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October 07 2017 By dvirtue Scottish Episcopal Church Sanctioned by Primates * Primates and GAFCON Clash Over Prayer * Four Continuing Anglican Bodies Announce Full Communion * Anglo-Catholic Bishops Clash over Nashotah House * Bruno's Restrictions Sustained * SC Bishops & Mediation

Homosexuals, by their very nature, cannot procreate. So, if they wish to expand their numbers, they can only do it by recruitment --- Bill Muehlenberg

I foresaw that the progressive party would not be content with "mutual flourishing" but would work to remove those who believed different things from them both from the places of influence within the Church [of England] and then from the Church itself. --- Bishop Gavin Ashenden

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September 29 2017 By dvirtue Nigeria Upholds Faith, Condemns West * Some Primates to Boycott Welby's Summit * CEC Consecrates Bishop for England & Europe * Wales Sees Closures * South Carolina Fights Back * Nashotah House Slammed by San Joaquin Bishop * Moratorium on WO - Six Leaders

Is Jesus Lord, or are the forces of advanced modernity lord? The church that cannot say no to all that contradicts its Lord is a church that is well down the road to cultural defeat and captivity. But the courage to say no has to be followed by an equally clear, courageous and constructive yes--to the Lord himself, to his gospel and his vision of life, humanity and the future, so that Christians can be seen to live differently and to live better in the world of today. --- Os Guinness

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September 22 2017 By dvirtue Two TEC Dioceses to Share One Bishop * Robert E. Lee scrubbed from Windows & City Squares * Ft. Worth Standing Ctte. Ratifies ACNA WO Statement * Welby expresses "excitement" at upcoming Primates' Meeting * Jesus Movement Critiqued

FORTY-SIX PERCENT OF AMERICANS believe religion is part of the problem in our society. Yet faith is the motivation for many of the critical social services and programs that benefit the most vulnerable populations. Congregations, faith-based businesses, and charities lift people up in times of need in ways that few other institutions or government programs can.

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September 14 2017 By dvirtue ACNA College of Bishops Nix WO and Women Bishops * TEC Graphs show more Deaths than Baptisms or Confirmations * South Carolina Mediation? * Global South Primates Meet in Cairo * Four Continuing Churches to Sign Agreement * Caribbean Apb Seeks Funds

"The Church is supposed to be a hospital for Sinners, not a hotel for saints." Even though we all probably agree with that concept, the reality is that for those of us who grew up in "Christendom", the church being a hotel for Saints actually worked just fine. Now, in these "Missional" times, we have to shift to actually being a hospital for Sinners. We don't know how to set up surgical wings and long-term rehabilitation centers to help people become mature followers of Christ.

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September 08 2017 By dvirtue Nigerian Primate Nixes Welby's Summit * Ugandan Primate Blasts Welby * C of E Irrelevant to Most Brits * Wales Elects New Archbishop * ACNA & Holy Orders * ACNA not Anglican says ACC Sec-Gen * National Cathedral to Remove Civil War Windows

The trouble with the Nashville Statement is that it's like poking an angry bear in the eye with a stick. Going up to the violent and angry mob and expressing disagreement goes against a deep-rooted inclination to self-preservation. --- Anne Kennedy

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August 31 2017 By dvirtue Hurricane Harvey News * TEC Sues SC Diocese Over "False Advertising" * Mainline Seminaries Face Closure * Seychelles Elects new Archbishop * Western Australia Elects Woman Archbishop * BCP Could Expand to Include SS Marriage Rites

"Inability to distinguish doctrine is spreading far and wide, and so long as the preacher is "clever" and "earnest," hundreds seem to think it must be all right, and call you dreadfully "narrow and uncharitable" if you hint that he is unsound!" --- J.C. Ryle

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Sept. 1, 2017

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August 24 2017 By dvirtue Bishop Mark Lawrence, "litigation is not over" * Stacy Sauls' Lawsuit Dismissed * GAFCON invitations going out * Radical New Inclusion will sink Church of England * TSM Appoints New Theology Professor * Canada's Primate Promotes "Good Disagreement"

God's grace is not infinite. God is infinite, and God is gracious. We experience the grace of an infinite God, but grace is not infinite. God sets limits to his patience and forbearance. He warns us over and over again that someday the ax will fall and His judgment will be poured out. Since it is our tendency to take grace for granted, my guess is that God found it necessary from time to time to remind Israel that grace must never be assumed.

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August 18 2017 By dvirtue St. James the Great Newport Beach to be Sold * TEC Clergy Figures Reveal Terrifying Decline * Church in Wales Seeks Archbishop * Australian Bishops Nix Euthanasia talk * Jesus not relied on by Americans to Overcome Sin says study

First, Christians should look at the energized and emboldened white nationalism movement, and at its fascist slogans, and condemn it--full stop. No, "But on the other hand." The main way most people are responding across the political spectrum is by saying, "See? This is what I have been saying all along!

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August 11 2017 By dvirtue Are we living in End Times? * Diocese of South Carolina Seeks Rehearing * Nashotah House President Resigns * Church of England Could Split if Liberalizing Trend Continues says Bishop * VOL urgently needs your support.

The Catholic Church in the United States is only doing "exceptionally well" by comparison to the Catholic Church in Europe. Political scientists Robert Putnam and David Campbell found that if not for Latino immigration, the US Catholic Church would be hemorrhaging members at the same rate of Mainline Protestantism. --- Rod Dreher

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August 04 2017 By dvirtue SC Court sees in Favor of TEC over Property Dispute * Bishop Bruno Bashed Again by PB * Uganda Archbishop Nixes October Meeting with ABC * Province of Sudan Opens as Communion's 39th Province * Former SC Bishop Blasts TEC Leaders *NZ to allow SS blessings

"I fear you are right, my dear. We traditionalists have kept our finger in the dyke for long enough, and her waters have finally broken. Do we go with the flow towards the waterfall of apostasy or board the Ark of Sanity and sail in the opposite direction?" --- Archbishop Cranmer

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