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Culture Wars
June 01 2024 By dvirtue Hope for Struggling Christians During Pride Month

Nothing is more important for children of God than to hear from their heavenly Father, especially during an extreme spiritual attack. This month, millions of voices will attempt to tell you how to think. That's why it's dangerous to neglect your Bible. Heed the command of Romans 12:2: "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God."

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May 28 2024 By dvirtue How Americans Said I Do to Gay "Marriage"

The game plan, as described by Dr. Butterfield, was simple and straight forward.

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May 03 2024 By dvirtue Is the tide turning on transgender madness at last?

Predictably, there have been problems. There have been reports, for example, of transgender prisoners transferred to female prisons raping fellow inmates and prison officers. While the NHS had provoked ire by instructing medical staff to stop using terms such as breastfeeding and vaginal birth for mothers-to-be, in favour of 'chestfeeding' and frontal birth.

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April 23 2024 By dvirtue Evangelicals list top issues facing the US: survey

In addition to asking respondents for their views on hot-button issues dominating political and cultural discussions in the U.S., the questionnaire asked respondents to name "the three most critical issues facing the new Congress and administration."

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April 20 2024 By dvirtue Why was gender ideology allowed to run amok for so long?

The review is on the front page of the newspapers today. The BBC is platforming trans-sceptical experts -- and not just so they can be hissed at live on air. Keir Starmer's ever-opportunistic Labour Party is saying it agrees with everything in the report.

Of course it's far too early to be declaring victory, and far too late for many of the victims caught up in this to celebrate, but something monumental happened today. The unsayable has become sayable, on gender at least.

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April 18 2024 By dvirtue FATAL LOSSES

Why? The most common reason given for population decline is the debt crisis: people cannot afford children. However, a temporary economic disturbance cannot explain the long-term trend. There are a number of other reasons but the underlying one is that increasingly marriage and family formation is discincentivised in our society and culture.

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April 13 2024 By dvirtue Most gender-confused kids 'grow out of it', according to landmark study

Of the 11 percent who expressed varying degrees of "gender non-contentedness" at the beginning, only 4 percent still reported these feelings by the end of the study period. In real terms, that means 305 pre-teens began adolescence with feelings of gender confusion, and only 111 felt the same way by their mid-20s -- a decrease of almost two-thirds.

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April 04 2024 By dvirtue The Decline of Christianity Means the End of Neutral Spaces

That story, put simply, is the retreat of Christianity in the West and the emergence of a new religious faith in its place -- a new paganism. What comes amid the decline of the Christian faith is not some live-and-let-live secular liberal utopia, not a rational and atheistic political order with neutral public spaces and a culture of tolerance. Instead, we have a new form of paganism with its own moral precepts, obligations, and rites.

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April 02 2024 By dvirtue Richard Dawkins laments decline of 'cultural Christianity' in UK amid surging Islam

Speaking with British journalist Rachel Johnson, Dawkins noted that the United Kingdom is "fundamentally a Christian country," and he still personally values the Christian ethos despite not believing the religion from which it emerged.

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March 28 2024 By dvirtue People say they're leaving religion due to anti-LGBTQ teachings and sexual abuse

PRRI found that the number of those who describe themselves as "nothing in particular" has held steady since 2013, but those who identify as atheists have doubled (from 2% to 4%) and those who say they're agnostic has more than doubled (from 2% to 5%).

This study looks at which faith traditions those unaffiliated people are coming from.

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