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March 30 2020 By virtueonline PROVIDENCE AND PANDEMIC

The mention of sin is evacuated from the counsels of the church, and also from the comments of many individual professors of the Christian faith. God is portrayed as doting in a feeble-minded kind of way. The vocabulary relevant to human evil, reigning and raging in the human heart, rebelling against God, and ruling in the degraded nature of the entirety of mankind, is omitted from general discourse. The concepts of divine justice, the penalty due to the offenses

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In addition to historical argument, we also surfaced an etymological one. The modern meaning of four key words: church, deacon, presbyter, and bishop has changed significantly since the early centuries. To even begin to be in union it is necessary, we believe, to agree on the earlier meaning of these words. To try to build fidelity to Christ Jesus now on the back of meanings that these words did not have in the days of the apostles or their earliest successors is doomed.

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March 21 2020 By virtueonline Plagues, Panic and Providence

Exodus 32:35 Then the Lord sent a plague on the people, because they made the calf, the one that Aaron made.

Numbers 11:33 While the meat was yet between their teeth, before it was consumed, the anger of the Lord was kindled against the people, and the Lord struck down the people with a very great plague.

Numbers 14:37 the men who brought up a bad report of the land--died by plague before the Lord.

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March 14 2020 By virtueonline Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged!

The Rightness of God's Judgment of Mankind

In Romans chapter 1, Paul lays out a case for the rightness of God's judgment on the peoples of the earth. He says that we have idolatrous hearts and are prone to worship the creature instead of the Creator. How do we do this?

• we place our hope and/or trust in man and his idols, trying to find our identity and/or purpose in them

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March 11 2020 By virtueonline 'Progressive' Christianity: Even Shallower Than the Evangelical Faith I Left

How My Faith Crumbled

The Christian tradition I grew up in--for all the wonderful things it gave me--was not prepared for a generation of kids with access to high-speed internet. Not that the critiques of the Bible we discovered online were new, but they were now at the fingertips of curious folks who grew up in evangelical bubbles. Like me. The answers given in church seemed shallow compared to the legitimate critiques that were a Google search or YouTube video away.

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"Blessed are all thy saints, O God and King, who have travelled over the tempestuous sea of this life and have made the harbor of peace and felicity. Watch over us who are still on dangerous voyage. Frail is our vessel, and the ocean is wide; but as in thy mercy thou hast set our course, so pilot the vessel of our life towards the everlasting shore of peace, and bring us at last to the quiet haven of our heart's desire; through Jesus Christ our Lord." St. Augustine

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February 02 2020 By virtueonline ARCHBISHOPS TO THE CHURCH AND THE COMMUNION: "You May Now Take Down Your Hand!"

We as Archbishops, alongside the bishops of the Church of England, apologise and take responsibility for releasing a statement last week which we acknowledge has jeopardised trust. We are very sorry and recognise the division and hurt this has caused.

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February 01 2020 By virtueonline THE ENGLISH BISHOPS ON MARRIAGE: The Sound of One Hand Clapping

So far, so good, but that's "on the one hand." As they continue, they focus on only one of these purposes, sexual intimacy: "sexual intercourse, as an expression of faithful intimacy, properly belongs within marriage exclusively," according to a 1999 teaching document. In the light of this teaching on sexual intimacy, other sexual relationships "fall short" of God's purposes for human beings (§9).

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Often, the story is improperly told in the following way. Pope Gregory the Great saw that the British were uncivilized and un-Christianized barbarians, so he sent Augustine of Canterbury to England to convert the pagans there. While a British Church had once existed, it was now very weak and nearly extinguished.

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January 16 2020 By virtueonline Thoughts on the New Anglican Reformation -- Part 7

As sad as this picture is to those who love the Lord Jesus and have been raised to true faith in the Anglican community, it is not the first time the faithful have had to face such a day. The scriptures tell of this repeatedly, both in the time of the Old Covenant and the New. And it is most certainly not the first time that it has happened to the Church in England.

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