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April 20 2017 By dvirtue Church of South India Deeply Corrupt * Welby's Woolly Easter Message * Dead Muslim Judge Married to Episcopal Priest * Bishop Ackerman Bewails TEC's Innovations * Trump attends Episcopal Church Easter Service * 3 TEC Bishops Die * GAFCON Primates to meet

Ecclesiastical salt cellars. When men reject what they know of God, God gives them up to their own distorted notions and perverted passions, until society stinks in the nostrils of God and of all good people. Now Christians are set in secular society by God to hinder this process. God intends us to penetrate the world.

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April 14 2017 By dvirtue Coptic Christians Slaughtered in Egypt: Anglicans respond * Episcopal Dioceses Crumble * Top TEC officials take home $3 million * Jailed Maryland Former Bishop Eligible for Parole * Canadian Anglicans among the Ruins * Quarter of Brits Reject Resurrection

Diversity and harmony. The church as a multi-racial, multi-cultural community is like a beautiful tapestry. Its members come from a wide range of colorful backgrounds. No other human community resembles it. Its diversity and harmony are unique. It is God's new society. And the many-coloured fellowship of the church is a reflection of the many-coloured (or 'many-splendoured', to use Francis Thompson's word) wisdom of God. --- John R.W. Stott

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April 06 2017 By dvirtue Bishop Bruno Awaits Verdict * LGBT window dedicated to gay community * Sydney Apb. Rips Gay Bullying * Church of Wales Rejects Homophobia Charge * Anglican Communion is being Degraded says GAFCON Chairman * Welby’s Strategy: Neutralize GAFCON

Transgenderism is supremely incoherent not only because it is irrational, but because that irrationality doesn’t diminish its appeal or social standing. Its irrationality is not a defect but its principle feature, its point of pride and perverse strength. Judge Niemeyer wrote in dissent in a transgender case, that, as against transgender policy, “[v]irtually every civilization’s norms on this issue stand in protest.” Well yes; that’s rather the point.

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March 31 2017 By dvirtue Bishop Budde's ALPHA Transformation * Bishop Bruno Faces his Accusers * Diocese of Niagara Parish Offers Up Islamic Prayers * Continuing Anglicans Face Watershed Moment * Church of Wales May Reconsider Gay Cleric for Bishop * More Mergers in Canada

"Although its celebrants often don't realize it, the universe of liberal Protestantism is very small and getting smaller." --- Mark Tooley, IRD President

Full hearts and empty heads. Christianity lays great emphasis on the importance of knowledge, rebukes anti-intellectualism for the negative, paralyzing thing it is, and traces many of our problems to our ignorance. Whenever the heart is full and the head is empty, dangerous fanaticisms arise. --- John R.W. Stott

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March 24 2017 By dvirtue Pre-Approved TEC Bishops Ripped * Washington Bishop Drops Bombshell on HOB * Liberal African Archbishop Heads 2020 Design Group * Gay Dean Blasts Welsh over Being Rejected Bishop * Forward in Faith UK wants Review of Burnley Meltdown

The choice of Matthias. It is instructive to note the cluster of factors which contributed to the discovery of God's will in this matter. First came the general leading of Scripture that a replacement should be made (Acts 1:16-21). Next, they used their common sense that if Judas' substitute was to have the same apostolic ministry he must also have the same qualifications, including an eye-witness experience of Jesus and a personal appointment by him.

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March 17 2017 By dvirtue Diocese of SC Joins ACNA * ACNA Bishops Accuse Dean of Bullying Traditionalist CofE Bishop * Sudan now Two Provinces * FIFNA General Assembly to Meet * Singapore Bishop Berates Beauty & The Beast over Gay Content * Graham Scores Big in Vancouver

"A man can no more diminish God´s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling 'darkness' on the wall of his cell." --- C.S. Lewis

liberals may have won in the courts -- but the court of public opinion is another story. ---- Nancy Pelosi

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March 10 2017 By dvirtue Episcopal Leaders Sign Amicus Brief in Favor of Trannie Toilets * EDS Merges with Union Seminary * GAFCON Chairman Blasts CofE over SS Marriage * Anglo-Catholic Bishop Withdraws Nomination * Diocese of South Carolina set to vote on affiliation with ACNA

People use this word 'inclusive' a lot. If I'm honest I'm slightly suspicious of it because it can be a weapon. --- David Goodhew

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
March 10, 2017

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March 03 2017 By dvirtue Episcopal Seminary to Merge * Welby's Whirlwind African Tour * Pence attends Anglican Church * Dio. of W.Texas Elects Woman Bishop * Dio. of Huron on Brink of Collapse * Transgender Debate Heats Up * Champing in Cathedrals * Contemporary Worship Decline

The Episcopal Church announced the merger of an Episcopal seminary with a liberal Protestant seminary this week, both are progressive and long ago departed from the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

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February 24 2017 By dvirtue Fourth Circuit Weighs in on SC Property Battle * Church Pension Fund Okays Revisions * 'Three Streams' Criticized at PBS Conference * Diocese of Olympia files lawsuit on Immigration Curb * GAFCON roadshow hits US * ABC slammed for 'inclusion' comment

There is no freedom of the press without the prior and defining freedom of religion. And those in the press have their own religions too. --- The Rev. John C. Rankin

The Evangelicals are just about the only ones in the Church of England who are holding fast to any kind of semblance of historic Christianity. -- Fr. Dwight Longenecker

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February 18 2017 By dvirtue CofE Synod Votes to Rebuke Bishops' Conservative Stance on Marriage * Anglican Church of Canada in Major Decline * Damning Verdict on Child Sex Abuse in Australia * Egyptian Archbishop says Trump is wrong on Immigration

An impassioned debate by the Church of England's General Synod ended with defeat for the bishops.

The shock result plunges the Church into confusion on its stance on marriage with the bishops' report barred from being discussed until the end of this synod in 2020.

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