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March 01 2024 By dvirtue What happened at General Synod? Living in Love and Faith Feb 24

'That this Synod welcome the further work carried out on Living in Love and Faith and the focus on reconciliation and bridge building; and ask that the proposal for a set of commitments through which the whole Church can continue to pursue the implementation of the motions previously passed by Synod on Living in Love and Faith, be brought back to Synod as soon as possible.'

In his opening speech, Bishop Martyn made three main points:

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February 28 2024 By dvirtue "Standing on the brink of a precipice"

In that time, adult attendance has fallen 30%, and the decline is accelerating. Child attendance has fallen 40% in the same period. And in the last three years, vocations to ordained ministry have collapsed by 40%. There is a very real prospect that ministry is going to collapse in large parts of the Church of England within the next five years. Where is this on our agenda?

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February 23 2024 By dvirtue Take Heart! Some reflections on the current state of the Church of England

There are those who say that a law not enforced is not a law at all but this simply is not true. Laws may lay dormant for years before being put into use. The change of the makeup of the Supreme Court in the US in recent years and the overturning of Roe vs Wade that it led too show the enduring importance of laws even when they are deliberately misapplied for years by the umpires.

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February 21 2024 By dvirtue Safeguarding 'weaponised' in Church of England as report claims standards 'fall below secular groups'

At times, safeguarding has been used to address issues unrelated to a risk to children or vulnerable adults, she added.

For example, she wrote, matters referred to safeguarding staff included parishioners with no vulnerabilities who were having extra-marital affairs and a preacher "praying too vehemently".

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February 20 2024 By dvirtue LLF and Reconciliation- taking the wrong path?

Bishop Martyn believes "firmly in the latter option" -- and goes on to outline ten 'Commitments' which will, in his view, provide the "basis of a settlement" to enable "people at both ends of the spectrum to continue within the Church of England."
These Commitments can be found in full at the end of this Blog post.

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February 19 2024 By dvirtue Clergy warn of 'doom spiral' as church attendance drops off at record rate

In 2023, The Telegraph published an investigation which revealed that parishes are closing at a record rate, prompting fears that the Church had been "dealt a death knell".

The investigation found that almost 300 parishes have disappeared in the past five years alone -- the fastest rate since records began in 1960.

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February 14 2024 By dvirtue UK: Church allows asylum seekers to exploit it

Later, however, he was given permission to remain in Britain after he claimed to have converted to Christianity and a priest vouched that he was "wholly committed" to his new religion. In fact, those who know him have described him as "a good Muslim" who would regularly buy halal meat and who wanted to go back to Afghanistan to find a wife.

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February 14 2024 By dvirtue 'Desecration': Canterbury Cathedral hosts alcohol-fueled 'silent disco' near tomb of English martyr

The current dean is the Very Reverend David Monteith, described by an Anglican news outlet as a "partnered gay priest" with a reported interest in "getting the youth into church."

His plans for Canterbury Cathedral were outlined in a statement following his appointment by the late Queen Elizabeth II in 2022:

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February 08 2024 By dvirtue The Idol of the Church of England - A Voice of Experience

Whilst there was one united diagnosis within the Essentials movement, there were two prognoses - inside and outside. Inside became the Anglican Communion Alliance, remaining within the Anglican Church of Canada. Outside became the Anglican Network in Canada, eventually taking their place within the Anglican Church in North America. Although one could debate which was really inside, and which outside.

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February 01 2024 By dvirtue Living in Love, Faith and Reconciliation: an exercise in bait and switch

"These commitments will honour the votes already taken by the Synod and the general sense of direction, while also inviting the whole of the Synod to make a commitment to the principle of being a broad Church in which different views are not just accepted, but honoured as part of what it means to be the living, dynamic, and beautiful body of Christ."

The orthodox should be shocked.

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