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September 15 2021 By dvirtue Catholicam Fidem: An Open Letter on the Consecration of Female Bishops in GAFCON

Primates and Bishops of GAFCON, we come before you in humility as our Reverend Fathers in God. You have the fullness of the ministry. You are the successors of the Apostles placed over us. It is in the Spirit of Apostolic charity that we come before you and beg of you to "guard the deposit committed unto thee." (2 Tim.

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September 14 2021 By dvirtue Second Female Bishop consecrated in Kenya

The colorful ceremony took place at the Butere girls school sports ground in western Kenya. She has become the fourth Bishop of Butere diocese.

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September 13 2021 By dvirtue College of Bishops publishes Diocese of Aberdeen & Orkney review

The College, having read the report and having listened to Bishop Anne, noted these concerns, and the concerns shared by other members of the College after reading the report. A second phase of review was therefore proposed by the College to consider this information and address any such matters which required further exploration, as reported on 29th August.

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September 11 2021 By dvirtue FT WORTH: Appeals court denies TEC parties permission to remove property

In its April 2021 response to the Petition for mandamus, the Diocese argued, "We entered an agreement in 2015 regarding personal property," noting that the agreement covered both the funds and furnishings of the properties in dispute, including "personal property necessary for the operation of the Episcopal parish associated with that parcel." The brief added, "Nothing in the [Texas] Supreme Court's opinion granted [TEC plaintiffs] any right to strip a parish of personal property historically

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September 08 2021 By dvirtue Church in Wales passes vote to allow same-sex couples to have marriages blessed

The bill was voted in during the governing body's meeting held on Monday, September 6.

The meeting of the governing body took place over eight hours and was streamed live on Youtube.

After hours of debate, those attending were invited to vote on the matter.

The voting was split into three houses, with a two-thirds majority needed in each house to pass the bill.

The vote was passed as followed:

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September 06 2021 By dvirtue WALES: College to elect new bishop ends with no decision

The decision will now be taken by the Bench of Bishops in due course.

The President of the Electoral College, Bishop Andy John, said the appointment would be high on the Bishops' agenda.

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September 04 2021 By dvirtue In troubled ACNA church, alleged 'spiritual hazing' pressured members to conform

The couple soon launched their training as church planters at Rez, which belongs to the Anglican Church in North America, a small denomination that spun off from the Episcopal Church USA a decade ago, largely in response to the Episcopal Church's acceptance of LGBTQ clergy and same-sex marriages.

But after three years of what they call "spiritual hazing," the couple was left financially, professionally and spiritually devastated.

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In September 2018, Cherry was received into full communion with the Catholic Church in the Parish of the Most Precious Blood -- an Anglican ordinariate parish in the archdiocese of Southwark.

Sources at Allen Hall told Church Militant that Cherry no longer has a homosexual partner.

Cherry's Gay Pride

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"It has been my great honor to serve the seminary whose mission and identity I have and will always cherish," said Thompson. "In my tenure, I have sought to honor the past and the wonderful legacy of evangelical Anglicans who sacrificed so much to give birth to and develop Trinity."

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September 01 2021 By dvirtue Episcopal Legal Expenses Estimated at $52 Million as Anglicans Receive Payout

"The Diocese made every attempt to avoid this litigation, beginning before its dissociation from TEC in 2008," Bishop Ryan Reed wrote in a statement provided by the diocese on August 28. "Unfortunately, negotiations ended abruptly after three church properties were released to TEC-majority congregations when the Presiding Bishop and local TEC leaders brought suit in April 2009, foreclosing on the possibility of any other settlement."

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