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September 24 2020 By dvirtue Betrayed Trust, Part Three: Ravi Zacharias Claimed Accusers in Sexting Scandal Were Extortionists, But Evidence Indicates Otherwise

Yet a piece of evidence that seemingly contradicts this narrative is a demand letter the couple's lawyer at the time, Mark Bryant, sent to Zacharias in April 2017.

The letter claimed that Zacharias had "caused irreparable harm to the Thompson family." And it stated that instead of "protracted and public litigation," the Thompsons would sign a release of Zacharias and his ministry for "the amount of $5 million dollars."

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September 22 2020 By dvirtue REPENTANCE SUNDAY

Anglican Archbishop Foley Beach is among the leaders calling for the nation to repentance. There are no Episcopal bishops visible among the leaders calling for repentance.

You can watch a video below to learn more and forward this story to your pastor to encourage them to participate. When they sign on with us, they'll receive the Repentance Sunday Guide immediately, so they can plan for this Sunday.

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Such is only one example of the 250 million Christians in 144 countries whom the Truro Report, over a year ago, described as the most persecuted community in the world. The report had recommended that UK Aid should be made conditional on adherence to Article 18 of the UN Declaration on Human Rights that enshrined the right to change religion.

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September 21 2020 By dvirtue Anglican Church of Uganda to Reopen

Addressing the nation on Sunday night, Museveni said that Churches can start operating so long as they follow COVID-19 guidelines set up by the government.

Museveni said churches can operate so long as people in each service do not exceed 70. "People can now go for fellowship and prayers in their churches."

However, he said that Sunday schools for children cannot take place. He also said that night prayers are also forbidden.

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September 20 2020 By dvirtue WORCESTER, MA: Former Episcopal priest gets 6 years on child porn charge

Lisby pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography in February after investigators found hundreds of images of child pornography in his online storage.

Lisby has been removed from the priesthood, the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts said.

Lisby also previously worked as a kindergarten teacher, but authorities say there is no evidence of abuse during that time.

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September 16 2020 By dvirtue Betrayed Trust, Part Two: Woman Accused in Sexting Scandal Claims Ravi Zacharias Groomed & Exploited Her

Yet according to the letter, the nude photos were not only wanted by Zacharias; they were invited. And they were the culmination of months of emails, phone calls, gifts, and other advances by a man who "sensed" Thompson's "deficit and used it to his own end."

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September 16 2020 By dvirtue Anglican Church in Kenya loses Land and Property in Legal Battles

The Standard newspaper of Kenya on 13th September quoted Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit saying in an interview that most of the land issues are as a result of the trust the church had in those who allocated or gifted them.

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September 16 2020 By dvirtue Betrayed Trust, Part One: New Testimony, Emails & Other Documents Portray Ravi Zacharias as Predator in Sexting Scandal

Months later, after Thompson and Zacharias had signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) confining them to silence, Zacharias publicly released a statement to CT, painting Thompson as the predator.

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September 15 2020 By dvirtue "Is Christianity 'a failed project in India'?

I, as an Indian, constantly face the low assessment on the growth of Christianity in India as a sterile, unsuccessful, powerless and insignificant religion that a numerically strong Hinduism need not worry about its presence in India.

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September 15 2020 By dvirtue Rwanda Anglican Archbishop Advises Anglicans on Marriage

He said to married couples, there should be commitment to each other until death parts them.

He highlighted that whereas love is important for marriage, deciding to stay married is a determination and should be more than a feeling since feelings come and go with circumstances.

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