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May 12 2019 By dvirtue Pro-Aborts disrupt abortion survivor's testimony at London's March for Life

People were shedding tears as Melissa Ohden from the United States shared her testimony of how she survived a "failed" saline infusion abortion 41 years ago after being soaked in a toxic salt solution that was injected into her mother's amniotic fluid intending to slowly scald her to death.

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May 11 2019 By dvirtue Recent shooting in Colorado by a transgender girl/boy is said to hate Christians

Sacramento's recent move re. such education is reflective of what has been going on more in urban and now suburban schools than in middle America, but it will hit that portion of America soon enough. Immigrants' children particularly those who don't speak English well are particularly vulnerable because they cannot yet discern the

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May 07 2019 By dvirtue No, Christianity Doesn't Need To Endorse Homosexuality To Grow

"Churches will continue hemorrhaging members and money at an alarming rate until we muster the courage to face the truth: We got it wrong on gays and lesbians," he says.

We don't have to wonder whether Thomas is correct. Not only is he wrong, but an impressive body of very strong data and experience demonstrates the precise opposite of what he claims is true.

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April 30 2019 By dvirtue Peers crush parents forcing schools to indoctrinate children in LGBT dogma

Downgrading the right of withdrawal breaches Article 2 of Protocol 1 of the Human Rights Act 1998, which requires the State to ensure education is in conformity with the 'religious and philosophical convictions' of parents.

The government had initially committed to keeping the right of withdrawal as it was. But now, they claim that 'an absolute parental right up to 18 years old is no longer compatible with English case law and the European Convention on Human Rights.'

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April 22 2019 By dvirtue Lloyd-Jones on Heresy

It comes from his 8-volume collection of sermons on the book of Ephesians. In his volume The Christian Warfare he expounds upon Eph. 6:10-13. And this quote comes from chapter 8, "Heresies," (found on pp. 108-120). In it he is commenting on a portion of Eph. 6:11: "Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."

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April 18 2019 By dvirtue A Message to Mayor Pete from a Latina Mama: "Don't Force Your Sexual Ideology on Me and My Children"

Mayor Pete, it cuts both ways. As a Latina mama in touch with a number of other Latinas with traditional family values, I can tell you we are faced every day with people who are "polite to us in person" but who advance and execute policies that assault our values, harm our families, and hurt our children.

Enough Is Enough

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April 12 2019 By dvirtue Playing with fire: Our mishandling of sex may send society backwards

Judaism and Christianity offered a clear moral code for sex. However much fun it may be, it is best contained within marriage and for making children. Outside marriage, uncontained, it has the capacity of a forest fire to burn out of control and lay waste.

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April 10 2019 By dvirtue Pete Buttigieg, Erick Erickson, and Trending #Episcopalians

ERICK ERICKSON @EWErickson: I mean if Buttigieg thinks evangelicals should be supporting him instead of Trump, he fundamentally does not understand the roots of Christianity. But then he is an Episcopalian, so he might not actually understand Christianity more than superficially.

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April 06 2019 By dvirtue When a Former Homosexual Says That They have Been Healed or Changed; What do They Mean?

Ask yourself, "Would a good God really create someone with an orientation to act in ways that He condemns and that does harm to his partners? Would a good God really create someone with an orientation that results in domestic violence rates, substance abuse rates, gay-related disease rates, and promiscuity rates that are off the charts in comparison to heterosexuals? The questions answer themselves.

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April 03 2019 By dvirtue Sowing Confusion on The Christian College Campus: A Troubling Sign from The West Coast

The use of the word "again" or "flip-flops" in the headline chronicles the topsy-turvy tale of Azusa Pacific's policy regarding same-sex relationships. Until last fall, APU had on the books a student behavior policy that upheld a biblical understanding of gender and sexuality. Late in September, the school announced a change in its policies. The new policy would, for example, allow for openly-LGBTQ romanticized relationships among students.

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