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November 19 2022 By dvirtue Episcopal church disciplines former leader of Kansas foster care provider

Saint Francis Ministries hired Robert Smith, known as Father Bobby, as president and CEO in 2014. He became a canonical resident in the Diocese of Chicago in 2012. (Saint Francis Ministries)

Rebecca Wilson, partner at a public relations firm that handles inquiries for the Diocese of Chicago, said the church's investigation "did not identify any wrongdoing on the Rev. Smith's part beyond errors in judgment."

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November 19 2022 By dvirtue Nondenominational' Is Now the Largest Segment of American Protestants

The number of nondenominational churches has surged by about 9,000 congregations over the course of a decade, according to new decennial data released by the US Religion Census. Little noticed, they have been quietly remaking the religious landscape.

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November 17 2022 By dvirtue Brazil Elects First Female Primate in Latin America

Bassoto's Northern Brazilian diocese includes regions that are home to much of Brazil's Indigenous population, and have been heavily deforested in recent years. She has made advocacy for creation care a major feature of her ministry. In March, Archbishop of Canterbury awarded her the St.

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According to KT press, the contract was signed between Ambassador of Japan to Rwanda Masahiro Imai, and Emmanuel Ntazinda, a legal representative and Bishop of Anglican Church of Rwanda Kibungo Diocese on November 1.

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November 14 2022 By dvirtue GAFCON Bishop Lines' Responds to Oxford Bishop Croft over Acceptance of S-S Marriage

This has been welcomed by some who hold to the historic, biblical teaching on sex and marriage, who acknowledge that there is an irreconcilable division in terms of understanding of the Christian faith, but would like an orderly, negotiated separation to occur within the church. This would have to involve robust protections for biblically faithful ministers, together with their congregations and buildings, should the Church of England be led into accepting heterodox faith and practice.

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November 14 2022 By virtueonline Bishop Switches Sides in ACNA-Nigeria Clash

The Diocese of the West's board voted 16-1 to join the ACNA, though one of Orji's suffragan bishops, Bishop Celestine Ironna, rector of Christ Anglican Church in Marietta, Georgia, will remain affiliated with the Church of Nigeria, as will its cathedral in Houston.

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November 13 2022 By dvirtue Provinces absent from Lambeth have left Communion: Canadian primate

About 650 bishops attended this summer's Lambeth Conference, a gathering of Anglican bishops from around the world which last met in 2008. Much media coverage of the conference focused on disagreement over same-sex marriage, particularly after primates of Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda refused to attend in protest at the invitation of bishops in same-sex unions.

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November 08 2022 By dvirtue Scottish Episcopal Church paid for suspended bishop’s trip to US

The Right Rev Anne Dyer, the Anglican bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney, was removed from her duties last month, almost two years after priests and church staff claimed she had made their working lives intolerable.

Footage shows her at a ceremony marking the consecration of the Bishop of Connecticut on October 16, wearing an ecclesiastical collar and purple shirt. The Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) confirmed it had funded the trip.

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November 07 2022 By dvirtue TEC'S 2021 STATISTICS MISSING IN ACTION

But one thing is missing -- the 2021 Episcopal Church Parochial Report. The facts and figures that show TEC's statistical health which, through the years, has also revealed its growing spiritual weaknesses. Usually, those figures are released in September. Last year they were released in early October. Here it is November and no figures from The Episcopal Church as the calendar quickly inches toward Thanksgiving.

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November 03 2022 By dvirtue LGBTQ advocates reject Episcopal decision to ordain Virginia bishop in SBC church

Similarly, in 2000 the SBC equated "homosexuality" with adultery and pornography, declaring, "In the spirit of Christ, Christians should oppose ... all forms of sexual immorality, including adultery, homosexuality and pornography."

Moreover, the SBC opposes LGBTQ equality and same-sex marriage and supports ex-gay ministries. While each congregation has considerable autonomy, the denomination expels churches that "affirm homosexual behavior."

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