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April 23 2022 By dvirtue UK: Exmouth minister visits church groups working in Ukraine

Josep arrived late on Sunday night (April 3) in Budapest and, the following day, visited a refugee camp near Hungary's border with Ukraine. He also met a group of nine Ukrainian families, many of whom had disabilities or special needs, who had escaped from the Russian invasion. They had been helped by Norbert and Leslie to find a safe place to stay.

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April 23 2022 By dvirtue Japan ordains first female bishop in east Asia

Bishop-elect Maria Grace, a priest from the Diocese of Tokyo, was elected to her new role in November 2021, at the 80th Synod of the Diocese of Hokkaido.

She is only the second female bishop in Asia, and the first in Japan and east Asia.

Her election was welcomed at the time by Mandy Marshall, Director for Gender Justice at the Anglican Communion Office, as "a real breakthrough".

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April 21 2022 By dvirtue Final Resolution Reached in South Carolina Episcopal Case

The ruling from the South Carolina Supreme Court follows nearly a decade of litigation in which the parties disputed ownership of more than $500 million worth of church properties. The case, which originally involved 36 parishes, took several twists and was repeatedly appealed.

"From our decision today, there will be no remand," the five justices wrote. "The case is over."

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April 21 2022 By dvirtue South Carolina Supreme Court rules on TEC appeal regarding the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina and its Parishes

Today's decision affirmed that decision with regards to some parties to the litigation but not others. Legal counsel for the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina is reviewing this ruling to assess its implications and appropriate responses. The full text of the ruling may be found at

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April 21 2022 By dvirtue Lambeth Conference to Restrict Media Access: Journalists Must Agree with Principles of Conference or Be Denied Accreditation

The question logically follows, what are these 'principles and spirit' to which the press must adhere lest they lose their credentials? Are these principles theological? If so, which theology? Will it be the official theology of the Church's Formularies -- the Scriptures, Creeds, Articles of Religion, Book of Homilies, and the 1662 BCP -- or will it be whatever is the 'woke' theology du jour surging through the chambers of Lambeth Palace and the Anglican Communion Office?

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April 21 2022 By dvirtue Anglican Church of Canada Archbishop Resigns Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

All our workplaces are free from violence, coercion, discrimination, and sexual harassment.

No one is subjected to sexual misconduct of any kind.

We deal promptly, seriously and systematically with all complaints of sexual misconduct.

Those who hold positions of trust or power in the church do not take advantage of, or abuse that trust.

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April 20 2022 By dvirtue LGBTQ+ advocacy group Integrity formally dissolves

In late March, Integrity USA (also known as Integrity Inc.) withdrew from The Consultation, a consortium of progressive Episcopal organizations that it had been a member of since 1985. Integrity USA "is now in the post-dissolution winding-up phase," the organization's last president, Ronnie Ward, wrote to Consultation convener Laura Russell.

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April 20 2022 By dvirtue GAFCON 4 goes to Rwanda

The conference has been a landmark in international Anglicanism. The first meeting in Jerusalem drew bishops, clergy and laity from around the world and the Jerusalem Declaration formulated there has since become a key document for the movement that has followed.

"The Anglican Church of Rwanda is looking forward to hosting GAFCON IV in May of 2023," said Archbishop Laurent Mbanda, the Primate of Rwanda and vice chairman of the GAFCON Primates Council.

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The archbishop noted that in the secular world women have already shown potential in rising to all high offices and have served well; an indication that they can as well be trusted with high offices in the Church.

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April 16 2022 By dvirtue The future of Anglicanism is African

Along with a snazzy photo shoot, Saka recorded a video for GQ in which he lists his ten most essential items. There is an iPad, a portable music speaker, some Twix chocolate bars, a football, a PlayStation, trainers, and moisturiser: all the things you'd expect any sporty young man to be proud of possessing.

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