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May 09 2020 By virtueonline Many Houses of Worship Have Sought Government Aid, Surveys Show

Of the approximately 17,000 Catholic parishes in the country, about 10,000 applied for PPP loans in the first round of lending, according to Pat Markey, executive director of the Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference. Of those, 6,000 had their applications approved. About 3,000 additional parishes have been notified that their applications were accepted in the second round, Markey says.

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Union Theological Seminary's founding constitution stated the seminary's goal was to "promote" the "Kingdom of Christ." Professors were required to affirm they believed "the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be the word of God" and the "only infallible rule of faith and practice."

But as Jones made clear, the seminary is a very different school today.

She rejects a literal bodily resurrection of Christ.

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May 05 2020 By virtueonline KENYA: ENOUGH! WITHDRAW YOUR HAND!

We thank the health personnel for their effort and resilience in management of this pandemic. We continue to pray for all of you; for God's protection and wisdom as you take care of the infected and affected. We urge the health providers to resolve their remuneration issues with the Government at national and county levels in manner that is not going to disrupt COVID 19 management. We commend the ongoing testing efforts by the government.

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May 01 2020 By virtueonline 'Quarantine Revival' -- 132,000 Respond to Jesus during Virtual Evangelistic Event

Reports keep coming from the @PulseMovement Global #GoodFriday Broadcast -

More than 100 million people tuned in (stats from @nielsen )!!!

The best news - 132,000 people responded to Jesus by phone, text, or email!!!!#quarantinerevival #yearofthebible

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April 30 2020 By virtueonline GAFCON Chairman says Anglicans are Reaching out Globally to COVID-19 Sufferers

Please be aware that the people and churches of Africa are suffering not only from the impact of the coronavirus economic lockdown, but in East Africa also from recurrent and massive locust plagues which are devasting crops. And in addition to the pandemic, Christians in northern Nigeria are suffering intensified and barbaric attacks from Fulani Jihadist tribesmen who are deliberately targeting women and children.

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April 30 2020 By virtueonline AUSTRALIA: Graeme Lawrence (Paedophile Offender)

Graeme Lawrence, aged 77 years, is now defrocked and a convicted paedophile. He's been sentenced to eight years in prison. He'll serve at least four and a half years behind bars before having any hope of parole.

He was one of many unsavoury characters who lurked within Newcastle's Anglican Church for decades.

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April 28 2020 By virtueonline Americans are Abandoning Traditional, Biblical View of God: Shock Barna Study

George Barna, director of research at the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University and founder of the Barna Group, writes: "Tens of millions of Americans consider themselves to be Christian but do not believe that God is really in control or cares what happens to them."

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April 24 2020 By virtueonline NIGERIA: Primate Ndukuba's advice on how to respond to COVID-19

I believe that God is giving us the opportunity to repent as individuals and as families, as a people and as a nation; to turn away from our wickedness and sins and turn to the living God, who can give us hope and life, especially in times like this when no one knows what comes next and anybody can die.

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April 24 2020 By virtueonline The William and Linda Roemer Endowed African-American Student Scholarship Now Available at Trinity School for Ministry

"Trinity is a seminary of distinction in so many ways, and Linda and I are blessed to make a contribution that will distinguish the school in yet another way," said Mr. Roemer. "As the number of African Americans enrolling in theological schools grows, Trinity must have the resources to attract the very best and most qualified students.

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April 23 2020 By virtueonline Episcopal Priest: It's Okay to Kill Babies in Abortions, But Wrong for Pro-Lifers to Protest It

Abortion facilities really are the ones putting people at risk by remaining open during the crisis. Not only are they still aborting unborn babies in elective abortions, they also are risking the health of their staff, volunteers and patients. And even though abortions are not essential, abortion facilities continue to use up personal protective equipment and other medical supplies that hospitals desperately need for legitimate life-saving medical care.

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