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March 21 2024 By dvirtue Thousands of churches will likely close down. What happens to all that real estate?

"We are not getting the same response when we say that 100,000 churches are going to close," said Elsdon, who edited "Gone for ­Good?: Negotiating the Coming Wave of Church Property Transition," a new book of essays about the future of houses of worship.

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March 18 2024 By dvirtue Anglican Archbishop in Uganda blocked to enter some Churches by rebellious Anglican Church group

According to Archbishop Kaziimba, highly placed security personnel and some politicians are giving protection to the criminals who have showcased impunity and brought insecurity within the Diocese.

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But last week, The Church of Uganda, Diocese of Kumi started an operation to reclaim the churches previously taken over by the Reformed Anglican Church its members and Bishop Oode.

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March 13 2024 By dvirtue Church of Nigeria frowns at homosexuality, others, describes them as ungodly acts

Speaking on the "Structure and Doctrine of the Church of Nigeria", the Dean who is also the Bishop of Ikwere Diocese in Rivers State said, "Against the back-drop of the Scriptures and Church of Christ, the Anglican Church in Nigeria has repeatedly condemned and rejected LGBTQI and all homosexual acts".

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March 10 2024 By dvirtue Justin Welby says he carries personal alarm amid increasing threats in church

It is the second time in the past two weeks that Welby has spoken publicly about abuse within the church.

Addressing a meeting of the church's ruling body, the General Synod, in February, he expressed dismay that enmity and division in society had found their way into the church. Lambeth Palace, the archbishop's London headquarters, had been deluged with "expressions of hatred, normally coming from within the church".

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March 08 2024 By dvirtue Episcopal Chaplains Sought for 'Identity-affirming Spiritual Care'

To place these numbers in context, the Anglican Church in North America's Jurisdiction of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy (the endorsing agency and canonical residence for professional chaplains with the ACNA and other participating Anglican bodies) has more than 300 chaplains, of which 187 are active duty military. This is despite being a smaller denomination than the Episcopal Church as measured by membership.

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March 04 2024 By dvirtue A month to mourn for the irrelevant C of E

Around the same time came news that Canterbury Cathedral was hosting two alcohol-fuelled silent discos in an attempt to reach out to younger people and to raise 'large sums' to keep the Cathedral running. Though the events sparked outrage, and thousands protested about the 'rave in the nave', it was announced that another half-dozen cathedrals have signed up to host silent discos in their own sacred arenas.

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February 28 2024 By dvirtue While Westminster bickers over Lee Anderson, thugs are sending death threats to Reform

Two tiered policing has emboldened those who oppose the core values of our nation. The Mayor of London and the Metropolitan Police boss Sir Mark Rowley have allowed this to happen in our capital, but it is happening elsewhere too.

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February 20 2024 By dvirtue BATON ROUGE, LA: Fire reduces St. Luke's Episcopal Church to smoldering ruin

It was an hour past midnight that the Baton Rouge Fire Department was alerted to the growing fire by a Baton Rouge police officer. The Fire Department responded to the catastrophic fire to find the flames chewing through St. Luke's attic. The fire department answered the call with 19 firefighting trucks including eight pumpers, three ladder trucks and other support vehicles. More than 75 firefighters, including some from the St.

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February 20 2024 By dvirtue Global South New Bishops Formation Retreat Kicks off in Kampala

"The main role of a Bishop is to proclaim the gospel to all nations. It's a new calling with new challenges and many opportunities. A lot of doors are opened but not all are meant to be entered," Archbishop Kaziimba said.

"The work to do is so much that we much appreciate the importance of delegation. Work never grows old. It's only us the workers who grow old. Have time for yourself and family. Choose what to do and what not to do," he added.

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