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December 07 2021 By dvirtue The Evangelical Fracture

Politics Finds a Home -- at Church

Of course, things inside the evangelical camp are divisive. According to one study, 29% of pastors considered quitting in the last year, and Wehner suggests why: "the aggressive, disruptive, and unforgiving mindset that characterizes so much of our politics has found a home in many American churches."

Politics, in and of itself, makes for a lousy worldview.

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December 02 2021 By dvirtue On the Second Coming

Years ago, we were driving in the family station wagon along the Merritt Parkway in
southern Connecticut. First constructed in 1938, the limited-access road crosses Fairfield
County and has many scenic views. As clergy families sometimes do, we were having a
lively discussion about the Second Coming of Jesus! As we came over one of the parkway's
many inclines, the setting sun reflected across the clouds, producing a dramatic golden

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Anglicans believe that grace is given in the sacrament of Holy Communion ("effectual signs of grace"), and that the real presence of Christ is spiritually experienced in the believer's heart when they receive the grace by faith with thanksgiving. Jesus is spiritually present everywhere ("I am with you always"), but, after his Ascension, he is bodily in heaven where he sits at the right hand of God the Father until the day he will return ("I will return in the same way").

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November 18 2021 By dvirtue MONUMENTAL PAPAL BULL

The 16th century Protestant reformers strongly upheld that "In this church there is a very large mixture of hypocrites, who have nothing of Christ but the name and outward appearance..." (Calvin, Institutes 4.1.7).

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Somehow these advocates of the pure gospel of God are overlooked and other camps within the borders of our Communion associate with them, regarding them as normally or nearly their own by a common conviction, unaware of their deep attachment to tendencies of theological thought that do not chime with the major emphases that characterize the particular movement with which these mistaken supporters happen to identify.

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"It behoves all believers to be assured of their election, that they may learn to behold it in Christ as in a mirror. Tracts 111:155 - Jean Calvin

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October 01 2021 By dvirtue Real Presence, Marburg, and Cranmer

Thomas Cranmer came to the evangelical faith a bit later in the Reformation and he obviously did not attend the Colloquy, but he (and John Calvin) settled on a middle way between Luther and Zwingli.

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September 29 2021 By dvirtue THREE STREAMS

William J. Seymore arrived in Los Angeles in 1906 to found what would be called modern-day Pentecostalism. To be sure, there were other "Pentecostal" outbreaks prior to Seymore, but they would never be normative in the life of the church as three-streams suggests. Pastor William first taught in his living room and them in a rented hall on Azusa Street that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a necessary post-conversion experience that is evidenced by speaking in tongues and prophesy.

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September 22 2021 By dvirtue Anglicans Interpret the Bible

The 16th century reformers had one compelling goal: to get the Bible into the hearts and minds of the English people. They were confident that God would use this to transform individuals and the whole of society. They were true catholics who were returning to the Bible that they saw as the original source for their centuries-old faith.

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September 21 2021 By dvirtue WHAT'S WRONG AND HOW TO FIX IT - FitzSimons Allison

In his book Civilization and its Discontents, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) saw guilt as indispensable building block for civilization but he also saw it as civilization's chief discontent.

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