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February 14 2020 By virtueonline Buttigieg, Buggery, and the Episcopal Church

It was Jimmy Carter who made famous that he was "born again", and Mr. Reagan inserted God talk in his various speeches, though he never attended church while in the White House.

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February 12 2020 By virtueonline New Nigerian Anglican Primate will Continue his Province's Tough Stand for Orthodoxy

While his theological views will not deviate from primates who have gone before, his Western education will put him on a par with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. Ndukuba will pose a greater threat to Welby's leadership, should the leadership of the Anglican Communion move away from the Church of England. He is clearly capable of leading the communion and taking Welby head on in debates over the direction of the Anglican Communion.

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February 06 2020 By virtueonline Evangelical Episcopal Priest Searches in Vain for Middle Ground in Anglican Culture Wars

In an interview in the H.O.P.E. Newsletter for Episcopalians United in Renewal Vol. 1 No. 4. May 1995, Dr. John Stott said, “If homosexual partnerships are accepted as a legitimate alternative to heterosexual marriage, or if avowedly practicing homosexuals are ordained then I think it would be such a serious ethical blunder as to demand serious thought as to whether the Church has any right to continue to be supported.”

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"Of course, there is a great desire for those going off in an unbiblical direction to repent and return, but failing that, we cannot walk together. We all desire to walk together, but increasingly we are recognizing that it is simply not going to be possible. We are however walking together in the sense of talking and seeking to find the correct way to deal with the brokenness."

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January 27 2020 By virtueonline UNDERMINING GAFCON

Welby must now face the fact that if he cannot win them over, therefore the next best thing is to undermine them.

Welby must now employ his considerable secular management skills to achieve the end for which he hopes for.

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January 24 2020 By virtueonline BISHOP LOVE'S LAST STAND

Of course, it won't happen. Bishop Love is already guilty and the hearing will only confirm the verdict with the judge and jury made up of progressive Episcopal minds who would not dare go against the episcopal zeitgeist. He is guilty till proven innocent and there is no sexual innocence in TEC; that ship sailed a long time ago.

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January 18 2020 By virtueonline THE FUTURE OF ANGLICANISM: FISKING WELBY

Speaking to reporters at the end of a three-day Primates' meeting in Jordan, Welby said he wanted to see the Anglican Communion begin to focus instead "on those things that affect the world, be that climate change, conflict, the need for the Church to be confident in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, carrying it out into the world ... [and] safeguarding".

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With a nod to those who experience same-sex attraction, the ACNA bishops said they engaged in a unified conversation around the opportunity for pastoral care to those within our churches who are same-sex attracted.

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January 15 2020 By virtueonline What will happen to the Episcopal Church, the ACNA, the Church of England and Global Anglicans in 2020?

2. The Anglican Church in North America, already well over 130,000 strong with over 1,000 parishes will continue to grow. New churches are aborning in the US, Canada and Mexico and there is every indication that they will continue to expand and grow in 2020. If you preach the gospel, call people to faith in Jesus Christ and disciple them, they will grow. No brainer really.

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January 09 2020 By virtueonline CONNECTICUT: Historic Charismatic Episcopal Parish Announces End to Litigation with Diocese of CT

St. Paul's was the home of the late Everett "Terry" Fullam, who served as rector of the parish which became nationally famous as a tall steeple parish in the mainline Protestant renewal movement. Fullam experienced spiritual renewal as a result of another evangelical Episcopal priest, Dennis Bennett.

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