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February 23 2021 By dvirtue FT. WORTH: U.S. Supreme Court upholds Texas ruling on Diocese, Corporation

For all practical purposes this ends the appeals process that began in 2015 following the Second Summary Judgement of the trial court in Fort Worth. Shortly the trial court will move forward to enforce the ruling and consider related matters severed from the original suit filed against the Diocese in April

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February 22 2021 By dvirtue UGANDA: Anglican Archbishop Condemns Beating of Journalists

As Bobi Wine was inside the UN high commission offices presenting a petition against abducting his supporters, outside, the police and army were clobbering journalists and MPs.

Among the six journalists severely beaten were two females and two males. They included Josephine Namakumbi, Irene Abalo of NBS television, Cliff Wamala of NTV television and Timothy Murungi of New Vision newspaper.

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February 22 2021 By dvirtue NIGERIA: Primate Ndukuba hails Onitsha All Saints Cathedral

Ndukuba said: "The vision to build a Cathedral in Onitsha was that of Bishop Joseph Sydney Hill's, who was consecrated Bishop in 1893 to succeed Bishop Crowther. The decision was taken when he visited Onitsha after his consecration in 1893. However, he was struck by a sudden illness, which resulted in his death on January 5 1894 and his wife on the following day, January 6, 1894. With Bishop Hill's death, everything about the proposed Cathedral was suspended.

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Initially these churches found a home within the GAFCON Missionary District for Europe, provided by the Anglican Church in North America through the Anglican Network in Canada. Now a self-governing entity under GAFCON, ACE seeks to draw on the GAFCON example by bringing together, under the authority of the Bible, faithful Anglicans, united in substance, yet diverse in expression, rooted in tradition, yet contemporary in practice.

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February 19 2021 By dvirtue JAMAICA: Two men charged with Anglican priest's murder in Chapelton, Clarendon last year

Allegations are that about 4:30 pm on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 the two accused men and Lewis got in an argument, during which a piece of furniture was used to strike Lewis on the head.

The men then reportedly stole a desktop computer, a tablet and a Samsung A10 smartphone and a 2018 Hyundai Creta motorcar from the clergyman's house.

An investigation was launched, which lead to the arrest of the suspects late in January.

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February 16 2021 By dvirtue UGANDA: Martyred Archbishop Remembered

In his sermon, Archbishop Kaziimba praised the late Archbishop for being a true Christian. He said that Luwum could not simply keep quiet as Idi Amin killed innocent people. When he told him that what he was doing was wrong, he ended up being murdered.

Kaziimba said Archbishop Luwum had love for people, peace and justice. For him life was not cheap. He was a good shepherd who could not abandon his sheep.''

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February 15 2021 By dvirtue NIGERIA: Anglican Church Primate Expresses Worry over Country's Insecurity

According to The Nation Newspaper, Archbishop Ndukuba said he is worried over the increasing insecurity and instability across the country. He said this while addressing the Standing Committee meeting of the Church of Nigeria at the All Saints Cathedral in Onitsha, Anambra State.

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Fr. Engel has pastored a number of churches during over 40 years of vocational ministry including 10 years in Taiwan as a missionary. When asked for comment, Fr. Engel said, "I am humbled by this charge that has been entrusted to me by the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes. Terri and I earnestly desire the prayers of God's people that we may serve Jesus Christ and His Church faithfully and well."

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February 12 2021 By dvirtue KENYA: Anglican Archbishop irked by politicians

He has asked leaders to tone down on the current political rhetoric in the country, saying it was wrong for political leaders to put the entire country in a campaign mood with the general election 18 months away.

Clashes among politicians at all levels in the country are very common in the east African country.

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February 12 2021 By dvirtue Anglican Church in Western Kenya Condemns Burning of Churches

The Rev. Stephen Oundo of St. Paul Church in Western Kenya said, "It is unfortunate that in this century there are still people who destroy churches. As Christians we need to fight against such wrong elements.''

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