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Islamic Persecution
March 26 2016 By dvirtue Europeans Warn Americans of Civilizational Jihad

After Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney's introduction described a "not so much nonviolent as pre-violent" Islamic "civilization jihad," Hedegaard stated that "Europe as we knew it is just a few years away from a complete breakdown." He discussed an ongoing influx that would last several years of millions of economic immigrants to Europe, people who on the basis of past experience with Muslim immigrant communities "have proven to be impossible to integrate." According to th

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February 02 2016 By dvirtue Global Persecution of Christians Worsening

"Last year," states online the World Watch List report on the 50 worst countries for Christian persecution, "it was noted that 2014 had been an unprecedented year in Christian persecution, and Open Doors predicted that it would only get worse." Curry noted that the report's timespan (November 1, 2014, to October 31, 2015, as described in a distributed fact sheet) had witnessed "persecution continuing to increase, intensify, and spread across the globe." The 2016 World Watch List map indicat

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January 23 2016 By dvirtue Christian persecution in 2015

"There are many millions more Christians today who are afraid to go to church, or no longer have a church to go to; who have to choose between staying faithful to God or keeping their children safe; who have been brutalised, lost their dignity or their liberty because they share the same faith as many in our own country, but they do not share our freedom. There are many, many more today who are mourning over recently lost loved ones."

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January 21 2016 By dvirtue IRBIL: Oldest Christian monastery in Iraq razed

St. Elijah's Monastery stood as a place of worship for 1,400 years, including most recently for U.S. troops. In earlier millennia, generations of monks tucked candles in the niches, prayed in the chapel, worshipped at the altar. The Greek letters chi and rho, representing the first two letters of Christ's name, were carved near the entrance.

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January 21 2016 By dvirtue Despite Growing Calls, Obama Continues to Refuse to Name Christian Genocide

While most ISIS victims are actually Muslim, it continues a "soft drip of genocide over the last century" against Middle East minority groups, stated Institute for Global Engagement Emeritus President Chris Seiple.

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January 04 2016 By dvirtue Stopping the Christian Holocaust

Christians who are crucified, tortured, raped, enslaved and suffer wholesale destruction of their communities by the Islamic State apparently don't qualify for asylum.

To rectify this horrific disparity, Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California is sponsoring The Save Christians from Genocide Act (H.R. 4017).

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December 24 2015 By dvirtue Post Christendom Realities

It is pretty hard to miss the impact of radical Islam. Groups like ISIS (also called ISIL) commit unspeakable atrocities, and groups like the Taliban try to see how far they can push the envelope. Without question, this is the most violent modern day movement. What is absolutely remarkable about it is the acceptance that ISIS and the Taliban have among "moderate" Muslims.

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December 21 2015 By dvirtue Kenyan Muslims shield Christians in Mandera bus attack

At least two people were killed in the attack, near the north-eastern village of El Wak on the Somali border.

The Somali based al-Shabab group is the main suspect for the attack.

It has not said if it was responsible, but often carries out attacks in Kenya's north-east.

The bus was travelling from the capital Nairobi to the town of Mandera.

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December 16 2015 By dvirtue "One Christian Slaughtered Every Five Minutes"

"Why, we ask the western world, why not raise one's voice over so much ferocity and injustice?" asked Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, the head of the Italian Bishops Conference.

Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregory III said: "I do not understand why the world does not raise its voice against such acts of brutality."

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December 09 2015 By dvirtue Christianised Islam is root of UK's Muslim reform movement

It's the old man who fought for his release, whom no other journalist has ever thought to interview, John Cornwall.

I first stumbled upon him at the launch of Quilliam in 2007.

The atmosphere was febrile and intense at the prospect of coming face to face with real live Islamic extremists.

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