirtue Finnish MP, bishop may be dragged before Supreme Court despite acquittals over 'hate speech' against LGBT pride

The Helsinki Court of Appeal unanimously acquitted Räsänen and Pohjola in November, which followed a similar acquittal by the three-judge District Court of Helsinki in March 2022. The charges against Räsänen began with her 2019 tweet that referenced Bible verses to criticize the Finnish Lutheran Church's promotion of LGBT "pride month."

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January 10 2024 By dvirtue The cult of sexual transitioning and disembodied transhumanism is a misguided quest for Eternity in denial of the Incarnation

Our political and ideological neighbours and, above all, our neighbours' children have been captured in the quicksand of a new relativism. It is a kind of self-generated madness that has disturbed and distorted their self-understanding, and the way it expresses sexuality.

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January 09 2024 By dvirtue Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2023, Killing 73 Million People

Worldometers bases its daily abortion figures on a fact sheet from the World Health Organization, which estimates an even higher figure for abortions per year than Worldometers. "Around 73 million induced abortions take place worldwide each year," the WHO says.

Abortion is also the leading cause of death in the United States.

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December 30 2023 By dvirtue Contending with Forced Speech

The Case of Peter Vlaming

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