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Dear VOL Supporters,

Our Beloved Anglican Communion is in turmoil. The Episcopal Church roils from crisis to crisis. Each year is one of tumult and turbulence, but even on the worst of days we could hear the still small voice saying press on...follow me. And we at VirtueOnline do; every day. We do not stop for a week or a day. Daily at the web site and weekly in a news digest we faithfully send you the news. More than 4 million of you visited the web site and thousands receive a weekly digest of stories to stay informed.

VOL is having an impact on the whole Anglican Communion through its website and weekly digests which are read around the globe…except for funding. Funding is inadequate for the number of readers we have. This is a responsibility all of us must bear, so please step up and support this vital ministry that is continually growing.

To those of you hanging back, please jump in and join those who have responded. This is your news source for world Anglican news, too, so please take it to heart. We have readers but no paying subscribers. What we need are supporters. So please consider a tax-deductible donation to keep the news coming into your e-mail. Every contribution counts, even small gifts are appreciated.

Please keep this writer in your prayers, and if you can support this ministry, please do so either electronically ( via check or credit card by using PayPal or you can send your check to:

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Thank you for your support of this ministry. VirtueOnline is a registered U.S. 501(c)3 charity and all contributions are tax deductible. Below is the latest letter from VOL asking for support from our friends, readers and members.

Every Blessing in Christ,

David W. Virtue DD






"Given that we continue to live in a period of confusion and sometimes misinformation regarding the tragic state of the Anglican Church as a result of the unilateral and non biblical decisions and actions of the North American church we are more grateful than ever for the clarity and relevance of Virtueonline. We thank God for this important and faithful ministry to the worldwide communion." -- Gregory James Venables, Bishop of Argentina and former Archbishop of the Southern Cone

"Virtueonline remains a crucial source of information and analysis in the larger Anglican Communion. I recommend it for its insight and breadth. In our day it is critical to have news sources that are reliable and conservative." -- Rt. Rev Frank Lyons, Bishop of Bolivia

"There is no one except David Virtue who provides us with timely and essential news, as well as searching biblical analysis of that news. In this he serves not only the biblically faithful in North America but throughout the Anglican Communion. It is my prayer and hope that he will be able to continue his service to us for years to come." -- The Right Reverend John H. Rodgers Jr. ThD. AMIA (ret)

"The Anglican Communion is in the midst of a complex and critical time in its history and life. The situation is highly fluid at many levels and the events and decisions made impact deeply our mission and ministry. VOL has its finger on the pulse of the Communion, it knows the players and it goes where the action is. It is an essential resource for understanding and navigating the times in which we live." -- Rev. Jerry Kramer, Anglican Missionary to the Muslim World

"I have been following his regular news and commentary for more than 10 years. I continue to do so. VOL pulls no punches and David is relentless in pursuing truth, particularly when people are abusing God's Church. David does not suffer despots in the Church and takes great trouble to expose their conduct. Amongst the orthodox who write about the Anglican Communion David is guaranteed to have a strong opinion, take a strong stand and sometimes rub people the wrong way. David never counts the cost so long as what is hidden may be exposed to the light of truth." -- Rev. Ian Montgomery, Missionary to the Anglican Diocese of Peru

"In spite of the remarkable growth in the number of blogs and websites covering Anglican issues today, trying to find truly reliable and balanced Anglican news has actually become more difficult. Agendas and biases have replaced journalistic professionalism and integrity as the new guiding forces behind much of what is reported on the web today. VOL has been delivering the highest quality news and commentary for almost twenty years. David Virtue’s timely interviews and comprehensive analysis always give me the most accurate and insightful reports of what really matters to me and to my Anglican family. I am a VOL supporter, and I encourage you to join me to support VOL for the next 20 years." -- AMiA Bishop Doc Loomis.

"Virtueonline allows me to know what is going on all over the Anglican scene, and usually in the words of the people directly involved. I always read it each and every week." -- The Rt. Rev William Wantland, Bishop of Eau Clair (ret)

"Virtueonline is an incredibly valuable channel of global communication on all matters affecting the wider Christian body, and especially our Anglican part of it. I've always been impressed with David's own writing that while appropriately acerbic, remains insightful, theologically rich, and deftly humorous. VirtueOnline's format has increasingly become both user friendly and comprehensive. I cannot commend it too highly." -- Peter C. Moore, former Dean and President of Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA

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