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Reformation & Revival
September 02 2016 By dvirtue Anglican Church Planting takes big step forward

The conference got off to a great start with a party on the lawn, complete with games, burgers, and beer, and just kept getting better with every session. From its inception, the team organizing this conference intended to create an environment where planters could build relationships, participate in practical, interactive sessions to learn more about their craft, and walk away with real life solutions to obstacles they are facing in the field.

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August 29 2016 By dvirtue The Long Road to Building Israel's First Post-Statehood Church

David eventually embraced the Messiah and devoted his life to serving the church in Israel. He now serves as Field Director of Christian Witness to Israel (founded by Scottish pastor Robert Murray M'Cheyne in the mid-1800s), directs the HaGefen Publishing House (which produces and translates Christian literature into modern Hebrew), and preaches around the globe.

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July 12 2016 By dvirtue Revival breaks out in France: Hundreds embrace Christ, '2,000 miracles' take place in one 'incredible night'

The conference was held amid growing concerns about economic instability and more terrorist attacks in Europe this year, with the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organisation exerting more efforts to widen its campaign of terror.

Amid the uncertainties in the continent, the conference was called to urge European Christians to develop a stronger relationship with God. Held under the theme "Mercy triumphs over judgment," the gathering declared God's ability to heal and restore Europe.

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May 28 2016 By dvirtue Why we should share Christ with others: Because we love them

I'm a great fan of James Engel's Whatever Happened to the Harvest? and how he defines evangelism on a "scale" or spectrum. So, for instance, if we find someone at the far end of the scale as a hardened atheist and through loving conversations about Jesus help them move to becoming an agnostic who admits the possibility of the existence of God-well, that's evangelism! It's moving people towards a personal commitment to follow Jesus isn't it?

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May 06 2016 By dvirtue LONDON: How This Church Is Morphing Into a Spirit-Filled Awakening

When he spent time in our offices recently, I recorded a podcast with him on the Charisma Podcast Network, which will air next week. I am interested in what is happening in England because I am going there in a couple of weeks to attend Empowered21 in London. I'll be speaking there and will be involved in some other interesting activities, which I will report later.

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April 06 2016 By dvirtue Is God on the Move in Texas and Across America?

Last month I was at AT&T stadium in Dallas, with a capacity crowd of over 100,000 people (and thousands listening outside who couldn't get in) to hear a call for personal renewal, and a new passion for taking the plain Gospel to the world; a call for authentic Christian witness.

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March 17 2016 By dvirtue DURANT, IOWA: Former eye-care clinic lifts parishioners' eyes even higher

At one time, the Rev. Spencer was vicar general, diocesan standing committee president and media officer of the Quincy Episcopal Diocese. He recently completed "Solarium Trilogy" stories about researchers sealed inside a science complex to see if life can survive in a completely closed, man-made environment.

The Rev. Spencer said he opted to return to being a "simple parish priest" after the politically charged church split.

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March 07 2016 By dvirtue In Ukraine Towns Ravaged by War, Evangelical Missionaries Find Fertile Ground

By the time he had wrapped up the Lord's Prayer, loud explosions were echoing through the town. "Deliver us from evil," he said, finishing with an "amen" just as a shell exploded in the distance.

Maryinka, a Ukrainian-held town of apartment blocks and one-story homes outside the rebel capital of Donetsk, has become a hot spot not only for fighting, but also for saving souls.

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March 03 2016 By dvirtue 'Mind the Gap,' growing disciples in Peru

The small team of lay people including Paul Tester and Anna Sims, both working in Peru with CMS, and Peruvian lay workers Lizbeth Varillas and Sonia Chambi, have spent the past year working with a whole range of parishes from shanty towns in the city of Lima to remote rural parishes in the Andes.

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February 24 2016 By dvirtue The Goal is Church Health, and Balance Is the Key

We tend to go to seed on one truth at a time. You attend one seminar and hear that the key to growth is small groups. At another, it's volunteer recruitment, or dynamic worship, or creative outreach, or strong preaching.

The fact is, they're all important.

When a church emphasizes any one purpose to the neglect of others, that produces imbalance--it's unhealthy. And being unhealthy stunts a lot of churches.

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