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July 14 2017 By dvirtue Church of England Synod kicks talk of Homosexual Marriage down the road; okays Transgendered Liturgies; Ignores Persecuted Christians; Repealed Reparative Therapies * GAFCON Primates to snub Welby's October Gabfest * More TEC Scandals

False teaching is restless and relentless, and the Church of England itself is in grave spiritual danger. It is much to be regretted that there has been far more concern about alleged 'boundary crossing' than about the contempt of God's Word that made a missionary bishop [Andy Lines] necessary --- Archbishop Nicholas Okoh

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July 08 2017 By dvirtue Church of England Synod Will Focus on LGBTQ Sexualities * Lord Carey Unfairly Targeted on Sexual Abuse Charges * Australian Primate Pushes Back on GAFCON Consecration * Anglican League Pushes back on Primate

The arrogance of Church of England leaders defies all belief. The notion that if they repeat what the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada have done embracing pansexuality and homosexual marriage, that somehow they will obtain a different outcome, is mind blowing.

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July 01 2017 By dvirtue GAFCON Archbishops and Bishops lay hands on new Bishop for Scotland and Europe * ACNA Assembly Sees Gospel Growth. New Scottish Primus was in love with a man, now married & father of three * Bishop Bruno Suspended by PB Michael Curry

The scandal of clericalism. It is only against the backdrop of the equality and unity of the people of God that the real scandal of clericalism may be seen. What clericalism also does, by concentrating power and privilege in the hands of the clergy, is at least to obscure and at worst to annul the essential oneness of the people of God. Extreme forms of clericalism dare to reintroduce the notion of privilege into the only human community in which it has been abolished.

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June 23 2017 By dvirtue Church Officials Prevent Bishop Bruno from Selling Property * South American Anglicans Throw off Colonial Past * Diocese of Guatemala gets Pro-Gay Bishop * CofE Bishop Sex Abuse Scandal has Unintended Consequences * Diocese of Huron on Brink of Collapse

We've beaten the odds that divorce would be the outcome of our ill-advised union. We've weathered my breast cancer and melanoma. We've survived the mental illness and suicide of our son Matthew. And now we know. We know we are the best thing that has ever happened to each other. -- Kay Warren, wife of saddleback preacher Rick Warren

Redemptive suffering is when you go through a problem or a pain for the benefit of others. --- Rick Warren

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June 09 2017 By dvirtue GAFCON Primates Will Consecrate Bishop for Europe * Scottish Episcopal Church Votes to Change Canon Approving Same-Sex Marriage * Diocese of Caledonia Capitulates to Revisionist Canadian Bishops. Drops Worley * God Sustains Two churches in Tough Times

Sources tell VOL that Welby's attitude and behavior has become like "a thug" in dealing with any opposition to his Anglican reconciliation views on which he has poured out his diminishing capital.

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May 31 2017 By dvirtue VOL Begins New Emphasis * Change and Growth * TEC no longer the Primary Focus * Renewal & Reformation Stories Coming * PODCASTS * More

The carnage will continue of course and won't abate till the last orthodox priest has been strangled by the guts of the last revisionist bishop. We are watching that play out in the Diocese of Caledonia where an orthodox priest has been denied a bishopric by a group of revisionist Canadian Anglican bishops because he is orthodox in faith and morals. Go figure.

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May 12 2017 By dvirtue Rival Anglican Structure set up in UK * Heather Cook Denied Parole * Church of Ireland Votes No on Gay marriage with No Apology * CANA East Bishop Nixes Women's Ordination * Truro Anglican Church faces critical Moment * New Sudanese Archbishop

The prepared heart. There is no greater need for the preacher than that he should know God. I care not about his lack of eloquence and artistry, about his ill-constructed discourse or his poorly-enunciated message, if only it is evident that God is a reality to him and that he has learned to abide in Christ. The preparation of the heart is of far greater importance than the preparation of the sermon.

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May 04 2017 By dvirtue GAFCON to Plant Bishop in UK * "Regrettable" says Scottish Episcopal Primus * Anglican Church of Canada Continues to Disintegrate * Eight Gay Marriages in ACoC so far * Anglican Church in Brazil Thrives *Church in Ireland to vote on Same-Sex relationships

"Be careful, be very careful. What has happened here will come to you." -- An elderly priest in Iraq, to Fr. Benedict Kiely.

"Shouldn't the issue of Middle Eastern Christians wake up European civilization to its core identity? Shouldn't we in Europe and the West be telling ourselves that these attacks are also aimed at us?" -- Mathieu Bock-Côte, in Le Figaro.

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April 28 2017 By dvirtue England faces possibility of GAFCON Bishop * Welby's stance on Homosexuality ripped by Nigerian Primate * Truro Anglican Church Cuts Deal with TEC Bishop * Bruno Disciplinary Trial Bishops asked to find Compromise * Wales gets new Woman Bishop * More...

Only 20 percent of Americans have read the Bible in its entirety. A new survey also found that most Americans have positive feelings toward it and would describe it as a "good source of morals." LifeWay Research revealed that 10 percent of respondents read none of the Bible, 13 percent said they read only a few sentences, 30 percent said they knew of several passages or stories, 15 percent read at least half the Bible, and 12 percent read almost all of it.

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