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November 15 2019 By virtueonline Episcopal Church in South Carolina Files Another Petition

Among the cited violations, the Petition to Enforce the Injunction notes that although U.S.

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November 15 2019 By virtueonline Bishop of Zaria denounces the Archbishop of Kaduna and the general secretary of the Anglican Consultative Council

"The governor should know that he will never be president of Nigeria. I speak prophetically as a servant of the living God," the Bishop of Zaria said.

"Let fake Christians and religious spies placed in our church by a particular religion be aware of the consequences of their actions because heaven is watching. May the Lord expose these spies in our midst on Jesus Name.

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November 15 2019 By virtueonline GERMANY: Confessional Lutherans and Anglicans Take Talks Global

Despite differing backgrounds, the individuals in attendance were united in their commitments to the Gospel of forgiveness, life, and salvation by grace through faith in Christ together with the infallible authority of Holy Scripture in all matters of doctrine and life.

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November 14 2019 By virtueonline AMBRIDGE, PA: TSM expands campus, purchases local church

Opened in 1976, Trinity has a long history of working with the Ambridge and surrounding communities. Of interest is the fact that Trinity’s current chapel was a Presbyterian church, and when Trinity purchased it, half of the congregation began attending down the street at the church that was just purchased. “We feel like God has taken us full circle,” said Thompson, “and once again we are able to put new life into an older building.”

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November 11 2019 By virtueonline Why all the Congregations in ACNA should use the new ACNA Book of Common Prayer (other Anglicans in the USA as well)

3. It will strengthen the unity of mind and heart among those who use it regularly. Its use will begin to create a common language and memory among us, increasingly forging in us a deeper union and common sense of identity.

4. Lastly, it will no doubt be improved in minor ways. In the days ahead regular use will bring the need to light. It is important to have the wisdom of the whole Church involved in that process.

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November 07 2019 By virtueonline Financial Improprieties Alleged in Central New York

The nature of the alleged financial impropriety has not been disclosed, but on October 31, the diocese announced that results of a forensic audit had been turned over to the New Hartford police. A dispatcher at the police department was unable to confirm whether any charges had been filed. Szachara could not be reached for comment.

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November 05 2019 By virtueonline Episcopal Woman Priest Says Abortionists are "Saints"

Ragsdale is an Episcopal priest who has been outspoken about abortion rights, LGBTQ equality, and public policy issues affecting women and families throughout her career. She has testified before the U.S. Congress as well as numerous state legislatures about the importance of abortion access and was a featured speaker at the 2004 March for Women's Lives in Washington, DC.

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November 05 2019 By virtueonline Church of Ireland leader to retire early next year

He served as bishop of Meath and Kildare from 1996 to 2012, before being elected as Archbishop of Armagh in October 2012 and enthroned in St Patrick's Cathedral, Co Armagh, in December of that year.

Speaking during his presidential address to the Armagh Diocesan Synod on Saturday, Dr Clarke said that when he took up the role in 2012, he made a "quiet agreement" with family and friends that he would work as primate for five years.

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November 03 2019 By virtueonline Hymn Society Releases "Queer Hymns" for LGBTQIA2S+

Among the offered musical compositions are: "A Hymn for Self-Acceptance", "God Calls You Good", "God of Queer Transgressive Spaces" and "The Kingdom of God is the Queerest of Nations".

Many of the songs promise indiscriminate inclusion regardless of personal choices, praise alphabet-soup sexuality as part of God's intended design, and conflate romantic love with brotherly or familial love.

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November 03 2019 By virtueonline AUSTRALIA: Newcastle Anglicans support gay marriage

One would create a regulation allowing ministers to bless those married "according to the Marriage Act" - and allow for the blessing of same-sex couples.

No minister would be forced to conduct such a service if it went against their conscience, the bill says.

The other would prevent a clergy member from being disciplined for blessing a same-sex marriage, or for being in a same-sex marriage themselves.

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