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July 06 2023 By dvirtue UK: Church organisations urge Bishops not to commend blessings for same-sex couples

They call for the Synod to be given responsibility for authorising the Prayers of Love and Faith under Canon B2, for which final approval by a two-thirds majority in each of the Synod's three Houses would be necessary.

"Disunity" and "disrepute" will befall the Church of England if the Bishops do not go down this route, the letter argues.

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More than seventy survivors and survivor advocates objected to Ms Munn’s appointment, calling it a conflict of interest. Fifty survivors had asked that their data not be shared with her.

Ms Munn, a former Labour and Co-operative MP who served as a junior minister in the Foreign Office under Gordon Brown, will now provide business continuity for any outstanding ISB matters following its abolition.

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June 25 2023 By dvirtue The Archbishop and the oil sharks: A 'slick' young Justin Welby, the shady 'Monsieur Africa' and a £6billion mission to snap Nigeria's oil riches - with catastrophic results

Throughout this period, the French state-owned company -- which later became synonymous with corruption and scandal -- was allegedly committing human rights abuses against the people of the oil-abundant Niger Delta.

Mr Welby, who made regular visits to the country's capital for meetings at the time, strenuously denies being aware of the claims -- or the true motivation for the Bonny LNG project.

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June 17 2023 By dvirtue Rachel Mann becomes Church of England's first transgender archdeacon

Announcing her appointment, the Bishop of Manchester Rt Rev David Walker said: "I'm delighted that Rachel has agreed to be the next Archdeacon of Salford and Bolton. In her two years as full time Area Dean for the Bury and Rossendale Deanery, she has shown how she can care for and support her clergy and church officers across the breadth of Anglican tradition, whilst providing clear leadership in the mission goals set out in our Vision and Strategy.

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Church of England guidelines state: "A building and any attached land which have been consecrated are said, in the deed of consecration, to be set apart for worship according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England forever."

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June 14 2023 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury says decline in church attendance is 'personal failure'

The Archbishop, who has been in post since 2013, said the decline in church attendance was something that "personally, I count as failure".

The total average attendance for Sunday services across the Church of England in 2013 was 1,009,100. By 2019, that figure had dropped to 854,00 -- a decline of just over 15 per cent.

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June 14 2023 By dvirtue CEEC remains committed to Lambeth I:10 and therefore opposes the criminalisation of LGBT+ people

We recognise that there are challenges in understanding and responding to different cultural contexts. The role of law in relation to sexual behaviour and wider social policy and cultural commitments -- such as supporting family structures and resisting global forces seen as undermining these structures -- is complex. We also confess that we and the Church of England have failed and continue to fall short in various ways in our churches and in our responses to our own culture.

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The bishops we have consulted with agree that a significant increase in safeguarding related suicides would not result in changes to church policy and practices, and merely prompt repetitions of earlier PR-led empty promises of some further 'lessons learned review'.

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June 09 2023 By dvirtue Church of England Evangelical Council holds 'resistance' meetings over same-sex blessings

The Archbishop of South Sudan, the Most Revd Justin Badi, and the Archbishop of Sydney, the Most Revd Kanishka Raffel, are expected to be present at the meetings.

The invitation email also asks that those who are invited "do not 'promote' these gatherings", as "communications around it might be a little sensitive and we need to ensure that they are overseen via the CEEC Comms team."

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June 01 2023 By dvirtue Church of England's Reorganisation Shows It Is Planning to Dismantle The Proven Parish-Priest System

Your report quoted Leicester diocese as saying that reorganisation was to make parishes "financially sustainable". Yet the evidence points the other way. The Launde Implementation Team's own report --published last October -- acknowledged the "doom loop", whereby reducing clergy numbers generates fewer donations, leading to even fewer clergy. This will drive churches towards closure (or "re-purposing" as the documentation coyly puts it).

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