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June 30 2019 By virtueonline Bishop of the Diocese of The Arctic Warns ACoC on upcoming Same-Sex Marriage Vote

First, allow me to share some of my story as a disciple of our LORD Jesus Christ. Although I was raised in a faithful Christian home, I still had a hunger to know God more deeply. But it wasn't until I was in my twenties that I became a serious disciple. Forty-six years ago, I said something simple: "God I'm giving up my life to follow you. I want to do what I said I would do when I was confirmed." It was a serious prayer.

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June 29 2019 By virtueonline Washington National Cathedral report corroborates allegations of staff sexual misconduct against 16 students

Before saying anything more, I want to speak directly to the victims and survivors of this abuse. In our faith tradition, when we welcome children into the community, we promise to cherish them and protect them, a promise we make to them, their families, and before God. For the victims and survivors of past abuse and your families, this promise was broken. I apologize for that failing and ask for your forgiveness.

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June 28 2019 By virtueonline Leading GAFCON bishop says he was victim of spiritual abuse

"I have been coming to terms with elements of spiritual manipulation in my own life. It has been a very hard and painful process requiring months of professional counselling for me to come to terms with what I have experienced."

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June 27 2019 By virtueonline Gay Maine Episcopal Bishop Unilaterally Transitions Holy Spirit to "She"

The Rt. Rev. Thomas James Brown was consecrated Saturday as the 10th bishop of the Diocese of Maine at the Cathedral Church of St. Luke in Portland. The service was led by the Most Rev. Michael Curry, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church.

A video posted on the diocese's YouTube channel showed participants, including Brown, calling the Holy Spirit a "she" during the recitation of the Nicene Creed. It is unclear if Curry said "she."

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The Anglican Church has been involved in building up Burundi in many ways in response to the different challenges caused by many years of instability and civil war.

The Church has been able to contribute through the following major activities:


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June 26 2019 By virtueonline AUSTRALIA: Grafton Synod Indicates Rejection of Both National Constitution and Bishops' Agreement on Same-Sex Marriage

27. Standard of Worship and Doctrine

That this Synod affirms the authorised standard of worship and doctrine of the Anglican Church of Australia as set out in the Fundamental Declarations and Ruling Principles of the Constitution.

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June 24 2019 By virtueonline St. Silas votes to leave Scottish Episcopal Church

St Silas describes itself as a growing, welcoming, diverse church family of many nationalities and all ages. The Rector, Martin Ayers, says, "We welcome anyone and everyone to spend time with us and discover how Jesus answers the big questions of life." The church has a congregation of 225 on average each Sunday, making it one of the largest churches in the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway.

The Church has made the following statement:

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June 23 2019 By virtueonline PLANO, TX: Ten Years in, Anglicans Celebrate Prayer Book and Discipleship

Discipleship "Caught, not just Taught"

Revisiting a decade of ministry together, ACNA leaders identified the hand of the Lord as present in a project providentially uniting unlikely partners in ministry.

In his opening address, Archbishop Foley Beach listed the planting of hundreds of churches, ministry among the poor and marginalized, and the sending of missionaries as key achievements, alongside building campaigns and the new BCP.

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June 13 2019 By virtueonline Episcopal Michigan Bishop-elect "very interested" to be "connected with the power structures"

Perry was elected last week on the fifth ballot from a slate of four female candidates. This was her third nomination for the episcopacy since 2006 (Mary Ann Mueller from Virtue Online has an excellent overview here).

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June 12 2019 By virtueonline Indian Christians and the Hindu Majoritarian election victory

We need to explore why Prime Minister Modi's Hindutva party, the BJP, projects a negative view of Christians. First, after the colonial period ended in 1947, some Indian academics created the myth that before the British came to India, the country was marked by religious harmony but that the British carried out a divide and rule policy to sow division between Hindus and Moslems. However, the 1000- year Muslim rule of India before British rule was not known for religious harmony.

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