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Reformation & Revival
August 08 2015 By dvirtue A Cry for Revival: The Church and The World

I have been in the church for some time.
Long enough to see the era when the world was different from the church.
I saw the days when the world looked at the church with respect and reverence.
I saw the days when "born again" experience was the sincere bridge through which men cross from the world to the church.
I saw the days of "SU" revival when all truly converted people were so labelled by the world.

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June 04 2015 By dvirtue Recognizing Anglican Church Plants

The point of religious voluntarism was that people could respond to the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit to carry out Christian mission and service without being formally established by the church hierarchy. They looked for validation and recognition not from the bishops, but from other believers. At the start of CMS no bishops would ordain people to serve with CMS so CMS began with pastors from Germany.

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May 26 2015 By dvirtue Evangelicals, Culture, and Post-Christian America

For a number of reasons, I believe that there are actually a few countries not normally considered "evangelical powerhouses" from which Christian movements may be sparked that could affect the global spread of the gospel.

I can't point to the particular place it might occur, but I believe I could point to the type of church culture in which revival could easily break out. I could also point to where, at least for a while, it's probably not going to happen--American church culture.

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May 21 2015 By dvirtue The Church Grows When...

"In an era where a pro-traditional marriage stance can close your business, drain your savings, and bury you in social media hate, every one of these churches in this last group takes an absolutist stance against gay marriage and the ordination of gay clergy. The currents of social change are flowing downstream and with them, a number of Christian churches, which perhaps coincidentally are also shrinking in size.

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March 31 2015 By dvirtue Five Resurrection Realities that Reorient Our Evangelism

1 Because the resurrection is true, proclaiming the gospel bears fruit and gives birth to faith that leads to life.

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March 29 2015 By dvirtue Effective evangelism by the whole people of God

It was a real encouragement to hear the leader of the Anglican Communion give such an unequivocal call to evangelism based on a clear commitment to and personal experience of the Christ of the Scriptures. It is also commendable that the call is for all Christians to be involved in the work of evangelism, not just a few clergy or those who seem particularly gifted.

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March 12 2015 By dvirtue RIDGELAND, SC: Holy Trinity: 'We have not broken away'

"Our contention is that we have kept the faith, we have stayed within the historic faith of the church and that our diocese, in the decision it has made to disaffiliate with the national church, is not 'leaving' the church," Gibson said. "We have not broken away, we have branched out and sought a greater unity with the worldwide church."

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March 04 2015 By dvirtue RALEIGH, NC: Downtown Raleigh sees first church built in 50 years

"We wanted to build a transcendent space," said the Rev. John Yates III, his breath hanging beneath the arching steel bones of the sanctuary. To his left, a construction worker rode an accordion lift to finish the details of a window that reached toward the 60-foot ceiling.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church formed about a decade ago, splitting off from the national Episcopal church alongside scores of other groups.

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February 19 2015 By dvirtue Four Ways to Involve Everyone in Evangelism

Only a very few hear the gospel or show up at church without first being in relationship. Most people who come to Christ are invited by a person they know.

God calls us to evangelize, including our family, friends, and neighbors. He invites us to invite others. Personal relationships are the best way to reach out.

Sometimes the world gets the wrong idea that being a Christian means our lives are perfect.

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January 20 2015 By dvirtue The Welsh Revival of 1904-05

The Times added that "the religious revival in Wales continues...with unabated zeal." Huge crowds were attending the meetings. Bible verses covered the doors down in the coalmines. "At Swansea the Poor Law guardians...dealt with revival cases in which people...have taken their parents from the workhouse. The Welsh revival movement has shown no sign of flagging...", The Times pointed out on January 10th.

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