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March 01 2024 By dvirtue A Tale of Two Worlds -- why contemporary Western culture contends against Christian Faith

Dr Kirk cut his teeth on engaging with the contextual theology of Liberation Theology in the 1970s in Argentina. In 'Two Worlds' he ruthlessly exposes the lies and inconsistencies underlying the ideologies in Western culture that have resulted in the legalization of abortion, so called 'equal marriage' and gender transitioning.

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January 19 2024 By dvirtue Tom Wright corrects Western misinterpretations of St Paul

The result has been a Christian message of "of course the world's a mess, because it does not know Jesus; but we're alright, heading for salvation somewhere else; we don't really belong here, we're just passing through on our way to heaven". Heaven, he notes,is a word that never appears in Paul's writings..

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October 02 2023 By dvirtue Michael Nazir Ali on the History of the Church in England

He pointed to two poles of mission: embassy, going out locally, nationally and internationally. Many originators of the English Church were itinerants; evangelists went to continental Europe to plant churches in the early centuries, and the evangelical and Catholic revivals in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries sent people to Africa and Asia. Your reporter notes that out of fear of being 'colonial' CMS is no longer doing this.

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September 29 2023 By dvirtue ANGLICAN HOUSE PUBLISHING: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Then, after 72 hours, the book "appears" on At this point, on the book-page on our website, we add the button "buy on Amazon" which links to the book-page on The book will also be listed on the Amazon website itself, so some people searching by title or author may bypass our website, which should give us added customers, as something like 70% of all book-sales now are done through Amazon.

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August 17 2023 By dvirtue A New History of Redemption

In the spirit of Jonathan Edwards's History of the Work of Redemption, distinguished theologian Gerald McDermott traces the progress of redemption throughout the Bible and church history. This book connects the dots surrounding Israel, redemption by the Jewish Messiah, secular and sacred history, the world religions, and Jewish-Christian worship through liturgy and sacraments.

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June 29 2023 By dvirtue Israel and the Nations: The Bible, the Rabbis, and Jewish-Gentile Relations

It is a wonder that Jews today are willing to talk theology with Christians or speak up on behalf of persecuted Christians. Eugene Korn is a distinguished Jewish theologian who has been doing both of these things for decades. Now he has published an elegantly-written collection of theological essays (Israel and the Nations: The Bible, the Rabbis, and Jewish-Gentile Relations) on how Jews should relate to the world, especially to Christians.

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March 02 2023 By dvirtue COLONIALISM - A MORAL RECKONING

It is not primarily a history, though very well resourced with historical examples and 132 pages of footnotes. It discusses the ethical categories by which the history of the British Empire might be viewed. His themes are Motives, Slavery, Equality, Land, Cultural assimilation, Free trade, Government and Force. What is meant by the ethical values applied to each one, and what in the field of public policy is practical ethical behaviour in these areas?

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The sixty-five entries cover Bob Duncan's life from childhood (b. 1948) to the Cairo Covenant
(2019). They include snapshots of early life in small-town New Jersey, where a boy in a troubled
family found solace and God in the local Episcopal Church, and they continue through his
ordination, college chaplaincy, and parish ministry, to his close-run election as Bishop of

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November 23 2022 By virtueonline JESUS TALKED ABOUT MONEY

The preacher that night was the Very Rev. Hewlett Johnson, DD, better known as the Red Dean (and appropriately clad in the scarlet chimere of an Oxford Doctor). His sermon, as he stressed at the start, was the fourth in a series of six on the similarities between Christianity and Communism and dealt with the passage in Acts 4:33-5:10 in which the believers in Jerusalem who owned property sold it and offered the proceeds to the Apostles for the support of the needy.

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November 04 2022 By dvirtue The First 24: One Man. One Mission. One Day.

I intend to do the same thing in this book.

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