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September 24 2014 By dvirtue Tim Keller's Redeemer Church and Reformed Theological Seminary to launch NYC campus

Students in the New York City campus will be trained to start churches by pursuing a two-year master's of arts degree in biblical studies at $430-450 per credit hour before receiving another year of pastoral church planting education from Redeemer. The campus will likely launch in Redeemer's offices near Herald Square in Manhattan.

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September 23 2014 By dvirtue Leadership Matters, but So Does Preaching

They expect pastors to be prepared in the pulpit. They know, for the most part, who's winging it and who has prepared. They expect the pastor to teach them about God's Word. In many ways the preaching event is sacred. The people want to hear from God and His Word. They expect the pastor to open the Bible and teach them what God says.

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September 05 2014 By dvirtue 6 Reasons People are Leaving Churches in America

The nation's two largest Christian communities, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Catholic Church continue to decline in numbers but so have many of the other Christian communities. Tragically, the fastest growing churches today are not actually Christian at all since they don't have the right Jesus and they include the Mormon Church and the Jehovah's Witnesses.(1) This is according to the latest studies which were compiled in 2009 and so the trend is likely even worse today.

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August 24 2014 By dvirtue "Community: The Impossible Possibility"

But we know from church history how, for the most part, the church has failed miserably in that calling.
And yet, here and there throughout history, real community has appeared. People have for a few brief hours, days, weeks, months and maybe even years experienced the beauty of true community--at least in part, imperfectly, but truly and sweetly nevertheless.

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August 15 2014 By dvirtue Asia"Evangelism, church planting, discipleship vital for church survival" - Bp Moon Hing

The current Discipleship Seminar - entitled Invest to Invite the Next Generation of Disciple Makers - taking place at the Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM), is for clergy and laity who have been selected to be pioneers as disciple makers. The group of about 30 includes is mostly from the ecumenical family within Malaysia, plus one delegate from Hong Kong.

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August 12 2014 By dvirtue CHATTANOOGA, TN: Beginnings: With new rector and new building, Anglican Church of the Redeemer has big plans

As a member of Redeemer, Ullman helped hunt for a new church building in the winter of 2012, and now Redeemer has bought the former Trinity Presbyterian Church in Brainerd for $270,000, according to Hamilton County records. The congregation is busy this month beautifying the building with some construction projects, and worship services are scheduled in September.

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August 11 2014 By dvirtue The Problem with the Church Is People

But then there are the people. See if this poem rings true:

To dwell above
with those we love
Ah, that will be glory!

To dwell below
with those we know,
Now that’s a different story!*

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August 09 2014 By dvirtue Engaging an Ever-Changing Culture With a Never-Changing Gospel

Now, church is more than a body that engages its community. It should have certain biblical marks and should be focused on eternal purposes. However, it must also must take the faith it believes and live it out in context.

Church Should Impact the Community

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July 31 2014 By dvirtue The Parable of the Lawn Mower

Now: what have my actions preached to him? They have preached that Christians are people who do good things for their neighbour. They have preached that niceness, and kindness, and morally upright behaviour are what make you a Christian. In short, they have preached justification by works.

Your works have indeed “preached” something. But it isn’t the gospel.

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July 31 2014 By dvirtue Virginia church may look Anglican, but it's fully Baptist

“You would think it was Anglican,” Collier said. “I know this is a little odd in the Baptist world.”

A little, but increasingly less so, according to experts on Baptist polity and worship practices.

While being contemplative and having an intense focus on the sacrament of communion are not necessarily the same, a growing number of Baptist churches are exploring elements of both in an era when Christians and “nones” are rejecting highly produced, modern worship experiences.

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