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August 15 2019 By virtueonline Justin Welby 'to give evidence' as investigation begins into Church camps where boys were beaten

The investigation will try to establish which Church staff knew about the abuse, whether they responded appropriately and whether the attacks could have been prevented.

Smyth, a former barrister, was the chairman of the Iwerne Trust between 1974 and 1981. The organisation invited boys and young men from public schools, including students from Winchester College, to the camps, known as "Bash camps".

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August 12 2019 By virtueonline UK: Priest quits for GAFCON plant

In a letter for the parish newsletter, published last week, he wrote: "The General Synod and the House of Bishops of the Church of England currently seem less concerned to stick with the Bible than they are to appear 'relevant' by changing the message to suit our increasingly secular culture. . .

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August 12 2019 By virtueonline Better than a helter skelter? Now a cathedral is transformed into the surface of the moon with spectacular light and sound installation to mark anniversary of the lunar landings

Dazzling colourful lights have also been projected onto the gothic ceiling of the 800-year-old cathedral - as breath-taking photos show visitors lying on their back to watch the striking spectacle.

Another photo shows a 4.5metre high rocket bathed in red light which depicts the Apollo 11 mission in the immersive experience.

During the journey through space, visitors can see original moon landing film in a recreation of a 1960's living room, watch the Big Bang and travel.

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August 08 2019 By virtueonline Norwich Cathedral accused of 'treating God like a tourist attraction' after installing helter skelter

Reverend Canon Andy Bryant, the Cathedral's Canon for Mission and Pastoral Care, said the idea came to him when he was visiting the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Italy.

"The fun comes in the shape of a helter skelter," he said. "The serious comes in creating opportunities for reflective, God-shaped conversations. It is playful in its intent but also profoundly missional.

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August 07 2019 By virtueonline The domestication of Church of England evangelicalism

I'd like to put forward four areas where ways of thinking ingrained among English Anglican evangelicals are perhaps unhelpful and contribute to our current problems. In doing so I'm aware that I'm part of the culture I describe, so I'm very much saying "we" rather than "you" or "they".

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The Arch-enchiladas of Canterbury and York are proving to be congenitally cack-handed at contrition. Getting the archbishops to mutter a mea culpa is more difficult than getting Jeremy Corbyn to hum Hatikvah.

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July 25 2019 By virtueonline What happens when the Bishop decides to get tough?

But far from taking this on the chin, the Bishop is affronted because she believes the Church has bestowed on her an authentically spiritual oversight. She resolves to play hardball with this Rector, but she is clever about it and bides her time.

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July 25 2019 By virtueonline Archbishop of York reveals he looks forward to retiring as elderly clergy 'can go gaga' and be 'embarrassing'

Perched on a wooden garden bench, dressed in a floral multicoloured summer shirt and matching pectoral cross, Dr John Sentamu told The Telegraph: "The reason I think there is a limit on the retirement age of archbishops is that you can go gaga really and start embarrassing everybody!

"There is nothing more terrible than that, when someone is in their prime and can do a wonderful job. It doesn't help in any way -- it doesn't help the person, it doesn't help the church either.

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July 23 2019 By virtueonline Church of England sex abuse victim says Archbishop of Canterbury has never apologized

And following the completion of the public hearings in London he has revealed his fury at comments made by the Most Rev, Justin Welby.

During evidence heard last week, the archbishop was asked if he had ever apologised to Mr Ineson for the church's failure to act on his sexual abuse disclosures.

He produced a letter for the inquiry, dated July 2017, which he claimed was an apology.

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July 13 2019 By virtueonline Archbishop of Canterbury calls for mandatory reporting of sexual abuse

Survivors of clerical sexual abuse have argued that mandatory reporting of allegations or suspicions of abuse to statutory authorities is a vital component of effective child protection. They argue that a failure to comply should lead to criminal sanctions.

Welby told the inquiry that John Sentamu, the archbishop of York, shared his view. "We now both believe in mandatory reporting."

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