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Islamic Persecution
April 11 2024 By dvirtue Russia Is Persecuting Christian Churches in Occupied Ukraine

Moscow’s invasion and devastation of Ukraine have contributed to the assessment, by the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), that Russia ranks among the world’s religious persecutors of greatest concern. Russia, they find, “egregiously” and “systematically” persecutes a wide array of Christian churches, except the Ukrainian Orthodox Church–Moscow Patriarchate, which Putin co-opts.

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February 06 2024 By dvirtue How Nigeria became a hotbed of anti-Christian persecution

Of course, in truth that's a merely rhetorical assertion. However important the doctrinal issues may be, nobody's going to live or die depending on how they're resolved.

On the other hand, the same cannot be said for the issue currently dominating Catholic discussion in Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation, which isn't the theology of same-sex relationships or any of the other topics that often loom so large in Catholic debate in affluent societies.

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October 16 2021 By dvirtue Concentration camps are back--this time in China

The camps are in Xinjiang province in western China, the home of 20 million Uyghur and Kazakh Muslims until "vocational training" camps were built in recent years. Now China says only 12.2 million Muslims are living in the province. Where did the other 7.8 million go?

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June 18 2020 By dvirtue British Government urged to address Nigeria's 'unfolding genocide'

Archdeacon Hassan John of Jos gave evidence that , "The drivers of the violence in Nigeria may be complex but generally speaking Nigerians are deeply religious... So, while there are social, political and economic drivers, the average Nigerian sees all these from their religious perspective first... Christians and Muslims... see this conflict as one religious group's fight to dominate and, if possible, exterminate the other." Para 62

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May 08 2019 By dvirtue 80 percent of persecuted religious believers are Christians: British gov't interim report

According to the lengthy interim report, 80 percent of persecuted believers around the world are Christians, with Bishop Mounstephen labeling it "an inconvenient truth."

In footnote number 344, Mounstephen explained that while the statistic derives from 10-year-old research by the International Society for Human Rights, it remains accurate.

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March 20 2019 By dvirtue ABUJA, Nigeria: Media Ignores Slaughter of Nigerian Christians

Just a day before that, an attack on the village of Ungwan Barde killed 17 people and destroyed dozens of homes. One month prior, about 16 people had been killed in Ungwan Barde village in a series of attacks on Feb. 9 and 10.

The governor of Kaduna State imposed a curfew last week on the local government area owing to the deadly outbreak of violence.

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December 26 2018 By dvirtue Fulani Militia "bigger threat than Boko Haram" -- Anglican Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi

"Boko Haram operates in the northeast and scantily moves into other areas, but the Fulani herdsmen are widespread. They're everywhere now. So the Fulani are a bigger threat," Kwashi said.

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October 27 2018 By dvirtue JOS, Nigeria: "Boko Haram Put a Bounty on My Head" -- Hassan John

Boko Haram, a radical Islamic movement whose name roughly translates to "Western education is forbidden," has ramped up attacks on Christians this year. Since 2009 when Boko Haram began its rampage, about 20,000 Nigerians have been hacked with machetes or shot. Two million have been displaced. Pastors and their families have been specifically targeted for death.

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October 16 2018 By dvirtue Nigerian Jihad

Since the beginning of 2018 eight thousand Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, have been massacred by Boko Haram, a radical Muslim movement whose name means "western education forbidden." Since 2009 twenty thousand Christians have been hacked with machetes or shot with AK-47s. Two million have been displaced. Pastors and their families have been specifically targeted for death.

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July 20 2018 By dvirtue It is Well With My Soul: The Witness of the Church of Nigeria

At present, the future for all Christians in Nigeria looks grim:
 Nine of the country's thirty-six states impose full-blown Sharia. This forces Christians in those states to navigate a minefield. In this minefield, Islamic rage could be detonated by anything as seemingly innocuous as a gesture, a word, or even an act of God. In one such incident, Muslims blamed Christians for a lunar eclipse and went on a killing spree.

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