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A New History of Redemption

A New History of Redemption
The Work of Jesus the Messiah through the Millennia

By Gerald R. McDermott
464pp $44.99

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Although Jesus's work of redemption is often viewed as a singular event, a careful examination of Scripture reveals that the Messiah began his redemptive work just after the fall and will continue it to the end of the world.

In the spirit of Jonathan Edwards's History of the Work of Redemption, distinguished theologian Gerald McDermott traces the progress of redemption throughout the Bible and church history. This book connects the dots surrounding Israel, redemption by the Jewish Messiah, secular and sacred history, the world religions, and Jewish-Christian worship through liturgy and sacraments. It shows how Jesus as Messiah was redeeming throughout Old Testament history, and it carries that story up through the last two millennia.

McDermott contends that it is only through a historical examination of the Messiah's redemption amid the turmoil of the world and the worship of his people that one can best see God's beauty.

1. What Is Redemption?
Part 1: From Eternity to the Dispersal of the Nations
2. Redemption Planned from Eternity
3. Redemption after Eden
4. The Spirit and Messiah from Enosh and Enoch to Noah and the Nations
Part 2: From Abraham to Moses
5. Abraham and the Patriarchs
Part 3: From Moses to the Incarnation
6. Moses to David
7. David to the Captivity
8. From the Captivity to the Messiah
9. The Authority of the Tanach
Part 4: The Incarnation
10. Coming into the World
11. The Messiah's Work
Part 5: From Christ's Resurrection to the End of the World
12. Resurrection
13. The Kingdom of God
14. Ascension and Church
15. Mission to Gentiles
16. Persecution
17. The Monastic Movement
18. Dogma and Theology in the Third and Fourth Centuries
19. Political Disintegration and Missionary Expansion
20. The Iconoclast Controversy
21. The Rise of Islam
22. The Medieval West
23. Messiah outside the West
24. Reformation and Counter-Reformation
25. The Western Church since the Enlightenment
26. The Oxford Movement
27. The Explosion of Pentecostalism
28. World Wars and Holocaust: The Problem of Evil
29. The Church's New Center of Gravity in Asia and Africa
30. Israel Returned, Renewed, and Restored
Part 6: The Eschaton
31. The Messiah's Return and Final Judgment
32. The New Heavens and the New Earth
33. God Glorified in the Church Glorified

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