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May 28 2022 By dvirtue Episcopal Bishop of California offers Nancy Pelosi Communion Denied by Catholic Church

For millions of Christians worldwide, receiving the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, also known as Communion or the Mass, is central to their faith practice. This sacrament of Christ's Last Supper, a shared meal of bread and wine, is a sacred time of spiritual nourishment for the faithful of my denomination, the Episcopal Church, and many others, perhaps most notably the Orthodox and Roman Catholic branches of the Christian faith.

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May 23 2022 By dvirtue Trinity School For Ministry Announces the Rev. Cn. Dr. Bryan C. Hollon as its next Dean President

Dr. Hollon writes, "I am humbled, profoundly grateful, and delighted for this opportunity to join the Trinity community as Dean President. During the interview process, Suzanne and I felt warmly welcomed and encouraged by the faculty, staff, and entire Board of Trustees. We are eager to begin serving alongside so many gifted and committed people and look forward to getting to know more of the community in the months ahead.

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May 23 2022 By dvirtue Growth, Decline and Extinction of UK Churches

Some caveats. Firstly, models are based on assumptions. Thus, they are unlikely to capture a given church's membership dynamics fully. Usually, though, they are close enough. Secondly, models make forecasts, not predictions. There are always random events that prevent an accurate description of the church's numerical future. Also, the data is rarely that accurate or consistent. However, the forecasts can help churches examine their policies to enhance growth or combat decline.

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May 22 2022 By dvirtue Anglican Church in North America's Response to Anglican Communion Office: "We Have Not Agreed to Walk Together"

That narrative is not true; we didn't agree to this. There are some things that we simply cannot agree to disagree on, and the biblical truth about human sexuality is one of those things."

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May 20 2022 By dvirtue Ministry of disgraced Christian evangelical figure can be sued for donation refunds, court says

Margaret Zacharias, his widow, was dismissed as a defendant in the action, according to the order signed last week by senior Judge Thomas W. Thrash, Jr. of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

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May 19 2022 By dvirtue Church of Nigeria Receives Over 35 Orthodox Anglican Church Bishops and Clergy Who Returned To The Fold

He said: "This is a beginning of a new journey. When God starts doing something new in one's life, nothing can hinder it. Although, the perfect will of God may come through pains and challenging moments, we need to stand firm to get it. It has not been easy, but you have taken a good step and done the right thing, and God will bless you. We receive you with all our hearts to the family of God where you rightly belong. Count on us to be standing with you."

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May 18 2022 By dvirtue Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont bishops to assist each other's dioceses

"Assisting bishops serve at the invitation of the ecclesiastical authority -- in this case, bishops inviting other bishops," the three bishops wrote in an email to their dioceses. "Through preaching, teaching and presiding, we look forward to exercising our ministry in ways that will allow us to get to know each other's dioceses, learn more about The Episcopal Church across our region, and discern how we might learn to collaborate with one another for the sake of God's mission."

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Leaving History Behind

"The sins that led to our historical divisions can only be overcome in humility and truth, starting to feel pain for mutual wounds and feeling the need to give and receive forgiveness," the pontiff emphasized.

Francis asked the ARCIC members to ensure the contribution of the Anglican Communion to the synodal process begun by the Catholic Church, describing Anglicans as "precious travel companions" on the synodal journey.

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May 16 2022 By dvirtue A statement from Gafcon Australia

Twelve bishops failing to uphold this church's view of marriage, which had been repeatedly affirmed by the General Synod is deeply lamentable. They also failed to be persuaded by the voices of the both the laity and clergy in the General Synod.

A number of the orthodox bishops are concerned about the implications for our common life and work in the days ahead.

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May 13 2022 By dvirtue Whither the Australian Anglican Church?

Despite appearances, this church division is not just about sex. In One Faith No Longer: The Transformation of Christianity in Red and Blue America, American authors George Yancey and Ashlee Quosigk recently argued that progressive and conservative Christians now differ so profoundly that they can no longer be considered members of the same religion. The fundamental issue is different systems of meaning.

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