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January 20 2022 By dvirtue Losing my religion: The pandemic is causing many to lose faith in God

"... trauma challenges so many assumptions about who we are, what our purpose is and how to make sense of a traumatic event," wrote theologian Danielle Tumminio Hansen, in a piece for The Conversation last year. "Faith-based beliefs and practices offer meaningful resources to help navigate those questions. This is why spiritual beliefs and practices across various religions can often lead to faith strengthening rather than weakening, following a trauma."

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January 13 2022 By dvirtue God and Guns. The Bible against American Gun Culture-- Part One

It is long past time for the sort of reasoned discussion (not emotive and irrational posturing), we find in this little book of essays. Why-- you ask? Well, the statistics do not lie, and here are a few of those assembled at the beginning of this book, and the sources for this data is impeccable, including the NIH, headed by Francis Collins, a very committed Christian medical expert.

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January 06 2022 By dvirtue 'Gay conversion therapy does not work' - Really?

Research on 'therapy', such as Jones and Yarhouse's 2007 path-breaking study, Ex-Gays? included 'religiously-mediated' practices like prayer and support.

Though valuable, these are not 'therapy'! However, in surveys on 'therapy', outcomes from 'religiously-mediated' practices have frequently been included.

Pastoral prayer and a chat are praiseworthy but hardly on par with the most sophisticated psychological expertise.

Research on positive therapeutic outcomes

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December 10 2021 By dvirtue The real harm of transgender ideology

Because of this, it is important to say, definitively, that radical transgender ideology is destructive, harmful, and disconnected from reality.

We are told, of course, that anything less than fully embracing radical transgender ideology is actually what is harmful. We frequently hear, for example, that people who identify as transgender are the most vulnerable group in the world and that critiquing transgender ideology is committing violent discrimination.

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December 04 2021 By dvirtue Is the tide finally turning against trans mania?

But today many others are coming round to the view that trans ideology really does pose a problem.

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November 30 2021 By dvirtue Jesus & Elton John

As regular readers of my blog know, Christianity in the West is in trouble all over, but the liberal churches are declining the fastest. It is not generally the case that being theologically and morally conservative causes a church to grow, but it is true that standing counterculturally within Christian tradition at least stanches the bleeding.

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November 28 2021 By dvirtue Banning conversion therapy will cause more harm, say experts

Christians fear it will lead to evangelical pastors and churches being criminalised for ordinary church activities like prayer and pastoral counselling.

Dr Elizabeth Woning, pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California, spoke about her work for the Changed Movement, a community of Christians who have left the LGBT lifestyle behind.

"This is a population that most people believe doesn't exist," she said.

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November 27 2021 By dvirtue Covid is making more pastors want to quit full-time ministry

The struggles appear to be even sharper among pastors from mainline Protestant churches, with over half (51%) saying they feel this way.

Among non-mainline pastors, a group that includes evangelicals, that figure is much lower yet still sits at around a third (34%).

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November 27 2021 By dvirtue Heroes of the Faith: Haik Hovsepian

A key individual in these remarkable events was Haik Hovsepian. Haik was born in 1945 into a family of Armenian Christians. He trusted in Christ in his youth and joined the Pentecostal Assemblies of God where his gifts for leadership were recognised. Because Armenians have so often been persecuted in the Middle East, it is perhaps understandable that there was a long-standing reluctance to seek trouble by evangelising Muslims.

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