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December 14 2022 By dvirtue Tribunal rejects antisemitism accusations against former vicar - UPDATED

This is despite the low threshold for establishing antisemitism used by the Church of England since it adopted the controversial IHRA definition of antisemitism in 2018. The IHRA has been widely criticised for weaponising antisemitism in order to silence critics of Israel by conflating criticism of Israel with attacks on Jews for being Jews.

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December 13 2022 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby chooses silence on gay marriage

Several bishops have issued public statements sharing their position. It is thought more than a thousand priests could back a change to church law.

The Most Rev Justin Welby, the church's most senior cleric and spiritual leader of the global Anglican Communion, said he did not expect to share his views, however, because his role was to be a source of "unity".

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December 10 2022 By dvirtue CHURCH OF ENGLAND: The Status Quo Is The Only Option

This is what we must be praying for the bishops next week. Out of that meeting will come whatever proposals are to be brought to Synod in February. This won't be the final form of any motion with all the legal i's dotted and t's crossed. It is most likely to be a series of exploratory motions, testing the mind of Synod, seeing what they might be able to get through and what will cause most outcry.

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December 05 2022 By dvirtue CHURCH OF ENGLAND: FOR THE SAKE OF TEN

"There is no remedy for bishops who teach falsely!"
"There's nothing we can do!"
"The Church of England is finished--this is it!"
"CDMs (Church Disciplinary Measures) do not apply to doctrine."
"CDMs do not apply to bishops."
All that is missing is Henny Penny running around shouting, "The sky is falling."

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Fr Paul's service to the Church has been rooted in parochial ministry in and around the capital and he has been the parish priest of his current church - St James, Sussex Gardens in Paddington, London which is a parish under the episcopal oversight of the Bishop of Fulham - for the last 11 years.

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November 29 2022 By dvirtue For First Time in its History England Is Now a Minority Christian Nation

Today only 46.2% of the population in England and Wales consider themselves Christian.

What a very sad development.

There has been a large fall in the number of people who consider themselves as Christian, dropping below half the population of England and Wales for the first time.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released its latest data taken from the 2021 Census, showing the changes since 2011.

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November 28 2022 By dvirtue 'Heresy': Worshipers leave Cambridge sermon in tears over claim Jesus has trans body, crucifixion wound is vagina

When Jesus was crucified and died on the cross before His Resurrection, John 19:34 says Roman soldiers broke the legs of the two men who were crucified alongside Him, but seeing that Jesus was already dead, one of the Roman soldiers decided not to break Jesus' legs but instead pierced His side with a spear, "and at once there came out blood and water."

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The article was concerned with the discussion about the way forward for the Church of England on the issue of human sexuality that took place at the College of Bishops meeting from 31 October to 2 November. The headline for the article, which was published on 2 November, was ' Church of England bishops edge closer to a decision on sexuality'[4] and the key point made in the article is the one made in the second paragraph:

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November 21 2022 By dvirtue DIOCESE OF LONDON: SARGEANT'S WAGER

This shower of misinformation resulted in a flurry of unwarranted safeguarding activities. Tragically, they included a series of untrue allegations against retired priest Fr Alan Griffin, 76, who went on to take his own life.

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November 21 2022 By dvirtue Most churches are not financially sustainable, finds Cambridge University report

A survey of hundreds of churches in the Diocese of Ely, which spans Cambridgeshire and West Norfolk, found that only one in five was financially profitable.

A third of the church buildings cost more money to run each year than they currently bring in.

The audit assessed financial sustainability but also considered the contribution church buildings make to their wider community and the common good.

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