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May 04 2019 By dvirtue Bible-quoting peer shows up "confused" bishop in LGBT sex education debate

"Children are a gift from God. The scriptures tell us that children are the heritage of the Lord. Parenthood is given by God and parents carry a God-given responsibility and authority for raising children. Many children in this nation were taught: 'Honour thy father and mother,'" the Free Presbyterian minister said, emphasising that Sex and Relationships education was primarily the responsibility of parents.

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April 24 2019 By dvirtue Durham Cathedral will join Gay Pride parade to "demonstrate our values"

"This is also a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our values of respect and welcome, and show that we are a place that everyone can come to in order to engage with faith, heritage and community," Ms Anderson wrote in her email.

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April 15 2019 By dvirtue Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, appoints gay, married priest

Andrew Foreshew-Cain, 55, the first Anglican vicar to marry his gay partner, will lead daily services at Lady Margaret Hall and be responsible for pastoral care, baptisms and funerals.

An Oxford University college has appointed a gay, married Church of England priest as its chaplain, in a direct challenge to the views of Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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April 04 2019 By dvirtue Don't mention sex, marriage or family, please, we're British evangelicals!

But no more. You will search in vain in their recent output for anything to inform you as a Christian of what is going on in culture around family, marriage and sexuality or to equip you in your workplace or your children's school to respond biblically. What has happened?

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March 31 2019 By dvirtue Archbishop Justin Welby backs state enforced LGBT Relationships and Sex Education

"The Church strongly supports the importance of RSE and health education, as a natural overflow of the ethos of faith schools.

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March 23 2019 By dvirtue Archbishop Welby's charge of Church colluding with colonialism is grievance gibberish

So when Justin Welby fulminates against the British Empire like an over-enthusiastic extra on the film sets of Attenborough's Gandhi, I should be praising him, not pillorying him with juicy jibes. Instead, I am a crying, talking, sleeping, walking, living refutation of Welby's grievance gibberish. Why, oh why, am I not churning my colonial victimhood into a cottage industry and selling imperial resentment and colonial guilt souvenirs to lefty tourists shopping on Outrage Street?

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March 22 2019 By dvirtue Church of England staring at oblivion as just 2% of young Britons say they identify with it

The sharpest drop was among 45- to 54-year-olds, only 11 per cent of whom identify with the CofE compared to 35 per cent in 2002.

The strongest affiliation with the church was among over-60s, but even there a minority of 30 per cent say they belong to the denomination.

It is the decline in young members which is particularly ominous for the CofE, however, because evidence suggests people rarely turn to organised religion later in life.

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March 20 2019 By dvirtue Lambeth Conference: University of Kent defends hosting event excluding same-sex spouses

In a statement to PinkNews, the university defended the decision to host the £4,950-a-head event through its commercial venue hire service.

A University of Kent spokesperson told PinkNews: "It is our understanding that The Lambeth Conference, in running its conference, can rely on an exemption within the Equality Act 2010 which applies to religious organisations.

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March 20 2019 By dvirtue UK: Equality Act does not require schools to teach same-sex marriage, Bishop Urquhart

But this is misleading and inaccurate as it wrongly asserts that the Equality Act 2010 obliges schools as a 'requirement of the law' to teach children about 'the right for people to choose their identity and who they wish to love.' In fact, government guidance is clear that the Equality Act specifically does not apply to a school's curriculum and further spells out that no school or teacher is under any obligation to 'support, promote or endorse marriage of same sex couples.'

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March 16 2019 By dvirtue Interfaith ties fracture as Church of England won't stand with Muslims opposing gay sex in school

In a detailed email, Mrs Ahmed explained that the parents were not homophobic or transphobic, they were not against anyone, they fully respected the Equality Act 2010 and they taught their children to respect everyone in the manner they would expect to be treated.

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