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Islamic Persecution
August 20 2014 By dvirtue Persecuted Christians in Iraq are dying for Christ

The persecution of the Christian Church started immediately. The Deacon Stephen, Christianity's first martyr, spilled his blood at the hands of his persecutors, It was witnessed by a man from Tarsus -- Saul who, by his zealousness, was instrumental in the persecution of the early Church in Jerusalem.

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August 14 2014 By dvirtue Some things I’ve learned from the persecuted church

On the tenth day, the unrepentant Abacha dropped dead from a previously undiagnosed heart problem. He was just short of his 55th birthday. Even as Archbishop Joseph related the story to me it was with a breathless sense of the sovereignty of God.

From Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini

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August 07 2014 By dvirtue "We are being butchered under the banner of 'There is no God but Allah'"

It is estimated that some 2,000 were murdered and as many as 40,000 have fled into the mountains to avoid the slaughter. The children are now dying of thirst. Exposed to the heat of Mount Sinjar, the elderly and vulnerable adults will soon follow.

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July 30 2014 By dvirtue IRAQ: The silence is deafening

“They could stay and pay a tax or convert to Islam – or be killed. Yacub, 70, was one of the few Christians remaining beyond last Saturday's noon deadline. He may have even been the last to leave alive.

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July 28 2014 By dvirtue Persecution of Christians contradicts idea of a Caliphate

In these circumstances and fearing the worst, many chose to flee and Mosul – just recently home to thousands of Christians – has been emptied of this ancient community. Stripped of all their possessions, even medicines, many were forced to walk 70km to safety, eventually heading to Dohuk in the Kurdish region of the country. The 15 Christian families who chose to stay in Mosul, did so by converting to Islam in order to to retain their homes and possessions.

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The Middle East expert went on to explain that the mainstream media is in full support of the White House narrative “that the President single-handedly killed Osama Bin Laden, and that Al Qaeda is now on the ropes; therefore, jihad must be shriveling up around the world.” This myopic strategy of only targeting Al Qaeda has provided great opportunities for other jihadists and has given rise to ISIS.

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July 18 2014 By dvirtue Innocents in Iraq: How an American Diplomat Discovered Islam’s Reality

Iwanicki’s first contact with Muslim society came during an Amman stopover where the majority of women wore veils, a “surprise because my travel book said that Jordan was a secular country.” An Amman restaurant also struck Iwanicki with a “TV bolted to the wall…blaring a program where an imam chanted the Quran in hypnotic tones.” A knowledgeable companion meanwhile told Iwanicki of a friend who “had looked too long at a fully-covered woman in an elevator” whereupon her sheik husband respond

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June 26 2014 By virtueonline Meriam Ibrahim, Sudanese Woman Sentenced for Apostasy, Released

Ibrahim's lawyer, Elshareef Mohammed, said she had been sent "to an unknown house to stay at for her protection and security," the Daily Mail reports. "Her family had been threatened before and we are worried that someone might try to harm her," he said.

Officials promised that she would be released "in a few days" in late May, more than three weeks ago, according to the BBC.

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June 15 2014 By virtueonline The War on Christians

A few cases do get press coverage—the desperate plight of Meriam Ibrahim, for instance, who gave birth in a Sudanese prison just the other day. She was raised a Christian, but after officials learned that her long-absent father was a Muslim, she was sentenced to death for apostasy—for leaving Islam.

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June 14 2014 By virtueonline The Cleansing of Iraq's Christians Is Entering Its End Game

As Corner readers will remember, in February, it was the militants of this rebel group that, in the northern Syrian state of Raqqa, compelled Christian leaders to sign a 7th-century dhimmi contract. The document sets forth specific terms denying the Christians the basic civil rights of equality and religious freedom and committing them to pay protection money in exchange for their lives and the ability to keep their Christian identity.

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