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July 23 2020 By dvirtue Gay Episcopal Bishop: Religious Liberty is Oppressive

Karslake's new film "For They Know Not What They Do" was the starting point for discussion, with Karslake and Robinson noting tensions parents face when a child "comes out" as LGBTQ within a non-affirming community. Fear at the loss of community, status, and friends is almost as daunting for parents as it is for a child "especially," Karslake argued, "when faith is in the mix."

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July 23 2020 By dvirtue Anglican Archbishop of Hong Kong defends national security law despite worldwide criticism

Echoing the language of Beijing, he suggested the implementation of the law was a necessary response to "riots" and violence at the hands of "rioters" protesting an attempt by the Hong Kong government to introduce legislation allowing the extradition of suspected criminals to the mainland for trial.

The Extradition Bill triggered months of pro-democracy protests attended by hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers that continued even after the legislation was withdrawn.

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July 22 2020 By dvirtue UGANDA: Politicians should learn from Anglicans

Mushega said that the Anglican Church of Uganda has set a good example that political leaders can follow given the rate at which the leaders turn over peacefully.

He specifically singled out those that have been in parliament for many years, advising them to give space to young people.

Most of the MPs have been in parliament for over 20 years. The president of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been in power for over 30 years


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July 22 2020 By dvirtue Ex-Dean of Cathedral Disciplined for 1984 Sex Abuse

The nature of the discipline was not disclosed, but Bishop of Connecticut Ian T. Douglas said Kowalski was not suspended or "deposed," the term the Church uses for what used to be known as defrocking. Because there was no change to Kowalski's canonical status, Douglas said it was not necessary to disclose the terms of an agreement between a priest and his bishop.

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July 19 2020 By dvirtue St. John's Rector on death of J.I. Packer. Regent College pays tribute to Packer. VOL Interview with Packer

Since moving to Canada to join Regent College staff in 1979, Jim has been deeply committed to the life of his local congregation: St. John's. Regularly preaching and leading services as an honorary assistant, leading initiatives like Learner's Exchange, being part of a long standing small group, Jim and Kit gave extravagantly to the life of our church. Despite his bruising travel regime, Jim always made himself available to all he could.

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July 10 2020 By dvirtue SOUTH CAROLINA: Bishop Mark Lawrence Calls for a Bishop Coadjutor

The Diocese will begin the process to elect a Bishop Coadjutor immediately. The Standing Committee, which serves as a Board of Directors, will oversee the process. The search committee will consist of representatives from the Standing Committee as well as one clergy and one lay person chosen by each of the six geographic deaneries of the diocese which, based in Charleston, consists of more than 20,000 members in 53 congregations from Myrtle Beach to Bluffton and Conway to Barnwell.

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July 10 2020 By dvirtue Anglican Diocese of the Carolinas reorganizes episcopal areas

Early this year our bishops began talking, praying and discerning how it might work to develop a South Carolina area and a North Carolina area with two "Area Bishops" primarily focused on the mission and care of their respective areas, under the authority and oversight of Bishop Steve Wood, our Diocesan Bishop. Our hope is that having bishops resident in South and North Carolina will allow us to respond to and work with clergy and churches more rapidly and effectively.

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July 09 2020 By dvirtue Lambeth Conference postponed for a further year

In the video Archbishop Justin Welby says: "I am overwhelmed by the way that Anglicans around the world have been facing up to the huge social needs created by this crisis. So many people have suffered from the pandemic, economically, physically through illness and in many other ways and even have lost those close to them.

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July 04 2020 By dvirtue WILL YOU STAND IN THE GAP?

However, not long after the enactment of the Constitution in the late 1700s, morality and church attendance declined drastically into a Spiritual Depression. The answer became the nationwide implementation of "Concerts of Prayer", across all Christian denominations, that led to an American Spiritual Awakening.

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July 02 2020 By dvirtue UGANDA: Soldier who killed Anglican lay leader jailed for 35 years

The court martial sat in Kasese district, 400 kms west of Kampala, the place where the offence was committed.

The convicted soldier has been identified as Abraham Lokwaku. His three colleagues with him while on patrol were each sentenced to 5 year for their failure to report the murder to higher authorities.

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