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August 10 2020 By dvirtue Diocese of Southeast Florida unresponsive regarding uninhabitable apartments

... The residents who spoke to The Post said they are still paying rent for apartments that the city has declared unsafe.

... The building has been beset with problems in the past two years. Elevators don't work properly and mold is so prevalent that it damages furniture and clothes, residents told The Post. Another fire in October 2018 left the building without air conditioning for a week.

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August 08 2020 By dvirtue All Saints' International Congregation Beirut Damaged in Blast

Rev. Imad sent photos and reports about damage to the All Saints church building, and I've attached one of his photos of the downstairs fellowship hall. Apparently there was no further serious damage beyond all the glass doors being shattered. In the sanctuary upstairs, two (but only two) of the stained glass windows, and the small window in the vestry, were shattered.

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August 07 2020 By dvirtue Jerry Falwell Jr. Taking 'Indefinite Leave Of Absence' As Liberty University President

Liberty’s board of trustees said it had requested Falwell take the leave of absence and that he had agreed to do so. The change is “effective immediately,” the board said. Falwell, a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, is no stranger to controversy.

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August 05 2020 By dvirtue Anglican Joint Synods (G4) - Polish National Catholic Church Dialogue

Bishop Sobiechowski served as the Dialogue Chairman for this meeting.

Updates were given by the various churches and the Union of Scranton about recent events within their respective communions and to how they have adapted to the ongoing Covid situation. The Churches spoke with a united voice about the marginalization of the Church by the media and various elected officials during this pandemic.

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August 03 2020 By dvirtue Gunmen Kill, Wound Dozens At South Sudan Church, Jeopardizing Peace Talks

"After killing people in the church, the gunmen went to the homestead village and killed people there," Bishop Ayom said. "The gunmen burned down the whole village in Makol Chuei. Thus far, we have six people who are missing and we are not sure whether they are alive or dead. In addition, six children were also abducted."

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August 01 2020 By dvirtue Summer camp? The COVID-19 question

The Episcopal Church has diocesan and church camps dotting the American map. Some have remained open. Others haven't opened. Still more were forced to close as COVID spread. Church camps are getting creative to try and present a meaningful camping experience for their stay-at-home campers.

Here is a look at the Episcopal Church summer camp scene during the Summer of Coronavirus. Information is subject to change due to the every-changing nature and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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July 30 2020 By dvirtue Black leaders quit Brotherhood of St. Andrew board, alleging racial reconciliation failures

Some of the strongest criticisms were levied by Joe McDaniel. His resignation comes three years after he was chosen to fill the Brotherhood's newly created role of national vice president for racial reconciliation. McDaniel has been a prominent lay leader in efforts churchwide and in the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast to confront The Episcopal Church's historic complicity in racist systems.

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He has called for a bishop coadjutor two years from now, which is understandable given what he has gone through. Frankly, I have never seen him look more tired.

Walton has done an excellent job drawing him out. The interview ends abruptly owing to line static. Walton will pick it up later with the bishop in a second interview. VOL heartily recommends this interview to VOL readers.

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July 27 2020 By dvirtue Continuing Communion Stands With Orthodox Church on Hagia Sophia

All that changed early on the morning of Friday, July 10 as the Council of State, Turkey's top administrative court, struck down the 1934 cabinet decision ending its use as a mosque and establishing it as a secular museum, ruling that it did not comply with then-current Turkish law and was therefore overturned with immediate effect. Within hours of the order being published, Turkey's President Recep Erdogan signed a presidential decree that Hagia Sophia be restored as a mosque.

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July 23 2020 By dvirtue Gay Episcopal Bishop: Religious Liberty is Oppressive

Karslake's new film "For They Know Not What They Do" was the starting point for discussion, with Karslake and Robinson noting tensions parents face when a child "comes out" as LGBTQ within a non-affirming community. Fear at the loss of community, status, and friends is almost as daunting for parents as it is for a child "especially," Karslake argued, "when faith is in the mix."

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