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September 28 2018 By dvirtue Brexit-bashing bishop says he's prophetic even if prejudiced or wrong

I counted 12 articles in the 10-page special Brexit-edition. Every single piece launches its own little blitzkrieg against Brexit. There is a time for bias and there is a time for balance. In this edition, Church Times gives balance gets the bum's rush. They've conscripted a token black theologian for whom "the Brexit vote was a nationalistic, white-centred event", but I couldn't find a single token Leaver among the phalanx of Brexit-bashers.

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September 27 2018 By dvirtue UK: Renew Conference calls for every member ministry

Bible expositions and talks from those leading active Christian churches complemented interviews and case studies, most impressively from women, of every member ministry.

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September 23 2018 By dvirtue Complicit in evil? Church of England has shares in Amazon and uses zero-hours contracts

"Oi, Amos, mate," says a fellow merchant. "Your figs are the most expensive in Israel. Why is that? And why are using these boys to carry your wool and fruit? Are they paid? And I saw you last night with a prostitute. At least it looked like you. What did that cost? There's no point you coming from Judah to preach social justice and righteousness when your own heart is desperately wicked."

There's no hiding from God's anger; no escape, especially for hypocrites.

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September 22 2018 By dvirtue Why is the Church of England worth so much and how does it make money?

But where has the Church's money come from, and how does it tend to invest it? How much money does the Church of England have and where did all the money come from? The Church's property portfolio and investments are immense.

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September 21 2018 By dvirtue Does installing Tim Peake's spaceship in a cathedral glorify God and lead people to salvation?

Isn't it just great that more people are visiting Peterborough Cathedral? Can't we simply rejoice that more candles are being lit and more offerings placed in the collection plate? What would Jesus do? Push the spaceship over like he did the money-changers' tables in the Temple, and berate the Dean for turning a house of prayer into a den of astrophiles?

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September 19 2018 By dvirtue What is ministry? Two examples

One of the sessions featured a review of the past five years. Statistics show how the ReNew movement has grown by nearly 30%, although large areas of the country remain with weak or non-existent representation of clearly bible-based churches. A Bishop has been consecrated for conservative evangelicals inside the C of E (Rod Thomas), and also for the emerging group of AMiE congregations outside (Andy Lines).

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September 19 2018 By dvirtue The unfolding Anglican earthquake: a way through?

But that's probably wishful thinking. That's because the issue of sexuality is different from many others on which Christians have varying practices. Nobody believes, for example, that baptism is a 'bad thing' or that divorce is in and of itself a 'good thing'. The range of practice in relation to each issue does not reflect underlying differences on the rights or wrongs of the thing under discussion itself. For all Christians, baptism is a matter for rejoicing, whereas divorce is sad.

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September 17 2018 By dvirtue The religion of socialism is the opium of the elitist Archbishop Justin Welby

Not any more. Overnight, the posh Etonian morphed into a rough Elijah calling down fire on the priests of Baal, Wonga and Amazon. Rhetorical flourishes flew like tongues of fire: there was prophet Amos letting "justice roll down like waters"; there was militant Mary sending "the rich empty away"; there was Martin Niemöller's "First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out--Because I was not a socialist".

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September 17 2018 By dvirtue Britain's most senior female bishop says Church should stop calling God 'he' because it can put young people off religion

The Bishop of Gloucester, the Rt Rev Rachel Treweek, the Church's first female diocesan bishop, told The Telegraph: 'I don't want young girls or young boys to hear us constantly refer to God as he,' adding that it was important to be 'mindful of our language'.

It is not the first time Rt Rev Rachel Treweek has made these claims having said: 'God is not to be seen as male. God is god,' in the past.

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September 15 2018 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury is accused of hypocrisy after slamming web giant Amazon for 'leeching' off taxpayers -- as it emerges his Church holds a multi-million-pound stake in the retailer

The Church refused to say how much its Amazon shares are worth, but it is likely to be several million pounds. Its 20 most valuable investments total more than £500 million.

In a strident speech to union leaders earlier this week, the Archbishop said 'vast companies like Amazon' could 'get away with paying almost nothing in tax'.

He said they failed to pay the minimum wage while paying nothing toward defence, security, health or education.

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