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October 16 2018 By dvirtue Church of England accused over failure to quiz Amazon and Google

It has now been accused of being "disingenuous" after it emerged that its investment chiefs had attended 24 corporate annual general meetings since 2016 to question oil companies, banks, advertising companies, supermarkets and hotel groups but had not attended any held by Amazon or Google.

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October 14 2018 By dvirtue Gay cake: why don't CofE bishops care about freedom of religion?

"It is deeply humiliating, and an affront to human dignity, to deny someone a service because of that person's race, gender, disability, sexual orientation or any of the other protected personal characteristics," the judgment said. "But that is not what happened in this case and it does the project of equal treatment no favors to seek to extend it beyond its proper scope."

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October 10 2018 By dvirtue UK: The Transgender Trend and the Pressure on Frontline Clergy to Affirm it

Unfortunately, the winds of fashion from the secular world have a habit of blowing through the established Church through some of its broken spiritual and moral windows in high places.

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October 09 2018 By dvirtue LICHFIELD: I didn't: trainee priests deny getting married

Such a move would disrupt a fragile equilibrium established by Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, on the issue of whether to maintain the ban on gay marriage for the clergy.

The younger man, Edwin Wilton-Morgan, 24, appeared to throw down the gauntlet with a statement on his Facebook page that said: "Married to Taylor Wilton-Morgan."

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September 28 2018 By dvirtue Brexit-bashing bishop says he's prophetic even if prejudiced or wrong

I counted 12 articles in the 10-page special Brexit-edition. Every single piece launches its own little blitzkrieg against Brexit. There is a time for bias and there is a time for balance. In this edition, Church Times gives balance gets the bum's rush. They've conscripted a token black theologian for whom "the Brexit vote was a nationalistic, white-centred event", but I couldn't find a single token Leaver among the phalanx of Brexit-bashers.

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September 27 2018 By dvirtue UK: Renew Conference calls for every member ministry

Bible expositions and talks from those leading active Christian churches complemented interviews and case studies, most impressively from women, of every member ministry.

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September 23 2018 By dvirtue Complicit in evil? Church of England has shares in Amazon and uses zero-hours contracts

"Oi, Amos, mate," says a fellow merchant. "Your figs are the most expensive in Israel. Why is that? And why are using these boys to carry your wool and fruit? Are they paid? And I saw you last night with a prostitute. At least it looked like you. What did that cost? There's no point you coming from Judah to preach social justice and righteousness when your own heart is desperately wicked."

There's no hiding from God's anger; no escape, especially for hypocrites.

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September 22 2018 By dvirtue Why is the Church of England worth so much and how does it make money?

But where has the Church's money come from, and how does it tend to invest it? How much money does the Church of England have and where did all the money come from? The Church's property portfolio and investments are immense.

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September 21 2018 By dvirtue Does installing Tim Peake's spaceship in a cathedral glorify God and lead people to salvation?

Isn't it just great that more people are visiting Peterborough Cathedral? Can't we simply rejoice that more candles are being lit and more offerings placed in the collection plate? What would Jesus do? Push the spaceship over like he did the money-changers' tables in the Temple, and berate the Dean for turning a house of prayer into a den of astrophiles?

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September 19 2018 By dvirtue What is ministry? Two examples

One of the sessions featured a review of the past five years. Statistics show how the ReNew movement has grown by nearly 30%, although large areas of the country remain with weak or non-existent representation of clearly bible-based churches. A Bishop has been consecrated for conservative evangelicals inside the C of E (Rod Thomas), and also for the emerging group of AMiE congregations outside (Andy Lines).

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