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Church of England
February 01 2019 By dvirtue UK: 2,000 clergy sign letter saying welcoming trans people into the Church may 'harm' children

In December, the church announced vicars would now be able to hold a special service so transgender people could celebrate their new identities.

But there has been a steadily growing backlash to the proposals, culminating in the open letter which attacks them as "deeply concerning" and "lacking in serious theological analysis".

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January 26 2019 By dvirtue No "words of knowledge" on Bishop George Bell's innocence, Archbishop Welby?

Now you know why wily Welby timed the "tongue speaking" interview just before the Briden report exonerating Bishop George Bell of molesting a child was released on Thursday.

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January 25 2019 By dvirtue UK: Archbishop of Canterbury apologises after Bishop Bell inquiry finds allegations unfounded

However, supporters of Bell argued the evidence against him was too slender. A subsequent investigation of the Church's handling of the issue by QC Alex Carlile found it had 'rushed to judgment' and had 'failed to engage in a process which would also give proper consideration to the rights of the bishop'.

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January 24 2019 By dvirtue Archbishop Justin Welby is suffering from a terminal case of confirmation bias

"In my own prayer life, and as part of my daily discipline I pray in tongues every day--not as an occasional thing, but as part of daily prayer," Justin the oil-wallah told Justin the journalist. "Part of my daily prayer discipline is expecting to hear from God through people with words of knowledge or prophecies," the Archbishop added.

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January 22 2019 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury: 'I pray in tongues every day'

He said: 'In my own prayer life and as part of my daily discipline I pray in tongues every day -- not as an occasional thing, but as part of daily prayer.'

He said he had been encouraged by words of knowledge and prophecy: 'I expect to hear from God through other people with words of knowledge or prophecies -- some of which I am unsure about, others I can sense there being something of the Spirit of God.'

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There must be many pastors of similar ilk to those highly regarded by Joad who remain active in the Church of England today. When criticism is made of the Church of England it is leveled principally, forcibly, and deservedly, at those in positions of leadership, and also those followers who heartily approve of them. There is great cause in our time to weep at the poor quality of spiritual leadership in the Established Church.

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January 14 2019 By dvirtue Welby & Lambeth Palace endorse a heterodox priest representing them in Rome in a move that tarnishes their integrity

But not this time. Justin Welby has been called on to think again and preside over the appointment of someone whose views are less of a slight to the integrity of the Holy See. After all, much of the energy that drove the secession of the Church of England in the first place was a determination to believe and practice the faith as it was encountered in reading the Gospels. It is odd, to say the least to appoint to this office a man who cannot take the New Testament at face value.

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January 14 2019 By dvirtue Church of England Evangelical Council: "Contending in unity for the gospel"

• The appointment of a number of our members to serve as bishops and in other key
• The growth in the number and activity of affiliated Diocesan Evangelical
• The rebirth of the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) of which
we are a constituent member.

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January 11 2019 By dvirtue OXFORD CRISIS: The time to act has surely come

Challenged by the clergy that 'the situation is serious' and 'if not addressed, we would all struggle to support the leadership of our bishops in this matter and a number of our churches may want to seek alternative means of receiving episcopal ministry,' the bishops simply responded that they needed to be 'honest'.

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January 07 2019 By dvirtue UK: Abortion is a no-go area for Church of England's flagship conservative evangelical church

It has a staff team of eight led by its Rector, the Reverend William Taylor, plus an associate rector, four curates and an assistant curate. As a conservative evangelical church, it does not ordain women or accept the ministry of female clergy.

From July to December 2018, Brephos, a leading evangelical pro-life organisation approached St Helen's leadership pleading with Taylor and his team to address the issue of abortion in their preaching, teaching and training.

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