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February 05 2020 By virtueonline 'Persecuted Even after Death' -- China Bans Christian Funerals

"The government prohibits religious funerals, and doesn't allow church choirs or orchestras to perform during them," the Three-self church elder told Bitter Winter. "Pastors can only sneak into believers' homes for a hurried prayer."

Similar stories of persecution have been related throughout China.

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February 04 2020 By virtueonline Anglicans: Prepare for Post-Roe Fallout

Timed with the National March for Life on January 24, the summit uniquely draws Anglican clergy, laity and bishops from the United States and Canada to discuss upholding the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death.

Speakers shared of vulnerability and redemption in the most sensitive of subjects, and participants were charged not to sit passively.

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January 31 2020 By virtueonline Anglican Church in America Synod Approves Election of Bishop Juan Garcia Germain of Puerto Rico as New Archbishop

He married Nereida Valentín García in 1975 and is the father of four children; Freddie, Neyra, Leyinsca, and Juan. Under the care and spiritual guidance of Bishop Justo Pastor Ruiz, he prepared for Holy Orders. In 1987, he was ordained to the Diaconate by Bishop Ruiz and ordained to the priesthood in 1989 by Bishop Ruben Rodríguez Molina. He was consecrated Bishop of Puerto Rico, and Episcopal Visitor for Colombia in February 8, 1997 in Ponce PR by Archbishop Louis W.

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So, effectively the Trust was bullied by woke activists on Sheffield City Council into cancelling the Graham event.

Just before the cancellation was announced, I wrote to the Trust as follows: 'May I respectfully congratulate your company on your decision to honour the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's booking with you in the summer?

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January 28 2020 By virtueonline KENYA: Anglican bishops soften stance on Lambeth Conference

The bishops who attend the conference will carry with them the church's memorandum stating ACK's position especially with regard to the ordination of gay ministers. Archbishop Sapit is among those who will not be attending the conference.

The position was reached during a meeting of the Anglican bishops and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who is in the country partly on a private vacation.

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January 27 2020 By virtueonline The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria calls for a worldwide weekend of prayer for Nigeria

In the same state, on January 19th Rev Denis Bagauri was murdered by unknown gunmen in his residence, because he was a Christian. Eleven Christians were beheaded by Islamic State on Christmas Day of 2019 in Maiduguri including a bride to be.

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January 24 2020 By virtueonline An Interview with Archbishop Greg Venables after the January Jordan Primates Meeting

How did you do that?

Simply by taking the opportunity to speak clearly whenever it arose and many others did the same. Everyone in the meeting was allowed complete freedom and most responded. The difference with previous meetings was not just this freedom but the attitudes displayed and the generous spirit which all shared. It was outstanding and all of this led to greater clarity and depth in the dialogue.

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January 22 2020 By virtueonline ALBANY: Bishop Love Announces Hearing Panel Date to Determine His Fate in TEC

It is alleged by the Intake Report and Investigator's Report that I have "violated Canon IV.4.1(c) by failing to abide by the promises and vows made when he [I] was ordained, specifically the Declaration he [I] signed at his [my] ordination as bishop in which he [I] promised to 'conform to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of The Episcopal Church.' "

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January 18 2020 By virtueonline RICHMOND, VA: Episcopal Female Bishop Consecration Quashed

Local Catholics, including some parishioners at St. Bede, were outraged when word of the event spread earlier this month. Many Catholics who learned about it online also voiced their opposition, with a petition garnering more than 3,000 signatures.

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