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July 01 2019 By virtueonline ENCOUNTERING FALSE TEACHINGS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: Bishop Michael Fape

II. False Teaching on Speaking in Tongues

Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy"
(1 Timothy 4:1).

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June 26 2019 By virtueonline IMAGE-BEARERS FOR GOD: Does Biblical Language for Man Matter?

"But the Millennials simply don't get it?" Well, if as they say, praying shapes believing (lex orandi, lex credenda), it is equally true that believing shapes praying. And how shall they hear without a preacher? If "O man" is so obviously scandalous in our day, would it really be too much for the priest to give an explanation when inviting the people to the altar rail? Perhaps, he might instruct them, bearing the name of Adam is of a piece with bearing the cross on one's brow.

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The Church is intended to be the vehicle of the Word of God and its calling is to proclaim 'the whole counsel of God' with no omissions and no adjustments: ' . . .the Church is a witness and a guardian of Holy Scripture' (Article 20). Its role is to declare all truth necessary to salvation. The announcement entrusted to the Church as its heavenly treasure and earthly tidings is to be both accurate and urgent, for the destiny of souls depends upon faithful and fearless communication.

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June 14 2019 By virtueonline How Anglicans in Canada Found New Life After Their Eviction

Short loved Jesus, loved Reformed theology, loved Anglicanism. And then he took a job in Canada.

"I'd never met a liberal Anglican until I came to Vancouver," he said. "I was thrust into the most strange, dysfunctional, liberal diocese."

In 2002, when his regional synod voted to let its bishop bless same-sex unions, Short stood up and walked out of the room (as did Packer). So did leaders from half a dozen other churches.

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June 09 2019 By virtueonline FALSE TEACHING IN THE CHURCH - Part 2

This is normative instruction for how Christians are to respond to persecution and evil in general. However, presumably the persecutor/evildoer is an outsider, not a leader or minister of the Church. Therefore, this passage, contrary to the opinion of some, is not applicable to the subject of how to respond to false teachers in the church. Similar arguments apply to other irenic passages that are sometimes taken out of context to weaken justified resistance to false teaching.

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June 04 2019 By dvirtue FALSE TEACHING IN THE CHURCH

Here are some passages of Scripture that should be taken into account when considering the subject of false teaching:

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May 27 2019 By dvirtue Fulke Greville and the Calvinistic Poets of the Tudor Age

Edmund Spenser was once secretarial assistant to the Calvinistic Bishop of Rochester, John Young, and upheld the doctrines of grace and endorsed their great exponent Edmund Grindal in his majestic poesy in such works as The Fairy Queen and the Shepherd's Calendar:

The Fairy Queen, Book 1, Canticle X - Her faithful knight fair Una brings to House of Holiness, where he is taught repentance, and the way to heavenly bliss.

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In many cases, added to various optional characteristics now discernible, there happens to be a prominent element of charismatic spirituality and an apparent dominant Semi-Pelagian soteriology pervading the communion.

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May 07 2019 By dvirtue Would You Trade Eternal Life For A Ferrari? The False Gospel of Prosperity Theology

Edward Luce, the American Editor for the Financial Times, penned this article, which chronicles his visit to Lakewood Church, the most significant temple to the prosperity gospel in America. Luce marshals all his prowess and analytical skill to craft this insightful article--a story that explores the friction between the prosperity gospel of Joel Osteen and the historic, orthodox Christian faith.

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May 05 2019 By dvirtue Presuppositional Apologetics

Men's thinking is controlled by their spiritual condition, and heavily influenced by the sin and darkness of the culture. The Bible says that all men who are not converted are "spiritually dead" in sins and trespasses. They are prejudiced against spiritual and godly thinking, and will interpret, or rather misinterpret, facts accordingly.

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