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June 29 2019 By virtueonline ENGLAND: Fletcher faces allegations of naked beatings

Southwark diocese said last week (News, 28 June) that it had removed Mr. Fletcher's Permission to Officiate (PTO) in 2017, after an independent safeguarding assessment had concluded that, while there was "no criminal case to answer", nor any evidence that he posed "a significant sexual or physical risk to children . . . there was a risk of him behaving towards vulnerable adults who may be seeking his spiritual guidance in a manner which may be harmful".

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June 24 2019 By virtueonline What would reform of the Church of England take?

If you were following that line of argument, you would might also want to consider: (a) the reform of General Synod (a new force since the reformation) and (b) the reform of the links with parliament, a much more secular (and anti-Christian) lay influence than initially intended. But let's start with reflecting on the key issue of reforming the House of Bishops.

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June 17 2019 By virtueonline Oxford dean faces £500,000 secret tribunal in pay dispute

Although details of the complaints against Percy have not been disclosed, the college told alumni in a letter in January that the row related to pay. Percy, who has not commented on the dispute, is believed to earn about £90,000 a year plus accommodation and generous perks -- relatively low compared with other college heads.

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June 11 2019 By virtueonline Church of England - Radical New Christian Exclusion

The future may be seen in a case from the recent past. When, in 2014, the General Synod agreed on the introduction of women bishops, the House of Bishops produced a Declaration promising respect and provision for those conscientiously unable to accept the innovation. Much was made of it being undergirded by a Canon prescribing a procedure for the resolution of disputes and the appointment of an Independent Reviewer, but the Declaration was essentially a gentlemen's agreement.

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June 08 2019 By virtueonline ROCHESTER, UK: A statement from Dean Philip Hesketh regarding the former Director of Music

Some of those offences were committed in Rochester while he was employed at Rochester Cathedral. He has pleaded guilty to all offences. A sentencing date is expected to be set in due course.

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June 02 2019 By dvirtue Sex abuse inquiry risks diplomatic flare-up between Holy See and Britain

The victims' solicitors for the investigation, which is examining the extent of institutional failures by the Catholic Church to protect children from sexual abuse, demanded to know what steps Britain's ambassador to the Holy See had taken, or had been asked to take, in order to facilitate this and in order to avoid it becoming a diplomatic issue.

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May 26 2019 By dvirtue Vicar resigns after being 'silenced' over a Church of England school's plan to keep an eight-year-old pupil's sex change a secret from parents

He also feared that staff and governors had been misled by the transgender lobby group Mermaids, which had been invited in to advise the school.

After his worries were dismissed by the bishop, Mr Parker quit the church where he had been a vicar for 14 years, and also the school after seven years as governor.

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May 26 2019 By dvirtue Evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics hold talks with Church of England bishops over transgender guidance

It formally commends the incorporation of the existing rite for the Affirmation of Baptismal Faith into services of welcome for transgender people. Clergy are advised that services should have a "celebratory character", incorporate elements such as water and oil, and address trans people by their chosen name.

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May 22 2019 By dvirtue The four senior figures embroiled in the safeguarding scandal at Lincoln Cathedral

He was responsible for the direction of operation management and administration at the cathedral.

A cathedral spokesperson said: "We confirm that the Chapter Clerk has temporarily stepped aside from his duties while the investigation relating to the Dean and Chancellor of Lincoln takes place.

"We can provide no further comment."

William Harrison is Chapter Clerk and Administrator of Lincoln Cathedral. Photo: Lincoln Cathedral

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May 16 2019 By dvirtue Royal first as Queen appoints her first female as Dean of Chapels since the post was created in the Middle Ages

Mother-of-two Bishop Mullally is a self-described feminist, who ordains both men and women, and has been described as a 'theological liberal'. The role means she is the primary representative of the Church in the Royal Court.

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