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December 04 2021 By dvirtue Forty Anglican Primates talk up Climate Change and Covid * CofE; a Grand Operatic Death * Anglican Church of Canada is Collapsing * Kenya Province Poses Problems for GAFCON * ACofC Upholds Conversion Therapy Ban; Supports Gender Transition...More

The Gospel has brought hope, as it has done throughout the ages; and the Church has adapted and continued its ministry, often in new ways - such as digital forms of worship. --- Her Majesty The Queen

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November 13 2021 By dvirtue Americans Are Giving Up on Church * COVID Fallout Hits TEC; ACNA Not So Much * Welby Says Partnership not Jesus in Climate Change Controversy * Welby Worst ABC in History? * GAFCON Australia and Ireland Score Nazir Ali's Defection * ACNA bishop in trouble

Half of young people ages 13 to 25 surveyed said they don't think that religious institutions care as much as they do about issues that matter deeply to them, according to a report released by the Springtide Research Institute, a nonpartisan nonprofit. Those issues include racial justice, gender equity, immigration rights, income inequality and gun control. --- Wall Street Journal

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October 23 2021 By dvirtue Anglican Bishop Defects to Rome * Global South Bishops Affirm Faith; Repudiate Homosexuality & Revisionism * Church of England Closures * Church of England Poll -- No change on Sexuality Issues * TEC Diocese of Albany to vote on Canon Amendment * More

The Pharisaic spirit still haunts every child of Adam today. It is easy to be critical of Christ's contemporaries and miss the repetition of their vainglory in ourselves. Yet deeply ingrained in our fallen nature is this thirst for the praise of men. It seems to be a devilish perversion of our basic psychological need to be wanted and to be loved. We hunger for applause, fish for compliments, thrive on flattery.

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October 19 2021 By dvirtue Church of England Bishop Defects to Rome Rocking Global Anglicanism

The reason for his defection is the continuing progressive slide of the Church of England. The secular accommodation embarked on by a number of provinces in the Anglican communion also contributed to his departure.

He was particularly outspoken on "the serious consequences of ignoring the implications of the growth of Islam, and the importance of the Christian definition of marriage being restricted to a man and a woman with the intention of having children."

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October 09 2021 By dvirtue TEC Reports Huge Decline in Parishioners and Finances * Wisconsin's Three Dioceses agree to Merge * Parish leaves ACNA and Ends up in Limbo * Cancel Culture and The Episcopal Church * ACNA Bishop Forced to Take leave over Abuse of Power * More

"One of the greatest threats to the Christian church is not heretics or false teachers, but rather those who have the right theology but are willing to overlook and tolerate gross error for the sake of unity, and castigate those who speak up for truth as being divisive or unChristian." -- Karl Dalhfred

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
October 8, 2021

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September 25 2021 By dvirtue Women African Ordinations to Episcopacy Test GAFCON Resolve * Texas Court Orders TEC Diocese to Return Property Contents * South Carolina Supreme Court sets new hearing date * Two Continuing Churches Merge * Two Former ABCs Split over Assisted Suicide

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
September 24, 2021

THE definition of crazy is watching the same thing being repeated over and over with the anticipation that something better will emerge from the morass of bad decisions.

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September 11 2021 By dvirtue Church in Wales Okays Homosexual Blessings * Texas parish spends $66 million to build new buildings * Ft. Worth Anglicans get $4.5 million in legal fees from TEC *Counterfeit "Gospel" of Affirming Catholicism *EFAC-USA Leader sees future for evangelicals

"Christianity is not our journey to God, it is first and foremost His journey to us. It is not about achieving some spiritual thing that is just beyond our reach, but rather learning to live in the light of 'It is finished.' It's not about self-actualization but about adjusting ourselves to God's story. It is not what we do for Him, but what He has done for undeserving sinners like us." --- Chuck Collins, Center for Reformation Anglicanism

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August 28 2021 By dvirtue Majority of US Christians reject Salvation by Grace * Three Episcopal Dioceses in Wisconsin will begin a trialogue * Diocese of Albany Brings in Evangelical to replace Bishop Love * GAFCON Australia Plans Diocese for alienated Anglicans * ACNA priest Dies

"We have lost so much moral capital in the West that we have forgotten where our conception of human rights come from: they are predominantly an outgrowth of Christianity. Not only have we grown to despise the faith that inspired us; we have even learnt to declare evil the civilisation it built. Wokeness is the weakest of substitutes for what we have lost in the West." --- Kurt Mahlburg, MercatorNet

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August 14 2021 By dvirtue Who Blinks First? * ZOOM Memoirs * Australian Primate Rips GAFCON diocese * 'Save the Parish' - Rebellion in the CofE * Vermont Diocese Faces Financial Cliff * Truro Anglican Priest resigns * Conflicted Episcopal Bishop Takes over Michigan Dioceses * More

Distinguishing tolerances. It is very easy to tolerate the opinions of others if we have no strong opinions of our own. But we should not acquiesce in this easy-going tolerance. We need to distinguish between the tolerant mind and the tolerant spirit.

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July 31 2021 By dvirtue Is Schism Coming to Anglican Communion? * GAFCON Australia forms Diocese; gets Pushback from Primate * Upper Midwest Bishop in Eye of Abuse Storm * Hypocrisy marks TEC over Sex * Truro Church fires Priest * Residential School Scandal Touches ACofC * More

Scripture and systems. I do not believe that the Bible provides 'a complete system of theology' or 'a comprehensive guide' to ethics. Systematic theology is certainly a legitimate and even necessary academic discipline, but God did not choose to reveal himself in systematic form, and all systems are exposed to the same temptation, namely to trim God's revelation to fit our system instead of adapting our system to accommodate his revelation. --- John R.W. Stott

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