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March 27 2019 By dvirtue GAFCON Networks mobilise following Cyclone

The force of the cyclone has destroyed homes, schools and hospitals while intense rainfall, as much as 180mm (7") in 24 hours, has created vast inland lakes leaving people stranded on rooftops and in trees. Many are unable to swim and those who can are at risk from crocodiles. There is no sign of the waters receding and levels are expected to keep rising until the end of the month.

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March 26 2019 By dvirtue KENYA: Anglican Archbishop Sapit criticises courts over LGBT ruling

"The Church does not support the ruling on LGBT association. This is not only unconstitutional but also against the teachings of God.

The Judiciary should respect and follow the Constitution," he said on the sidelines of a church service at ACK Holy Trinity in Kibera, Nairobi. The cleric said his church would not relent in its fight against LGBT.

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March 25 2019 By dvirtue Anglicans in Manicaland demonstrate against Bishop Ruwona over missing funds

Church members waved placards inscribed with messages denigrating the clergyman "Go well Erick, mbavha munyika and not muchurch, No to Corruption."

Riot police turned down request by protesters to hold a march fearing it may turn violent or cause traffic congestion.

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March 20 2019 By dvirtue Anglicans Affirm Right to Life

Virginia's governor, democrat Ralph Northam, recently calmly discussed a proposed bill that would allow a newborn baby to die: "The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother."

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March 19 2019 By dvirtue 1000 Anglican Churches in Egypt Submitted for Legalisation

The committee, which was set up in 2016, is tasked with licensing construction and restoration of churches across Egypt, a process which previously required the presidential approval of every single instance of construction at any church in Egypt. It has so far approved restoration and legalisation of about 783 churches.

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March 14 2019 By dvirtue New York State Supreme Court judge dismisses Bishop Sauls' suit

Judge Paul A. Goetz found that Sauls' contract was not breached because he was an "at will employee;" and that "nothing in the [DFMS] handbook limits the defendants' right to terminate plaintiff's employment for any reason."

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March 12 2019 By dvirtue TALLAHASSEE, FL: Former Anglican Prelate Helps Healing at St. Peter's

The Anglican Church, or Church of England, dates back to 1534 and King Henry VIII's famous split with the Catholic Church. But the Anglican Church in America is much more recent. It sprang from the objections of more socially conservative members of the nation's Episcopal Churches, who then left those parishes in protest and affiliated with the more theologically traditional Anglican Church.

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March 12 2019 By dvirtue From sacred to secular: Canada set to lose 9,000 churches, warns national heritage group

National Trust for Canada regeneration project leader Robert Pajot says every community in the country is going to see old church buildings shuttered, sold off or demolished.

"Neighbourhoods are going to have multiple churches closing," Pajot said. "Some people qualify this as a crisis, and I kind of agree. It is going to hit everybody."

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March 10 2019 By dvirtue CHURCH OF SOUTH INDIA: Archbishop wallows in corruption, patronage abuse, nepotism and cronyism

It cannot be said that corruption is committed by some remote or odd individuals thus developing a comfortable perspective not to look beyond individual cases. We have heard the expression that a rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. Do we wonder how? Joe Schwarcz explains, "The ripening and subsequent rotting of an apple can be linked to its internal production of a gas called ethylene.

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March 05 2019 By dvirtue DUBAI: G19 Conference Statement

4. We gave thanks to God, as we studied St Paul's letter to the Philippians and learned from the plenary addresses and from each other of the joys and challenges of sharing the gospel in our different contexts.
5. Gafcon is a movement for the reform and renewal of the Anglican Communion by faithful Anglicans who find their beloved Communion has been devastated by those preaching and practicing another gospel (Gal 1:6-7).

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