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July 16 2020 By dvirtue Welby browned off after grilling on church closures

"The Government advice was about care for the community. We issued advice, not law, in the middle of a complicated process after the Prime Minister said places of worship would be closed. We were working with a fast-moving situation," he said.

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July 12 2020 By dvirtue Church of England accused of turning blind eye to priests' abuse of their wives

Victims told The Telegraph that when their complaints were channeled through the Church's disciplinary process they encountered difficulties because it imposes time limits on claims and places the emphasis on complainants to prove their case.

The Church said on Friday that it was conducting a wide-ranging review of its disciplinary processes which Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has admitted is "not fit for purpose".

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July 09 2020 By dvirtue Forgiveness: a new transactional theology

He said, amongst other pearls of wisdom, that "repentance and justice must go together"; that the acts of those memorialised in statues could be forgiven "only if there's justice," and that forgiveness can only be granted "if we change the way we behave now and say this was then and we learn from that and change how we are going to be in the future."

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July 08 2020 By dvirtue 'Jesus was a black man,' says Archbishop Stephen Cottrell

"Jesus was a black man, and he was born into a persecuted group in an occupied country," he said.

"The leadership of the Church of England is still too white, and I hope under my watch we'll see further changes on that. The Church of England has not been good at reimagining what its ministry of leadership should look like."

He went on to say that he believed there was still institutional racism in the Church of England today.

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"Sadly, far too many have been happy to cede too quickly their freedom to the state," invalidating the historic freedom of the church enshrined in the Magna Carta, she lamented.

Protecting Church Liberty

In England in 1215, a coalition of nobles and all Catholic bishops, imposed the Magna Carta on King John, severely limiting royal powers.

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July 06 2020 By dvirtue Archbishop Cottrell: the gift that keeps on giving

Before we go any further, you will be delighted to know that Jesus actually got a mention. But before you throw your stiff drink into the air in delight as you shout to your wife/husband/relation/friend/cat in the kitchen, just remember that this is the chap who recently banned his priests from visiting the sick in London's hospitals in case they got in the way of the NHS.

On Jesus:

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"We are not removing Emperor Constantine's statue. Nothing is happening: There is no discussion, action, intention or even thoughts about it," she insisted.

Review of All Monuments, Statues

However, "the Church of England has asked cathedrals and churches to review their monuments and statues for specific examples of memorials which symbolize and reflect prejudices and discrimination being experienced by people today," Atkinson confirmed (emphasis original).

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June 30 2020 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury says Church must 'set its house in order' over racism

"I'm struck by the events of the last few days, again and again and again," Archbishop Welby said. "And I've been listening to those who have been talking about it from within their own experience of injustice as people of colour in this country."

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June 27 2020 By dvirtue Nelson Mandela's widow says statues are part of our history and we must learn from them

In a wide-ranging interview, he also urged the West to reconsider its prevailing mindset that Jesus was white, and pointed to different portrayals of Christ as Black, Middle Eastern and Chinese in different countries.

The two figures waded into the heated statue debate at a time when monuments of controversial figures are under the microscope following the recent wave of Black Lives Matter protests.

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June 17 2020 By dvirtue Justin Welby and Cardinal Vincent Nichols pray together as churches reopen

He added: "We continue to give thanks for all battling the pandemic and pray for a renewal of our common life."

Cardinal Nichols described it as "a great joy" to see churches open once again and it said had been "good to pray" with the archbishop "to mark this moment of grace".

Signs which read "pray safe stay safe" reminded people to keep two metres apart as they arrived at London's Westminster Cathedral.

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