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Reformation & Revival
May 05 2024 By dvirtue Tampa Church Baptizes Nearly 1,000 People on the Beach: 'There is A Wave of Revival Coming'

"We didn't know what to expect," he added. "We were praying for God to have a really big move."

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The church had invited more than 30,000 people to Raymond J Stadium where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play and the place was packed.

"It was amazing to see it happen and be a part of that experience," Black described.

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April 23 2024 By dvirtue 'Outpouring Really Hasn't Stopped': Professor Who Helped Facilitate Incredible Asbury Revival Reveals Powerful Impact 14 Months Later

Despite the event ultimately coming to a structured close, Baldwin said "hardly a day has gone by" that she hasn't heard something about how the outpouring reached people across the globe.

"It's really exciting," she said. "And so it's been many stories from people all over connecting to share their testimony."

The Outpouring Continues

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March 23 2024 By dvirtue Church of England Awards £8.5m for parish outreach

In the Diocese of Durham, £4.7 million has been awarded over seven years for plans including 20 new hubs, rooted in local churches, for ministry to children and young people. Training will also be provided for 600 people in youth and children's ministry.

The grant will also fund chaplaincy to secondary schools and support and seed funding for 25 churches to develop engagement with local secondary schools.

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March 14 2024 By dvirtue Hope for 'Great Revival' of Christianity in Iran

"We hope that very soon a great revival will come to Iran," he told The Tablet, comparing the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to "John the Baptist" preparing the way for Christ.

The bishop prayed for Iran's persecuted Christians at the launch on 20 February of a new report on violations of Christians' rights in Iran.

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MB: I have been married to Katie, who is a lawyer, for 16 years. We have two children, Micah (14) and Hannah (13). We attend a small non-denominational church in our home city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Most of my career has been spent in Kingdom-focused roles. These included a university campus chaplain for Agape and film producer for the Jesus Film Project. Most recently I served as Chief Operating Officer of Our Daily Bread, where I was a trustee on the UK board of directors.

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The topics raised here will get some Christians into war mode, ready to go on the attack if their pet beliefs seem challenged. I simply plea that if you are easily triggered, you take a chill pill, or better yet, pray first before launching your missiles. But having offered those prefatory remarks, let me just share some helpful quotes from this short but important volume.

As to the twin truths we find throughout Scripture, he says this:

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February 07 2024 By dvirtue IT'S TIME FOR STRATEGIC THINKING

Changes of this magnitude require a reassessment of the landscape for Christians and the Church. Rising hostility from governments, big business, and big tech raises questions about the Church's place in the public square and the methods she uses to preach the gospel. In large swathes of the Western world, Christians are no longer welcome to fully practice and express their faith in public.

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January 23 2024 By dvirtue 'Sleeping giant': Evangelical missionary movement in Latin America continues to grow

There, along with other Latin American missionaries, they have been serving for more than five years, learning the language, adapting to the culture and sharing the love of Christ with their neighbors.

"God has been faithful, and we have seen fruit amid difficulties," says Ana. "We are happy to be part of what God is doing in the nations."

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July 27 2023 By dvirtue Nondenominational Churches Are Growing and Multiplying in DC

Instead, the church is a little bit of all these things. It is nondenominational, pulling together different Christian streams to minister effectively to the young white professionals who have moved to work in the capital, as well as the upwardly mobile Nigerians and South Koreans who've emigrated to the seat of the United States government.

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June 16 2023 By dvirtue SAO PAULO: Two million in Brazil's March For Jesus

The number of evangelicals in Brazil has experienced a large growth. The last official census in Brazil (2010) already counted over 41 million of them (compared to 123 million Catholics). Other estimates speak of nearly 50 million, one in four Brazilians.

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