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June 08 2023 By dvirtue America's LGBTQ establishment

In our modern days, the same principles are deployed by those who seek to control our world. And Pride Month is surely the most ostentatious, annoying, and egregious of them all. June has been taken over by the avant-garde of the sexual revolution. It is the high feast of the progressive liturgical calendar and almost as long as Lent--though committed of course to self-indulgence, not self-denial.

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June 05 2023 By dvirtue Sunny Side of The Stream:: Man at Pride Festival Asks God for Freedom and Forgiveness

In this shorter clip, Bowling encounters several people who argue with him. It ends with his interaction with the man he prays with. The man says he is married to a woman. He also says that he is a Christian and doesn't believe homosexuality is a sin. Bowling explains that the Bible says homosexuality is sin and that sin separates us from God. He says he's cautioning him away from homosexuality out of love because he wants the man to be close to God because God is love and God is amazing.

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"Fidelity" derives from the Latin word "fides," meaning "faith" or "trust." The word implies "strict and continuing faithfulness to an obligation, trust, or duty," according to Merriam--Webster.

George freely acknowledged that "absolutely no one" gave him any authority to declare June "Fidelity Month." Nonetheless, he has done so, and I believe we as conservatives should join him in this effort.

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May 30 2023 By dvirtue Redefining words to reengineer society

As the mom of a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old, I'm horrified. Most young kids will have no idea what these things mean, but that is the point. The messaging and images are grooming kids to accept unnatural, sexually exploitive things as "normal."

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Findings from the survey also align with those of a Wall Street Journal-NORC poll released in March, confirming that 39% of Americans claim religion is "very important" to them. Interestingly, the WSJ poll found that 49% of participants -- 10% more than those who find religion important -- believed that they "know God really exists" and "have no doubts about it."

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May 01 2023 By dvirtue Most adults in 17 countries say belief in God not necessary to be moral, have good values: study

• The research, based on responses to the Pew Research Center's Global Attitudes Survey conducted in the spring of 2022, was released on April 20.

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April 02 2023 By dvirtue Nashville massacre of Christians shows the sexual revolution is turning more violent

The facts are depressingly simple. Audrey Hale started her journey as a young woman who became first a lesbian, and then a began to experiment with being transgender by dressing as a man when her parents left the house.

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March 29 2023 By dvirtue BLESSINGS AND CURSES: CHOOSE!

Forced to Be "Free"

Today's left-wing elites rely on the coercive powers of government officials and "woke" institutions to enforce their own concept of morality. But our founders believed that such moral values needed to be independent of governmental power (as codified in the Bill of Rights).

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March 24 2023 By dvirtue Report: LGBTQ Americans tend to be younger and have no religion

Meanwhile, almost half of LGBTQ Americans are young and claim no religion.

Those are among the findings of a new report on polarization and LGBTQ rights from the Washington, D.C.-based Public Religion Research Institute. The report, based on data from PRRI's 2022 American Values Atlas, looked at the views of 22,984 adults living in all 50 states.

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March 21 2023 By dvirtue JUSTIN WELBY CAN'T READ THE ROOM

Welby is hard to read because he is seemingly open and yet emotionally closed at the same time. Even before he landed the top job in the worldwide Anglican Communion, he was adept at not granting access to his inner world. The social polish you learn at Eton, with its arsenal of confident self-deprecation, is precisely the sort of self-protecting buffer zone that you need to survive being the nation's punch bag.

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