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May 06 2020 By virtueonline Challenges for the Church of England

It will be interesting to see the effects of this as researchers investigate what has happened. Anecdotal evidence suggests that churches with existing programmes to support the vulnerable, such as running foodbanks, have been able to continue with this, though with restricted opportunities for the personal contact that is so essential.

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May 06 2020 By virtueonline An unwelcome precedent for the Church of England: lessons from the Mayflower celebrations

Critics are accusing Mayflower 400 of buying into "the myth of the Mayflower". Some want the education programme scrapped and rewritten. The UK's largest teaching union is calling for educational materials to be "withdrawn and reviewed". For which read, 'censored/revised to suit the anti-colonial, anti-Christian narrative'. Teachers are claiming the materials 'whitewash a "colonial land grab" and the pilgrims' links to slavery'.

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May 05 2020 By virtueonline Over 500 Church of England Clergy call for Easing of National Lockdown

It is widely agreed that the temporary closure of churches for public worship is necessary in the current crisis. However, the broadcast of services from a closed church is explicitly permitted by government guidelines, yet unlike almost all other Churches in these isles, the Church of England has gone beyond this advice.

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April 25 2020 By virtueonline Cash-strapped Liverpool furloughs clergy

The pilot scheme is described as "a limited action with a limited aim". Any decisions about furloughing other clergy would be made in consultation with colleagues, parishes, and worshipping communities -- and, crucially, only after assessing the pilot scheme. "We have considered this very prayerfully and carefully," the statement said.

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April 21 2020 By virtueonline "Stratospheric" costs of "ugly" new Lambeth Palace Library need explanation

The Friends of Lambeth Palace Library includes some wealthy donors, but according to Private Eye, it was actually the Church Commissioners who have paid for the project. A spokesman has verified this claim.

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April 20 2020 By virtueonline 'Abusive' vicar who continued to practice after ban keeps Holy Orders despite addition to infamous 'Lambeth List'

He was unmasked by The Telegraph last year and since then his victims have come forward on condition of anonymity to speak out about how the former vicar of Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon, south-west London, left them feeling "like a neglected and abused dog".

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April 15 2020 By virtueonline UK: Cancel culture is coming for Christianity

One imagines that most readers of spiked would not agree with the spiritual worldview which lies behind Mr Stockhill's outlook on homosexuality. But it is nevertheless important to defend his right to speak and Destiny Church's right to hold its events.

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April 10 2020 By virtueonline English Archbishops: Zeitgeist or Holy Geist.Zeitgeist = 'Spirit of the age' or 'Spirit of the times'

You would think, in these extraordinary times, that we could reasonably look to our Mother Church for guidance, wisdom and support. Perhaps we are just looking to the wrong Church? Or could it be that we are simply looking to the wrong leaders? Those who have somehow scrambled their way up the greasy poles to the gilded palaces of Lambeth and Bishopthorpe, and now inhabit tiny PC-worlds of their own creation seem to be ever-further removed from the world the rest of us inhabit.

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April 09 2020 By virtueonline Church of England bishop bans hospital chaplains from the bedsides of sick and dying coronavirus patients amid fears they will spread infection

The bishop, who was formerly the Bishop of Reading and is soon to become the next Archbishop of York, said the clergy would be banned from entering wards treating patients presenting with symptoms of the coronavirus.

In a letter to the clergy, the Bishop of Chelmsford, the Right Rev Stephen Cottrell, urged the clergy to take the medical given.

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April 06 2020 By virtueonline Calls for Titus Trust to close over John Smyth abuse

Smyth died in 2018 after being exposed by Channel 4 as having abused young men he groomed through Iwerne.

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