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October 02 2023 By dvirtue Angela Tilby: Emptied-out belief leads to empty pews

I have always hoped that encouraging people to tag along to church, whether through beautiful music or good pastoral care, would gradually bring them to the full-fat faith that I actually believe in; but it rarely does.

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September 27 2023 By dvirtue Oxford Student Faith Action publishes safe churches report

Of the 29 churches evaluated, 13 were categorised as '1: Red' (the lowest rating). These include St. Aldates Church, St. Ebbe's Church and Magdalen Road Church in the centre of Oxford. Ranking based on a 'traffic light system' comes from an 'Honest Church Toolkit' developed by the Student Christian Movement, which also includes suggestions of how to make your church 'more welcoming' of LGBTQ+ people.

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September 27 2023 By dvirtue Will there be a place for me in the Church of England?

Where does this leave those of us who wish to uphold the faith 'as we have received it'? Having been an ordained minister in the Church of England for more than 35 years, I wonder if there will be a doctrinal place for me in my later years? For those now setting out on ministry in the Church of England (either as ordained or lay) will they have the freedom to teach and preach from Biblical conviction without fear or comeback?

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CEEC has given substantial thought over the last few years as to what kind of provision might be needed in the situation in which we now find ourselves -- including to the various 'forms' or 'models' by which long term provision might be made.

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September 21 2023 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury hosts hardline Islamists for tea and cake

Welby posted a gushing message after the event, saying it was a "pleasure to welcome friends", adding that he had enjoyed "the honest sharing of different perspectives".

Lord Carlile KC, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, said the Church had to be more careful in choosing its partners for interfaith events, citing the report published earlier this year by Sir William Shawcross on the government's Prevent programme that is supposed to curb extremism.

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September 21 2023 By dvirtue "Oh, Mr Porter"

Few evangelicals took any notice. Most were convinced that they were powerful enough to stop any change taking place. In those minds any change would need to be doctrinal or liturgical -- either of which would require the agreement of two-thirds of each of the three Houses in Synod.

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September 15 2023 By dvirtue LETTERS: How the bloated bureaucracy of the Church of England is pushing parishes to extinction

Meanwhile, the bell is tolling.

Donald R Clarke
Tunbridge Wells, Kent

SIR -- The "dossier" reported on by Gabriella Swerling makes for shocking reading, with accounts of inadequate consultation and coercion of clergy and parishioners in Cornwall.

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September 12 2023 By dvirtue Thought crimes of an anti-woke vicar

My second story is a fantasy, though I'd like to think perhaps there is a parallel universe where all of this is a reality. It's late March 2020 and Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury, reads out a statement to the nation from his private chapel in Lambeth Palace. 'Today I speak to you of the grave concern about the precious liberties not only of the Church but of the common man and woman.

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September 07 2023 By dvirtue Concerns substantiated in Mike Pilavachi investigation

The investigation team is aware of the courage it has taken for the many people it has spoken to, to come forward and share their experiences. Support has and will continue to be offered to those who have shown courage in coming forward. Survivors who contacted the team have been alerted to the outcome.

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September 01 2023 By dvirtue A LAMENT FOR THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND

Second, I lament a loss of coherence. It is indisputable that the vast, rambling and antiquated structure of the Church of England needed changing. But somehow, despite huge labours, the sought-after, smooth, digitised organisation run on best business practice has not materialised. From deep within the intricate machinery of governance we hear the noise of grinding gears and clashing cogs.

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