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December 08 2021 By dvirtue WALES Elects Former Evangelical as next Archbishop to Lead Province

One can only imagine our Lord commissioning the first 72 disciples with these words, "when you go into a village and they reject you and your message, don't shake the dust off your feet, move with the times."

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December 07 2021 By dvirtue Scottish Episcopal Church Unites with Church of Scotland to Pause Inevitable Death

This week these two denominations offered a series of acknowledgments and commitments between the churches intended to deepen their relationship, and look at new ways of working together to serve the people of Scotland.

The agreement was welcomed and approved at both the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the established church, and the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church earlier this year.

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A communique released by the primates made no mention of salvation as a godly (heavenly) issue or that the climate is constantly changing. The communique also avoided mention that the salvation of souls takes precedence over climate change. Heaven rejoices over one sinner that repents, not if the Colorado River recedes two inches next year.

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November 27 2021 By dvirtue Sewanee University Alumnus Calls for Revocation of Metaxas Honorary Degree

"Recently, he has used his influence and power to sow dangerous misinformation about vaccines and the Covid-19 pandemic contributing to the tragic deaths of more than half a million Americans. Furthermore, he openly rallied support for the January 6th insurrectionists, undermining our democracy through the propagation of thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election.

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November 25 2021 By dvirtue TEC Diocese Hosts Memorial Service for Transgender, Nonbinary Victims of Violence; Ignores Persecution of Orthodox Anglicans

Now, let's put this in perspective.

In 2021, 47 transgender or gender non-conforming people were fatally shot or killed by other violent means.

Every day, 316 people are shot in the United States. Of this number, 106 people are shot and killed.

Today (in one day) 1,200 people will die of COVID in the U.S.

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The Church of England wants to go out in a blaze of glory, unlike a Guy Fawkes skyrocket that briefly bursts and then flames out as it hits the Thames River. A grand operatic death is what the Archbishop of York wants. That's what he told the Church of England Synod recently.

The question is, will the CofE even have that option?

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November 18 2021 By dvirtue The Morphing of Homosexuality in the Church

Then came the coup d'etat. If you didn't applaud and bow down before a small, shrill, strident group of homosexuals and believe that homosexual marriage was blessed by God then you should leave. Be gone from the Church, you are clearly homophobic, there is no place for you in the Church. Oh, and leave the keys and check book under the bright red doors; the church building does not belong to you, even though you built and paid for it.

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November 11 2021 By dvirtue Climate change: The only way forward is in partnership, says Welby

The only way forward is in partnership, says Welby. "Earlier this year, Pope Francis, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and I issued a joint statement for the first time ever between those holding these three offices, urging people to come together and 'choose life' (Deuteronomy 30:19) in obedience to God's command -- for the planet and for future generations."

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November 06 2021 By dvirtue GAFCON Distances Itself from Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali Citing Theological Differences

"Some rightful expressions of respect for him as a person have been misinterpreted and have raised questions about the integrity of GAFCON. Having had discussions with our leadership in different parts of the world, we feel led to write to you to encourage you and to reassure you of the continued firm theological stand of GAFCON."

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November 05 2021 By dvirtue SURPRISE! Albany Standing Committee reverses policy, opens door to Homosexual Marriage

REALLY. "Mutual respect", for whom, exactly? For Bishop William Love, who was forced out because he refused this salvation denying resolution? "Theological diversity"! What theological diversity? Theological diversity in TEC now means inclusion of just one position, a position that so-called progressives, have now bullied the Church into accepting the unacceptable at multiple General Conventions and will now enshrine into canon law: that General Convention resolutions trump scripture.

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