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December 21 2018 By dvirtue HOLDING ON TO POWER

This tells us that evangelical Anglicanism is a grassroots movement, a representation of the priesthood of all believers. EFAC has not been revived by bishops or hierarchies, though some have been consulted, but by people of God concerned to continue faithful biblical witness in and through the Anglican Communion.


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December 19 2018 By dvirtue DIOCESE OF TENNESSEE: Canon to the Ordinary Jumps TEC ship for Rome

Canon Petiprin has offered his resignation as Canon to the Ordinary. I have accepted it, and it will become effective on December 31st.

Canon Petiprin has assured me of his gratitude to all of us for the opportunity to minister with the clergy and people of the Diocese of Tennessee. I am grateful to him as a colleague and friend for his work here with us.

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December 18 2018 By dvirtue Anglican bishop who blesses abortion and gay sex gets top job in Rome

Burrows was the first Irish bishop to declare his support for repealing the Eighth Amendment, according to Irish Times, calling the current law protecting the sanctity of human life in the womb "incorrigibly flawed."

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December 13 2018 By dvirtue WARRENTON, N.C. As one historically black Episcopal church closes, others face strong headwinds

Bishop Samuel Rodman presided over the Eucharistic service in an elementary school a block away from the church, where weekly services ended more than three years ago. Several longtime members returned to read Scriptures and sing hymns. Afterward, the group of 100, including history buffs and well-wishers from North Carolina and Virginia, shared a meal of fried chicken and baked beans.

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December 13 2018 By dvirtue SOUTH CAROLINA: The Long Road to Freedom: Diocese and Parishes File 38

The current federal litigation was initiated by TEC in 2013, after the Diocese made the decision
to disassociate from the national denomination, it helped charter in 1789, five years after its own
founding. The decision to leave was made in the fall of 2012 after denominational leadership
attempted to wrongly remove its duly elected bishop. Over 80% of the congregations and their

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December 11 2018 By dvirtue Former Church of South India Moderator Arrested and Jailed on Corruption Charges

A warrant was issued for his arrest. Police sought him for three weeks as he tried to escape arrest. According to the Police blotter, Dyvasirvadom was found hiding in darkness in his own house. Police observed a flicker of light inside the house, broke in and arrested the former Anglican primate (moderator).

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December 08 2018 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury says Churches of North India and South India are the only legitimate Members of the Anglican Communion in India

MUTHURAJ: This new declaration given by the Archbishop to the CSI and the CNI did not raise eye-brows, despite recorded widespread corruption, as only 1000 persons have viewed the video, and we do not know how many of the 6 million Christians of the CSI (4.5 million) and the CNI (1.5 million) have viewed it. Comments include 20 likes and 2 dislikes. The video has not proven to be as popular as many leaders had hoped.

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December 07 2018 By dvirtue Church in Wales' newest vicar on the church and being transgender

"I love St John's. Cardiff has a fabulous feel. The city centre is full of the reality of modern life. We have people for whom society works and we have people sleeping outside our gates. I'd like to think that St John's is well placed to reach out to both.

"The issues are in front of our gates. I don't have ready-made answers and the problems are complex. The thing I need to do first is to settle and listen to the people who need our help the most.

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December 07 2018 By dvirtue The National Cathedral was at its best at Bush funeral

The day, however, started at the Capitol and ended with Air Force One winging its way to Texas. In the middle was the State Funeral Service held at the National Cathedral.

There was not only the blending of voices, instruments and organ, there was also the blending of the military and caviling, the secular and sacred all coming together at the National Cathedral.

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December 06 2018 By dvirtue The National Cathedral takes center place in the Bush state funeral

A national cathedral was first the gleam in the eye of Washington's master architect, Pierre L'Enfant. In 1792, L'Enfant envisioned a "great church for national purposes." Initially, land was set aside for such a structure, but eventually the National Portrait Gallery was built on that site.

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