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August 29 2021 By dvirtue FT. WORTH: Mediation resolves dispute over attorneys' fees and costs

"As we put more than a decade of litigation behind us, we can once again devote ourselves to sharing the transforming love of Jesus Christ and our mission to equip the saints for the work of ministry. We look forward now in hope and trust for Christ's leading."

Still pending in federal and county courts are several satellite suits brought by the original plaintiffs. Placed on hold in deference to the main suit, it is hoped that these can be resolved in the near future.

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August 27 2021 By dvirtue Tema Anglican Diocese to be carved out of Accra

The Synod, the highest decision-making body of the Diocese, consist of a House of Clergy and House of Laity (made up of representatives from Parishes), is convened annually to deliberate on ecclesiastical business for the smooth running of the diocese.

The Synod said, it would be subject to an initiation and determination of a detailed geographical boundary of the new diocese to be drawn out.

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August 26 2021 By dvirtue Gafcon Australia Moves Ahead

"We love these people and don't want them to be lost to the Anglican fold." he said, "We want them to be recognised and supported as they love and serve their own communities."

For this reason, Gafcon pledged in late 2020 to form a new Diocese for Anglicans who will be forced to leave the Anglican Church of Australia.

On Monday he outlined that the new church entity will be formed through a company structure, led by a small Board of Directors.

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August 25 2021 By dvirtue Died: Thomas McKenzie, Defender and Definer of Anglicanism

"I'm excited about my upcoming travels," McKenzie wrote on Twitter the day before his death, "but I know I'll miss my community. I feel sadness and some anxiety as I prepare for this morning's Eucharists."

As news of his death spread, Anglicans and a broad swath of evangelicals expressed shock and sadness. Several people recounted how McKenzie had generously reached out to them when they were interested in Anglicanism and offered to guide them in the process.

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August 25 2021 By dvirtue Diocese of Long Island sued in case of alleged clergy sex abuse

Retired, Rev. Wancura had assisted with services in several Episcopal parishes, including Holy Trinity in Greenport and Caroline in Setauket. It was there that Lew H. Crispin III of Buncombe County, North Carolina, alleges in the suit that Rev.

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August 23 2021 By dvirtue An important letter from Archbishop Foley Beach Regarding the COVID-19 Situation in Myanmar

The country is already struggling after the February 2021 coup. Now a third wave of COVID is decimating the country. This has hit the Anglican church especially hard and the crisis is worsening. Many died in July, including more than 40 church leaders. There are many in serious medical condition who need medical attention. The price of oxygen has skyrocketed, as all aspects of the economy fall victim to COVID.

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On 19 July 2021 at their Australasian Conference, GAFCON Australia announced an extra-provincial diocese to provide an Anglican home for those who in conscience cannot remain in the denomination, and create an option to leave the denomination in future. This was endorsed by the Archbishop of Sydney.

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August 20 2021 By dvirtue A Call to Prayer from Archbishop Foley Beach Regarding the Situation in Afghanistan, Haiti, and the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

I want to send a personal message to all the military, foreign service, civil service, contractors, missionaries, and aid workers, and their families, who have given so much of their blood, sweat, and tears in service to their nations and for the welfare of the Afghan people. Know that your efforts are not in vain. You selflessly answered the call to service, sacrificing many things, and risking your own life for others. Many of you bear the scars, visible and invisible.

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August 19 2021 By dvirtue GHANA: Anglican Church Priest sacked over kissing students

The resolution led Larbi to be relieved of his duties as a priest and also as a lawyer for the Ghana Education Service in the Ashanti region.

Larbi was sacked indefinitely as the church assured members of the public that the three girls involved would undergo counselling sessions.

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August 19 2021 By dvirtue Does the defeat in Afghanistan spell the end of the West?

Patrick reflects on his own Pashtun ancestry and says that his grandmother used to say that if a Pashtun sees blood, he'll fight to the end.

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