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July 09 2020 By dvirtue Lambeth Conference postponed for a further year

In the video Archbishop Justin Welby says: "I am overwhelmed by the way that Anglicans around the world have been facing up to the huge social needs created by this crisis. So many people have suffered from the pandemic, economically, physically through illness and in many other ways and even have lost those close to them.

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July 04 2020 By dvirtue WILL YOU STAND IN THE GAP?

However, not long after the enactment of the Constitution in the late 1700s, morality and church attendance declined drastically into a Spiritual Depression. The answer became the nationwide implementation of "Concerts of Prayer", across all Christian denominations, that led to an American Spiritual Awakening.

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July 02 2020 By dvirtue UGANDA: Soldier who killed Anglican lay leader jailed for 35 years

The court martial sat in Kasese district, 400 kms west of Kampala, the place where the offence was committed.

The convicted soldier has been identified as Abraham Lokwaku. His three colleagues with him while on patrol were each sentenced to 5 year for their failure to report the murder to higher authorities.

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July 01 2020 By dvirtue South Sudan celebrates nine years of independence

Canon Dr Vinay Samuel, a member of the organising team at Jerusalem proposed that GAFCON establish a relief and development programme for member provinces. Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria, the GAFCON Chairman, then asked him to start with South Sudan. Moses Deng, now Archbishop Deng Archbishop of Northern Bahr el Ghazal in South Sudan, was the World Vision representative in Juba.

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July 01 2020 By dvirtue Anglican head wants churches to remove statues linked to slavery, reconsider image of white Jesus

The Times (of London) reports that many Church of England dioceses are conducting audits to document who is memorialized in the denomination's 16,000 churches and 42 cathedrals after leaders showed their willingness to alter or remove some monuments.

But "if only the sinless can be remembered, we're only going to have memorials to Christ," a London priest, who was not named, told the British daily.

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June 30 2020 By dvirtue GAFCON Chairman's Letter: "God is building His kingdom"

These sudden crises can be disorientating. Many voices clamor for our attention and we can be overwhelmed by the immediacy of the need, so it is even more necessary for us to be paying attention above all to our calling and the words of Jesus himself.

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June 29 2020 By dvirtue The Episcopal / Anglican Province of Alexandria officially inaugurated as 41st Province of the Anglican Communion

The Episcopal / Anglican Province of Alexandria will serve 10 countries as the official Anglican Communion presence: Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Chad, Mauritania, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia. It is named after the north Egyptian city which was home to one of the earliest branches of the Christian Church.

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June 27 2020 By dvirtue UGANDA: President Museveni Apologizes to Anglican Church over Cleric Killing

The incident took place in the Western Uganda district of Kasese, in South Rwenzori Diocese, about 400 kms from the country's capital Kampala.

Musimenta was due to be ordained to the priesthood after completing his training.

Museveni's apology was conveyed to the Church by Kasese district Resident commissioner, Lt. Joe Walusimbi. He denied allegations that the killing was politically motivated.

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June 27 2020 By dvirtue Anglican Decline, Pandemic and Pandemonium in "Challenging Times"

"God has been using our churches in big ways not only with online ministries, but caring for the needy and those in hard times," Beach noted.

"A Sin Problem"

Much of Beach's address focused upon racial strife.

"The past few months have not only been pandemic, but pandemonium," the Anglican archbishop summarized, referencing "evil displayed by fellow image bearers and some police officers in recent weeks."

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June 22 2020 By dvirtue Are SCOTUS Justice Gorsuch's Episcopal connections showing?

Apparently, Gorsuch is not as conservative as hoped. Four times since joining the Supreme Court, he has sided with the liberal justices to swing the decision in their favor. President Donald Trump's second conservative Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has also been known a time or two to cross the fence and side with the liberal justices.

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