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January 06 2019 By dvirtue GAFCON Chairman's Epiphany Letter Blasts Church of England over Transgender issue

In the gospel God's amazing grace continues to shine forth and brings about a new humanity from the four corners of the earth as we join the Magi and bow before the Son of God in joyful worship. According to St Paul, the church's wonderful unity in Christ reveals the 'manifold wisdom' of God, not only on earth, but also in the heavenly realms.

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December 27 2018 By dvirtue NEW HAMPSHIRE: St. Paul's School graduate begins jail time for 2014 Senior Salute sexual assault

Owen Labrie, 23, turned himself in to the Merrimack County jail Wednesday morning, more than a week after a judge refused to shorten his sentence. Reporters waiting outside the jail did not see him enter.

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December 26 2018 By dvirtue Forgetting Christmas: The Greatest Story Never Told

Being ignorant of one's own history is a recipe for disaster -- as history proves. But of course we will never learn the lessons of history if we do not know history. So things will simply get worse as more and more people are cast adrift from their own past, and any knowledge of it.

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December 23 2018 By dvirtue Church of England's plan for transgender baptisms outrages bishops

The idea first drew attention when Reverend Chris Newlands was asked to debate the issue at the General Synod in 2015.

Three years later, the practice, which allows transgender Christians to recognise their chosen name as opposed to their birth name, received official endorsement from the church.

However, bishops have denounced the ritual as they believe gender is assigned by God.

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December 22 2018 By dvirtue Archbishop Welby's Vatican representative busted for sexual misconduct - UPDATED

The Governors have appealed for potential victims with "a safeguarding concern or requiring support" to approach the Church of England's Safeguarding team.

The scandal is a serious source of embarrassment for Archbishop Welby, who appointed Ntahoturi to his position in October 2017.

Ntahoturi served four years in prison following the 1987 military coup against dictator of Burundi Jean-Baptiste Bagaza. Ntahoturi served as President Bagaza's chief of staff.

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December 21 2018 By dvirtue HOLDING ON TO POWER

This tells us that evangelical Anglicanism is a grassroots movement, a representation of the priesthood of all believers. EFAC has not been revived by bishops or hierarchies, though some have been consulted, but by people of God concerned to continue faithful biblical witness in and through the Anglican Communion.


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December 19 2018 By dvirtue DIOCESE OF TENNESSEE: Canon to the Ordinary Jumps TEC ship for Rome

Canon Petiprin has offered his resignation as Canon to the Ordinary. I have accepted it, and it will become effective on December 31st.

Canon Petiprin has assured me of his gratitude to all of us for the opportunity to minister with the clergy and people of the Diocese of Tennessee. I am grateful to him as a colleague and friend for his work here with us.

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December 18 2018 By dvirtue Anglican bishop who blesses abortion and gay sex gets top job in Rome

Burrows was the first Irish bishop to declare his support for repealing the Eighth Amendment, according to Irish Times, calling the current law protecting the sanctity of human life in the womb "incorrigibly flawed."

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December 13 2018 By dvirtue WARRENTON, N.C. As one historically black Episcopal church closes, others face strong headwinds

Bishop Samuel Rodman presided over the Eucharistic service in an elementary school a block away from the church, where weekly services ended more than three years ago. Several longtime members returned to read Scriptures and sing hymns. Afterward, the group of 100, including history buffs and well-wishers from North Carolina and Virginia, shared a meal of fried chicken and baked beans.

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December 13 2018 By dvirtue SOUTH CAROLINA: The Long Road to Freedom: Diocese and Parishes File 38

The current federal litigation was initiated by TEC in 2013, after the Diocese made the decision
to disassociate from the national denomination, it helped charter in 1789, five years after its own
founding. The decision to leave was made in the fall of 2012 after denominational leadership
attempted to wrongly remove its duly elected bishop. Over 80% of the congregations and their

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