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World opinion turns against Israel

World opinion turns against Israel
Ceasefire talk only benefits Hamas

By David W. Virtue, DD
December 15, 2023

World opinion on the war in Gaza is rapidly turning against Israel. The deaths and wounding of 17,000 civilians is being viewed as a bridge too far for the world to tolerate and the cry has gone up that a ceasefire is in order and should be enforced.

A UN resolution only failed because the US vetoed it. Even a small group of Holocaust survivors now believe a ceasefire is in order. But is it? Recently three university presidents failed to say calling for the genocide of Jews is harassment.

There are 13 major wars happening right now around the world. They receive little or no public media attention, but Israel's war against a terrorist regime gets front page news day after day.

According to the report "Martyred Christians in Nigeria" issued by Intersociety, over the past 14 years at least 52,250 Nigerian Christians have been brutally murdered at the hands of Islamist militants. Where is the universal outrage by the world at this slaughter of innocent Christians? This never makes the MSM.

But the Jewish state does, however. Israel is now being accused of Genocide, racial cleansing, and the deliberate bombing of innocent Gazans. Never mind that these Gazans are blinded by Hamas ideology. They have allowed them to rule, with Hamas leaders taking their supplies of food and material, leaving Gazans with high unemployment and desperate lives.

Without doubt this has been a brilliant public relations move by the deep Hamas thinkers in Qatar and the imams in Iran. They don't care how many Palestinians die. They are deemed martyrs with 72 virgins waiting on the other side. The more that die, the worse it makes Israel look. They must be rubbing their hands with glee as they watch world opinion swinging against Israel. One must wonder how much of this was thought up in Qatar and Teheran. Strategically brilliant.

Bibi Netanyahu has his back to the wall. But he is refusing to give in or give up. It strengthens his hand that a two-state solution is dead. 'From the river to the sea' killed that notion forever, because we now know that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority never really believed in it, in the first place.

Photo ops showing half naked Hamas terrorists only makes the IDF look bad. But would Hamas even take IDF soldiers' prisoners? I think not.

Jews have been hated from time immemorial. But they have survived. Conformity kills; difference allows them to live beyond civilizations that have sought to destroy them.

If God can rescue Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, from the fiery furnace and Daniel from the lion's den, he can and will rescue present day Jews from the fiery hatred of world opinion.

Hamas strategy was written from the beginning. Start a war. Kill as many Jews as you can, abduct a few more. Force Israel to retaliate. Run back to Gaza, hide in tunnels with your hostages, use ordinary Gazans as human shields and then cry foul play when Israel bombs the hell out of you.

Garner world sympathy as you dribble out a few hostages, but keep the majority.

Use the Holocaust language of Genocide against Jews. Slowly garner world opinion that Israel are the bad guys. Try and force Israel to the "peace" table even as hostages languish in tunnels.

But at the end of the day no nation on earth will ever destroy God's covenant people. Israel will destroy Hamas or be destroyed by them. Would the world care one whit if a new generation of rockets rained down on Israel? Of course not.

Israel has no option but to fight to the end, and win, the alternative is too awful to imagine.


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