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March 03 2021 By dvirtue Archbishop Makgoba asks to make vaccine available in South Africa

Archbishop Thabo is specifically requesting that the Biden administration make the Moderna vaccine available in South Africa. He wants the Moderna vaccine because it is 94 per cent effective. Until recently, South Africa was preparing to begin injections of the Oxford / Astra-Zeneca vaccine, but the government halted the rollout because that vaccine has been shown to provide only minimal protection against a variant of the coronavirus first discovered in South Africa.

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March 03 2021 By dvirtue Some Albany Episcopal Clergy to Join Anglican Church in North America

"We are confident that as these men and women boldly proclaim the authentic Gospel of Christ, many souls will be saved, and new disciples will be transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ," the ADLW statement reads. "We ask that you join us in praying for these clergy and the congregations committed to their care."

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March 02 2021 By dvirtue Ulster bishops' statement in relation to public worship restrictions

We have also agreed to further assess the situation immediately after the next NI Executive review of current lockdown provisions on Thursday 18th March 2021, in the cautious anticipation that, from Friday 2nd April (Good Friday) onwards, our parishioners in Northern Ireland could return to in--person gatherings for worship, with all necessary precautions and mitigations in place.

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March 01 2021 By dvirtue AUSTRALIA: Anglicans Same Sex Blessings Showdown is Postponed

With the November 2020 decision of the top Anglican legal body, the Appellate Tribunal (AT), that blessings of civil same-sex marriages CAN be authorised by the dioceses (regions) of the Anglican Church of Australia (ACA), there is a real disagreement.

At least one blessing -- in Wangaratta has taken place -- of two ministers with the (now retired) local Bishop who moved the motion in Wangaratta conducting the service.

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March 01 2021 By dvirtue ACNA: Clarity in The Midst of Confusion: A Provincial Statement on The Events of The Week

We encourage those who have concerns to again read the Statement itself, “Sexuality and Identity: A Pastoral Statement from the College of Bishops,” rather than be distracted by inaccurate commentary and misleading open letters. For additional context we also commend the letter, “Identity Matters,” from the bishop who chaired the taskforce. If you continue to have questions or concerns, please contact your local bishop.

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February 27 2021 By dvirtue Church of Nigeria's Position on the Recent Gay Developments in ACNA

These decisions by ACNA bishops tantamount to a subtle capitulation to recognize and promote same -sex relations among its members, exactly the same route of argument adopted by The Episcopal Church (TEC). Its appeal to subsidiarity is another trick not to submit to the clear authority of Scripture on homosexuality, rather, they defer to individual Bishops discretion of discernment on how to relate to homosexuals, and offer them room.

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February 27 2021 By dvirtue Church of Nigeria Calls on Government to Improve Security

The Retreat, called on the Government to tighten its security noose so as to guarantee the security of life and property in the country.

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February 24 2021 By dvirtue Archbishop Beach writes to the Diocese of the South about the "Dear Gay Anglicans" open letter

While it says they are not undermining our Pastoral Statement, they actually are. Replacing "gay Christian" with "gay Anglican" is pretty much in your face. My immediate reaction to the letter was that it was pretty benign and wasn't going to change anything about what we teach.

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February 23 2021 By dvirtue ACNA College of Bishops Pastoral Statement on Sexual Identity Comes under Challenge

If you're a gay/same-sex attracted lifelong Anglican committed to a traditional sexual ethic, a gay agnostic curious about getting to know Jesus in an Anglican context, or anyone in between, this letter is to you. We pray you will experience God's love and wisdom in the churches who have signed below.


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February 23 2021 By dvirtue Fort Worth Anglicans Win Episcopal Property Battle

The Episcopal Church argued that in severing their relationship with the denomination, officials in the Fort Worth diocese were no longer its legal officers. Diocesan officials including Reed and his predecessor, Bishop Jack Iker, argued successfully that the Episcopal Church could not unilaterally remove the elected officers of a Texas corporation.

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