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December 02 2022 By dvirtue Anglican House Publishers Announces Winners of the 2022 Archbishop's Annual Summer Essay Contest

The total number of essays submitted was 79, with 27 from clergy and 52 from laity. This is an increase from a total of 57 submissions in 2021. Anglican House Publishers thanks everyone who submitted an essay for consideration.

Archbishop Beach commented on the essays which were submitted:

"I found these essays to be challenging and refreshing as each one addresses Church and Culture in a different way."

The top winners in the Clergy Category are:

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December 02 2022 By dvirtue Anglican Frontier Missions, DOMA Churches, and the Global Missions Initiative: A Profile of Partnership

After World War II, Protestant mission organizations began proliferating with the unfortunate side effect of nestling the locus of global missions to frontier unreached people groups away from the congregation and into the hands of "mission professionals." Another trend in post-World War II missions was the de-emphasis (and in most cases, the downright ignoring) of sacrament, liturgy, and the Great Tradition.

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August 22 2022 By dvirtue FROM LAMBETH TO LOCAL MISSION

I was reminded of that phrase, "deal with but don't dwell on" in the last few weeks as I've read our American Anglican Council (AAC) posts and Canon Phil's excellent reporting from the Lambeth Conference. I'm grateful that the AAC had our team on the ground to fight the good fight. I'm energized by the possibility of greater unity between the Global South Fellowship of Anglicans (GFSA) and GAFCON toward a real, conciliar realignment of the Anglican Communion.

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August 22 2022 By dvirtue Anglicans Stay Focused Amid Latin America's Pentecostal Boom

"Pretty soon Roman Catholicism will not be the church," Allen told TLC, adding that he believes Episcopalians and Anglicans in the six provinces across Latin America will thrive if they remain focused amid these demographic shifts.

"I have asked my clergy and laity, 'Let's not look at this as competing for the sheepfold. Because this is not a competition.' We just need to continue sharing the good news, reaching out to the huge number of young people everywhere we go," Allen said.

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August 07 2022 By dvirtue In Tanzania, the thought of a church in decline is inconceivable

It has not always been that way. In the 1850s, Arab slave and ivory traders began to develop a settlement to support their caravans as they crossed from Lake Tanyika (where the slaves captured in the Congo delta would join the caravan) to the port on the Indian Ocean (where they would be shipped to the Arab peninsula).

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August 07 2022 By dvirtue Nondenominational Churches Are Adding Millions of Members. Where Are They Coming From?

The 2020 US Religion Census, due out later this year, tallied 4,000 more nondenominational churches than in 2010, and nondenominational church attendance rose by 6.5 million during that time.

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May 25 2022 By dvirtue My Anglican Journey -- by Sunita Theiss

I attended almost every week and had several emotional, formative experiences. But eventually, I stopped attending. It was causing conflict with my family, and quite frankly, I did not understand or realize how difficult it is to reorient a life around Christ, especially when it felt diametrically opposed to the way I had been living.

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March 22 2022 By dvirtue 56% of Christian Feel Their Spiritual Life Is Entirely Private

Growing Together

Younger Christians Are Less Likely to View Their Spiritual Lives as Private

Privacy might seem like the natural habitat for faith formation in our increasingly individualized culture. Indeed, 56 percent of Christians feel their spiritual life is entirely private.

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February 11 2022 By dvirtue Small Is the New 'Big' When It Comes to Churches

"We did some outside services, parking lot services, changed the way we do communion, the way we take offerings. No more passing things between people," he said. Last summer, they even borrowed a circular horse trough for outdoor baptisms, held Bible studies under the trees, featured an outdoor movie night, and like most churches, turned to live streaming services for those not attending in person.

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The Ignite Conference seeks to answer the difficult questions currently facing the church. Today's secular society often elevates government and the rights of the individual over God and the rights of Christians to worship and teach freely. Policies and legislation currently being discussed and codified could threaten biblically based Christianity. How do we engage these discussions and prepare ourselves without giving up hope for Gospel transformation of our culture?

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