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August 21 2019 By virtueonline The Rise of the Nones

Less Religion, or a New Religion?

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August 15 2019 By virtueonline Buttigieg Names Unitarian Universalist Shawna Foster as Faith Outreach Coordinator

Foster was until recently pastor of Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist, a small congregation in Carbondale, Colorado. The congregation describes itself as "on the forefront of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer inclusion for more than 40 years, we are people of all sexual orientations and gender identities."

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August 01 2019 By virtueonline The Yaniv outrage has left Canada, rightly, the laughing stock of the world

As I wrote last week, these are all women, some immigrants, and on the economic and cultural margins -- 16 in total, according to most accounts. At least one, originally from Brazil, has had to close her small business. All have been under intense duress, and the vexatious complainant is notably hostile to immigrants (social media posts by Yaniv, then identifying as Jonathan, are remarkably insulting to newcomers to Canada).

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July 31 2019 By virtueonline Pete Buttigieg: Wrong about Christianity, abortion, and homosexuality

Pete is said to be a "devoted" Episcopalian. I'm not sure if that means he goes to church three times a week, tithes, and says grace at every meal. Professor Gary Dorrien of Union Theological Seminary said, "In our time, the Episcopal Church is a generally progressive denomination that ordains gay and lesbian bishops, makes room for liberation theology." The denomination wandered far into left field many years ago, as almost all groups do.

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July 29 2019 By virtueonline Josh Harris Apostatizes

Harris is best known as the author of the 1997 book I Kissed Dating Goodbye, a classic text of Evangelical purity culture. Last year, he disowned the book, and withdrawn it from publication.

Earlier this year, Harris gave an interview to Sandi Villareal at Sojourners,the progressive Christian magazine, in which he talked about sexuality. Some interesting stuff there. Excerpts:

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July 27 2019 By virtueonline Liberal churches' religious freedom is safe because they 'surrendered' to the culture, says Al Mohler

Speaking at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado, earlier this month, Mohler talked about the threats to religious freedom in the United States.

During his remarks, Mohler stated that he believed that "the great challenge to religious liberty in our times" is "not any threat to liberal religion."

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Likewise the current US Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guidelines from 2017 state that the term 'biological sex' is 'imprecise and should be avoided', citing the existence of intersex conditions and eliding them with transgenderism. The guidelines endorse the controversial notion that sex is 'assigned' not recognised at birth, and argue that 'compelling studies' show that biology contributes to 'gender identity and its expression'.

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July 18 2019 By virtueonline The Eclipse of God, the Subversion of Truth, and the Assault upon Religious Liberty

I believe that conservatives in the United States have vastly underestimated the reality and comprehensiveness of the challenge we face. All of us see parts, but it takes concentrated attention, a devotion to history, and a serious reckoning with ideas to see the whole--the vastness of our crisis.

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June 29 2019 By virtueonline Fifty years after the Stonewall riots, what the LGBTQI+ movement needs is less pride and more humility

I had been raised to believe that a person's future flows from facing their present reality. My reality was that I fancied men, and only men.

Accepting during puberty that I was erotically attracted to my own sex was an excruciatingly painful revelation, and not without suicidal undertones. By accepting my reality I found a new inner strength, purpose -- and yes, pride.

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June 29 2019 By virtueonline Making LGBT a Protected Class Will Kill Religious Liberty

Earlier this month, Michigan State Senator Jeremy Moss introduced legislation to amend the state's civil rights law to add sexual orientation and sexual identity as protected classes. One of the main objections to changing the law before now has been the harm it must do to conscience protections and the free exercise of religion.

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