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November 12 2019 By virtueonline Prominent Australian Anglican Author Lashes out at Sydney Archbishop Glenn Davies

Them's fightin' words to Nikki Gemmel, who roared back in a column asking; 'What is the Anglican Church becoming? What does it want to be to the people of Australia? I ask this as a woman who's invested in Anglicanism but is heartbroken at the way this religion is being riven internally.' She said esteemed church leaders made her feel 'vandalized' and accused them of hijacking the church by 'bigotry and intolerance,' calling it a 'travesty of Jesus's teachings.'

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November 08 2019 By virtueonline Progressive Pansexualist "Christians" have Declared War on Orthodox Believers

This was the plan all along. Having their sexuality not merely approved but accepted and controlling the sexual agenda of the church was always their objective. Total capitulation and control.

The greatest threat to free speech and the free exercise of religion is the homosexual (and transgender) agenda. Nothing else comes even remotely close, said distinguished legal scholar and political philosopher Robert George of Princeton University.

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October 30 2019 By virtueonline New Zealand Anglican Leaders Decry GAFCON Consecration

Think Athanasius and Arius. Archbishop Justin Welby came up against Nigerian Primate Nicholas Okoh when Andy Lines was made GAFCON bishop for Europe. Historically, there has been resistance to cross-border interventions and ordinations from the earliest years of the universal Church's existence.

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October 24 2019 By virtueonline Episcopal Church Leadership call for divestment in Israel: Is this ill-Disguised Anti-Semitism in the name of Human Rights?

Now this is not the first time Episcopal Church deep thinkers have called for the Church to disinvest from Israel. In July of 2018, The Episcopal House of Bishops shot down Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) over Judea and Samaria.

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October 19 2019 By virtueonline CHRISTCHURCH: GAFCON Consecrates New Evangelical Diocesan Bishop

The consecration was held at Centennial Chapel, St. Andrew's College, Christchurch and included the Archbishop of the newly named Anglican Church of Rwanda, Laurent Mbanda; the Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies, and chief consecrator, The Most Rev. Foley Beach, GAFCON chairman and ACNA archbishop.

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October 16 2019 By virtueonline SYDNEY: Anglican Archbishop tells same-sex marriage supporters to leave the Anglican Church

"I fear for the stability of the Anglican Church of Australia. These developments have the potential to fracture our fellowship and impair our communion. I have stated this on numerous occasions at the annual National Bishops' Conference, but sadly to little effect," said Davies, who is the Synod president.

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October 06 2019 By virtueonline Anglican Church of Canada Faces Extinction by 2040, new Report Reveals

The following are indisputable facts:

• The rate of decline is increasing.
• New programs adopted by the Church have done nothing to reverse the decline.
• The Anglican Church of Canada is declining faster than any other Anglican Province other than The Episcopal Church, which has an even greater rate of decline.
• The slowest decline is in the number of priests.

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October 04 2019 By virtueonline Communion Partner Bishops Stand with Bishop Love by not Standing with Bishop Love

Here is what they wrote:

"In light of that fellowship, we note with great concern the disciplinary action now moving forward against our brother, Bishop Bill Love. We stand in solidarity with him. We are dismayed that latitude is extended to some in the enforcement of canons, but not to others. We continue to seek adaptive solutions to the current difficulty that will ensure a lasting path forward for mutual flourishing."

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October 03 2019 By virtueonline ROWAN WILLIAMS: Anglican Communion is no more, we are now an Anglican Family

"I am saying 'Anglican family' rather than 'Anglican Communion' because we're a very fractured communion but we're still family -- like so many families, quarreling till the cows come home," he said. "What gives us our family solidarity is, of course, that dependence on God's call, God's welcome.

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September 24 2019 By virtueonline Episcopal House of Bishops Agonize over Attending Lambeth 2020

But no, the HOB meeting in Minneapolis this week wanted everyone to feel their pain of exclusion, and then whine, cajole and somehow let it be known that the grand "doctrine" of inclusion was under siege. They wanted to let Justin Welby know that their faux outrage could not be ignored. Oh, the pain! They did everything short of rending their cassocks and declare themselves out of communion with Canterbury. But it was not to be.

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