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January 26 2020 By virtueonline Church of England reaffirms biblical teaching on sex and marriage--but for how much longer?

More pastorally, it adds: 'In its approach to civil partnerships the Church seeks to uphold that standard, to affirm the value of committed, sexually abstinent friendships and to minister sensitively and pastorally to those Christians who conscientiously decide to order their lives differently.'

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January 26 2020 By virtueonline Pastoral Statement from the House of Bishops of the Church of England: A Comment

The Civil Partnerships Act of 2005 was designed to imitate marriage: the Bishops point this out in paragraph 12 of their statement. At first, Government ministers were claiming that the then Bill was to remove hardships on such matters as visiting rights in hospitals, inheritance and security of tenancy for people living together.

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It clarifies that Kent University, which conferred the doctorate, "regularly uses the Cathedral as one of a number of locations to host its graduation ceremonies," and the "Cathedral does not have any involvement with the content of these events or their choice of honorary degree recipients."

The cathedral statement, drafted as a rebuttal to a Jan. 14 Church Militant article, does not cite our story or provide a link to it.

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Members of the Pastoral Advisory Group introduce the Pastoral Principles in the video below.

These Pastoral Principles invite church communities to examine afresh their life together, seeing our many differences as gifts that can build us up in trust and mutual affection, using them could be transformative for your church community and for the church as a whole.

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January 16 2020 By virtueonline Extradited CofE priest faces jail after abuse conviction

The conviction comes at the end of a long process. Dr Macfarlane, now a Professor of Law in Canada, made her first complaint to the Perth diocese in 1999. By that time, Mr Griffiths had been working as a priest in Western Australia for 11 years, first as Assistant Curate of Albany, then Rector of Collie, and then Priest-in-Charge of Maddington. An internal investigation was begun, and the following year Mr Griffiths was told that he faced a hearing under the Clergy Discipline Statute.

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January 14 2020 By virtueonline English Anglican evangelicals: five areas of disagreement

Church of England: hope or despair?

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January 05 2020 By virtueonline Anglican Communion Office calls for Coexistence

Anglican Communion Office calls for Coexistence

By Paul Handley
Church Times
January 3, 2020

THE status of the Primates' Meeting has shifted over the years. The original purpose under Archbishop Donald Coggan was to meet for "prayer and fellowship".

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January 03 2020 By virtueonline Jonathan Fletcher presents the Church of England with a crisis of integrity

This was not the only 'fox in the henhouse' story to feature in the post-Christmas press. The Daily Telegraph reminded its readers, and those of us with responsibility for safeguarding within the Church, that the Rev'd Jonathan Fletcher, the equally Marmite eminence grise of Conservative Evangelical Anglicanism, has still not retired gracefully from his role following the withdrawal of his Permission to Officiate in the Church of England.

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January 02 2020 By virtueonline Peter Ball and Jonathan Fletcher. A toxic legacy?

The stories about Ball and Fletcher have proved to be as much about institutional behaviour and misbehaviour as that of individuals. Each man offended in the context of having a senior institutional role. In neither case did the institutions involved seems capable of checking the behaviour of their senior representatives. Nor did they show much remorse after the nefarious deeds had been exposed. These institutional failures will probably be what is remembered by history.

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December 30 2019 By virtueonline Church of England gives staff 'unconscious bias training' to help ensure that half of its leaders are female by 2030

At present, 25 out of 115 bishops in the church are women in the UK.

Meanwhile Pope Francis has reaffirmed the 'door is closed' for women to become priests in the Roman Catholic Church.

Ms Mullally told The Times: 'I certainly think that having women as priests enables different types of conversations that probably wouldn't happen if you're a man. My background as a nurse means people often talk to me in a different way.'

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