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Islamic Persecution
June 14 2014 By virtueonline The Cleansing of Iraq's Christians Is Entering Its End Game

As Corner readers will remember, in February, it was the militants of this rebel group that, in the northern Syrian state of Raqqa, compelled Christian leaders to sign a 7th-century dhimmi contract. The document sets forth specific terms denying the Christians the basic civil rights of equality and religious freedom and committing them to pay protection money in exchange for their lives and the ability to keep their Christian identity.

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June 11 2014 By virtueonline UK Vicar Blasts 'Editorial balance' over Transgendered Anglican Canon Preaching

There was no input in the article from any confessing Anglican who upholds the biblically faithful 1998 Lambeth Resolution on human sexuality supported by the overwhelming majority of Anglican bishops worldwide.

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June 02 2014 By virtueonline A Snapshot of Islamic 'Justice' - Robert Knight

Dr. Ishig, 27, had been chained to the floor for months during her pregnancy and while caring for her toddler son in a Sudanese prison "that a 2008 U.N. document reported as having an infant-mortality rate of one per day in the summer," according to a petition to the White House asking for her release.

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May 28 2014 By virtueonline A Critical Look at the Koran - William Kilpatrick

I don’t understand how you can read the Qur’an and the sunnah of the Prophet and not understand that jihad and the implementation of Sharia is absolutely demanded of all the Muslim Ummah.

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May 28 2014 By virtueonline ENGLAND: Christians offer safe houses to Muslims

News of the support network for converts comes in the wake of international outrage at Sudan for imposing a death sentence on Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, a pregnant Christian woman, for refusing to renounce her faith. Her estranged father was Muslim.

Michael Nazir-Ali, a former bishop of Rochester, said a “mistaken respect for culture” meant that British converts were not being protected.


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May 26 2014 By virtueonline Global Anglican Theological Institute

Sound teaching is an essential element in the development of the church. We have talked with archbishops, bishops, clergy and laity across the Communion who have unanimously called for accessible theological material and education for the two-thirds world and the Global South.

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May 26 2014 By virtueonline Muslims Stone, Attack Christians at Church Near Bethlehem

“Some local Muslims either tried to park a car too close the church and/or tried to enter the church during a service honoring St. George - the initial instigation isn’t clear,” she wrote. “But when the intruders were asked to leave, one of them stabbed a Christian man who was outside the church serving as a guard. He was hospitalized. Several then started throwing stones at the church. 7 or 8 Christians were injured and some physical damage was done - broken windows etc.

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May 26 2014 By virtueonline Why Al-Qaeda Declared ‘We Must Eliminate the Cross

This article was originally published on The Clarion Project. It is cross-posted with permission.

Al Qaeda recently released a video of a large meeting in Yemen showing senior leader Nasir al-Wuhayshi preaching, “We must eliminate the cross” and explained that, “The bearer of the cross is America.”

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A Barnabas partner wrote these words on 22 April from Aleppo, where our brothers and sisters are suffering greatly as their city is besieged for a second time. The main route in and out of the city has been partially blocked off, restricting the flow of essential supplies. When parts of Aleppo that are home to 400,000 Christians were besieged for months last year, supplies ran so short that children became malnourished.

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May 23 2014 By virtueonline Muslims Stone, Attack Christians at Church Near Bethlehem

Police did not comment, but according to Dexter Van Zile, CAMERA's Christian Media Analyst, “it seems pretty obvious that whatever police presence there was... it was insufficient to prevent an outbreak of violence, which resulted in several injuries including one broken nose.

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