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April 03 2020 By virtueonline UK: Cash package announced to help dioceses

In an email sent to every bishop, dean, and diocesan secretary, the First Church Estates Commissioner, Loretta Minghella, and the chair of the finance committee of the Archbishops' Council, John Spence, said that the cash was an interim measure to ensure that those
struggling could stay afloat while the central Church came up with more comprehensive support.

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April 01 2020 By virtueonline A Church of England Perspective on the Coronavirus Pandemic

But if we were to enter our churches, we would see there the record of earlier times of solemnity, the war memorials and the names, some of which are still remembered by the living. Prayer has helped before, on the front, at sea, in the blitz, waiting for news of loved ones, consoling us when we must learn to live without them.

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March 31 2020 By virtueonline Church of England launches first LGBTI chaplaincy service to make Christianity a 'safe space for all'

The chaplaincy service - which volunteers claim provides a "lifeline" for some congregants - marks the first scheme of its kind and its pioneers hope that it will be rolled out across the Church of England's 41 other dioceses.

It also comes at a time when divisions within the Anglican church about how it deals with LGBT issues have come to a head.

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March 31 2020 By virtueonline Letter from the Archbishops to all clergy in the Church of England

The centre for the liturgical life of the church must be the NHS, not the church building. We recognise that this has its challenges. But many clergy and lay people have already started streaming and live streaming from their homes.

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March 28 2020 By virtueonline The Biggest Danger We Face?

Pagans were fond of predicting the apocalypse and so are we -- despite the fact that we were warned not to: "But of that day and that hour knoweth no man" (Mark 13:32). Oh but that's what you think! The Church's hierarchy is in thrall to Climate Change. All the bishops and the Synod preach the new pagan apocalypse of global warming. As befits pagans, ancient or modern, there is a new god. Only in this case a new goddess in the form of the child-savant Greta Thunberg. False gods tell lies.

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March 18 2020 By virtueonline Welby and Sentamu: a masterclass in moral relativism

Our great leaders, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, have indeed spoken. In the Daily Mail, no less. Have they told it like it is? Explained that if you are a Christian -- you have accepted Jesus as the Saviour and repented of your sins -- you don't need to fear death? Have they explained that God's peace and wisdom are for His children and for those who come to Him seeking redemption?

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March 16 2020 By virtueonline A nation confronting its own mortality needs spiritual leadership. So where is Justin Welby?

It amounts to little less than a recalibration of our existence. Things we have taken for granted all our lives -- ease of movement and of assembly, freedom from pestilence, indeed the relative salubrity of life itself -- are threatened. Apart from the profound consequence that many will die before what was expected to be their time, we shall be forced back on resources of character we did not know we had, and made to change patterns of behaviour for the common good.

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March 10 2020 By virtueonline UK: Same sex marriage survey -- the latest round

Jayne Ozanne: '....Nearly half of Church of England members now believe same sex marriage is right, with well over two-thirds of those under 50 believing it is right... younger Anglicans .... are overwhelmingly clear where they stand .... with nearly three quarters of the under 50s now believing in same sex marriage....To pretend that this is an issue on which many have not yet formed a view is to misunderstand the reality of what is happening in our pews.

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February 25 2020 By virtueonline Fly the White Flag

"Through the generousity of a number of chaps I know who have access to various trusts, I was able to secure the money to supply Renew with a number of white flags," Bishop Rod explains, "But not only that, when I mentioned my plan to Justin over our morning kippers, he managed to secure an extra £2k to make sure that the flags were durable enough to last through the coming 12 months.

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February 23 2020 By virtueonline Martin Bashir: I confronted 'dictatorial' vicar Jonathan Fletcher over exploitation of elderly parishioner - and he turned on me

The breadth and seriousness of the accusations are in marked contrast to the near universal admiration for his ministry and character.

In a book of Fletcher's parish newsletters, entitled 'Dear Friends' and published to coincide with his retirement as the vicar of Emmanuel Church Wimbledon, there are glowing tributes and not a hint of the abuse that victims say he meted out over the course of his career.

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