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We disagree with assertions in their resignation letter and wish they had discussed those with us before stepping down, but it would not serve the survivors or the investigative process to debate them at this time. We believe it is in the best interest of all for the Husch Blackwell investigation to proceed to its conclusion, and we remain committed to the care of survivors.

Please join us in praying for all involved.

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January 23 2022 By dvirtue Congo to Install New Anglican Primate

Dr. Titre is currently the Bishop of Aru Diocese where he will continue serving as the Bishop after his installation as Archbishop.

In a tweet this afternoon, Archbishop Kaziimba described Dr. Titre as a neighbor and good friend and commended Congo for their partnership with Uganda.

"He is our neighbor and friend. The Anglican Province of Congo has been a part of Gafcon and is a strong partner with Church of Uganda in mission and evangelism." He said.

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January 21 2022 By dvirtue Persecution against Christians on the rise worldwide

On January 19 the non-denominational organization based in the Netherlands presented its 2022 World Watch List (WWL) which ranks the top 50 countries where Christians experience the worst persecution for their faith. The survey, covering a period from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021, shows that persecution continues to rise especially in Asian and African countries and that the COVID 19 pandemic has further exacerbated discrimination.

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January 20 2022 By dvirtue Pakistani Christians celebrate return of college to church control

Church of Pakistan Bishop Azad Marshall (centre) denounces the commercialisation of education that followed the nationalisation of Christian educational institutes [Image credit: Kross Konnection]

Church of Pakistan Bishop Humphrey Sarfaraz Peters of Peshawar described the decision, which gives the church 75 per cent control over the college, as a "New Year gift for the whole community".

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January 19 2022 By dvirtue WALES: Archbishop's impotency confirmed

In the article archbishop Andy John confirms his impotence: "As Archbishop, I do not have authority over any diocese other than my own unless the see is vacant."

So there we have it. The diocese of Llandaff falls apart while the bishop of St Davids sits tight after falling into disgrace.

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January 18 2022 By dvirtue Three London priests resign honorary roles at Ghanaian cathedral over bishops' support for anti-LGBT laws

"A draft bill has been presented in the parliament in Ghana criminalising LGBTQ+ people and those who support them.

"Unfortunately the churches have felt under pressure to support this Bill and they have done so.

"Following several weeks of discussion with the Archbishop of Ghana, the support of the church for the Bill has not changed in the public domain, and this left me and two other Ghanaian canons in the Diocese of Southwark with no other choice but to resign.

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January 15 2022 By dvirtue ACNA: Firm Hired to Investigate Allegations of Misconduct in Upper Midwest

The PRT developed a set of criteria, with input from some of the alleged survivors, to vet potential firms. The PRT then began the process of engaging potential investigators based upon those criteria, contacting eleven firms. Out of those contacted, the PRT determined two firms sufficiently met the selection criteria. All alleged survivors known to us were sent the names of these two firms and a summary description of each and were asked to vote or to indicate no preference.

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January 13 2022 By dvirtue Anglican Bishop in Kenya charged with caressing woman's breast

The charge sheet read in court said that Waweru being a person in a position of authority persistently made sexual advances to J.N.M knowing or having reason to believe that such advances were not welcome by J.N.M.

He was charged with the second count of touching the breast of J.N.M indecently on July 13, 2021.

According to the police report, the accused person is said to have been sexually assaulting the woman since 2018.

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January 13 2022 By dvirtue Hundreds Sign Petition Asking ACNA for 'Survivor-Centric' Abuse Investigation

Several individuals who reported being sexually abused by Mark Rivera, a former lay minister in ACNA's Upper Midwest Diocese, have said leaders in the diocese repeatedly mishandled their allegations. On Aug. 28, ACNA announced an eight-member Provincial Response Team to oversee an investigation into the Upper Midwest Diocese's handling of the abuse allegations.

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January 10 2022 By dvirtue Reformed Church in America splits as conservative churches form new denomination

At least 125 churches from various denominations are in conversation with ARC leaders about joining.

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